Torn between two beauties

I have fallen for two beauties;
Don’t ask me how I got myself in such a mess;
That is where I am;
And I am shattered;
Torn apart;
Who shall be the one?
Both are charm;
Hard to say who is better than the other;
Both make my heart beat faster;
Conine is sunshine;
Her smile alone threatens to make
My heart stop beating;
And she is generous with her smiles;
Assabel has a charm I can’t put my finger on;
I just like to be with her;
I first met Assabel;
The very next day, I met Conine
In a different town at a different occasion;
Both were irresistible;
Before I knew what I was doing,
I was in relationship;
I definitely made a mistake;
Yes, I would have avoided the second relationship;
But her presence was so strong I could not think well;
And now I am flirting between two queens;
Both of them are gold;
They have worth;
And if both know I am playing between them,
None of them will forgive me;
They are women of quality;
Women of substance;
I am in trouble, no doubt;
Can somebody rescue me?
Tell me what to do;
I lack the courage to tell one person
“I don’t want you. I have some one else.”
I can’t even decide which one
To say such a thing to;
What do I do?


Is life worth living or ending?

To go forward or to go backwards.
That’s my dilemma;
I am at a crossroads;
My heart is heavy with sorrow;
Even those closest to me
Don’t understand me;
Neither do they appreciate me;
I find myself alone;
Unloved by anyone;
Is life worth living?
When all that I have lived for
Goes up in flames;
Burned by the very one
I have valued
And trusted the most
All my life?
Is life worth living or ending?
I am at a crossroads.

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Who is like me?

I am confused;
I am very confused;
I mean very confused;
I am a confused and indecisive
Is there another blogger like me?
Who is like me?
How many themes have I chosen
For my site
And changed?
How many background colors
Have I chosen
And changed?
And then the blog title;
See how many times I have changed it;
Don’t mention the tag line;
This today; that tomorrow;
What a confused man!
Is there anyone like me?
Unable to take a simple decision
And stick to it?
I really can’t believe
There is another like me;
Is there some blogger like me?
Who is like me?