My Indian friends

What is happening presently
To my Indian friends?
Where are they gone?
I had so many of them;
Many, I do not see;
Have they left or what?
That is what I seek
To know;
Who can give me a gist?
I want a renewal
Of our friendship;
To make it strong again;
To make it wax again;
To make it steam again.
To make it what
It used to be.
Because I loved it
As it was.
It brought me great joy;
Those Indian guys are good;
Just like you.
I value them as I value you.


Torn to Pieces

The desert. Rajasthan, India.

A woman stumbles onto the scene. She hastily moves around in circles, desperate to find her way. She stops and addresses the audience.

The sound of brutally vicious growls, snarls, and barks entangle me. Survival. How am I going to make it out of this one alive? Thinking I was a threat, they are threatening me in return. Overwhelming thought of the moment, “WHERE AM I!?”

Her eyes already laced with the first tinge of a lack of confidence, peak out from behind a colourful, embroidered headscarf.

Sunscreen isn’t quite enough to tame this ferocious side of the blazing hot sun. I took a wrong turn and now I’m lost and alone, on some all too quiet dirt road. All too quiet…I hate anyone who has ever shared a gruesome story about rape or murder. Why are my nerves so rattled? I’ve been lost and found my way many times before, I can do it again! Their sounds rapidly erase my renewed confidence.

Boom. Boom. Boom. My heart pounds in my throat, manifesting itself into a lump of terror that keeps growing and growing. I can’t swallow or breathe properly, I have lost total control. My body paralyzed by fear has a mind of its own, weak and shaken I fight to keep moving, with my surroundings spinning an unsettling tornado all around.

“Legs please don’t fail me now!” This empty, dusty dirt road, how quickly can my feet get me away from it? How many of them are there and what will they do to me?

I close my eyes. Sweat droplets and tears mingle and dance all over my face. I see their sharp, pointy teeth and feel their angry breath biting and tearing. Torn. I’m torn to pieces and there’s nothing left. My fear filling their veins like a drug, enticing them, drawing them in, riling them up and making them angrier and more deadly. With each inconspicuous step I try to take, in a feeble attempt to escape them, they inch closer and closer. Their barks signal others to join their pack of hate and my time is running out. If only I could cover myself completely with this headscarf and just disappear.

The woman desperately tries to hide behind the headscarf.

Bang. Bang. Bang. In a flash it’s all over, as a beat up truck pulls up right in the nick of time. Instantly aware of my dilemma the driver had begun to hit his car door in an attempt to frighten the dogs. Without blinking an eye, I jump in the front seat next to him and begin to sob. I can still hear the dogs barking in the distance…as we drive off. Far, far away from this dusty, dirt road.


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SIWO GLOBAL NEWS 27TH April 2018 #11


UK economic quarterly figures showed the weakest growth at 0.1% due to falling Construction and sluggish Manufacturing trend.  The snow fall named ‘the Beast from the East’ is also being blamed for the disappointing figures.

“A full scale crisis” is how BBC  Political Editor Nick Watt described the Home Secretary’s position.  A leaked memo  to the Guardian showed the memo was sent to Amber Rudd last June by the Immigration Enforcement Agency.  There has been so many contradictions in what she said, regarding removal targets of illegal immigrants.

A visit by President Trump to the UK has been confirmed by 10 Downing Street . It is hoing to be a fleeting visit lasting 24 hours and he will meet the Queen.

The famous handshake between Kim Jong  Un of North Korea and Moon Jae In of South Korea is being reported all over the world.  The leaders meet was a historic first summit.  Both want to get  rid of all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.  The leaders of nations and citizens of the world are both cautious and hopeful that the North Korean leader is being genuine.

400 India doctors who were part of a recruitment arrangement between NHS  Employers Trusts and the India Government were refused visas by the Home Office.  35 NHS Trusts have sent a strongly worded letter to vent their unbelief at the Home Office’s decision.  The reason the NHS needed the doctors was because fewer doctors from Europe were unwilling to come to UK.  The shortage of NHS staff numbers 40,000 for nurses and 10,000 for doctors.  The Indian doctors would fill in to look after patients while studying for their Postgraduate studies.  The shortage is causing the few doctors  currently employed work long hours and to be in situations of unsafe practice.

EU will ban the world’s most used pesticides  called Neonicotinoids within six months.  Friends of the Earth were very pleased because the pesticide not only affects the honey bees but bumble bees and wild need too.

Former Eurovision song contest winners Abba are back in the studio to record an album to the delight of many fans.

Inspirational Story

A 7 year old Indian boy set a world record for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. After a school mountaineering event Samanyu Pothuraju wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  His teachers, peers and mother encouraged him.  His routine for his preparation was practising on Indian mountains.  He was woken up at 3 a.m. to practise. His coach was Thammineni Bharath and fellow mountaineer was Shangabandi Srujana.

On March 29th with his team, which includded his mother they started from the base, she had to stop due to her health conditions.  He reached the summit on April 2nd, not even pain in his legs or bad weather would stop him. He achieved his aim reaching the Uhuru peak at 2,281 days old.  The last record was set by an American girl who was 2,284 days old.

SIWO GNews #11

Content from BBC news, Euronews, Al Jazeera

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful  Be joyful  Be peaceful

Wisdom; me.

Wisdom comes in unexpected ways. Thanks to a lot of books, I’d read, I knew this fact far earlier than I understood its true meaning.

What might be counted as mistakes, I managed to convince myself as being so obvious learning curve. So here I stand, today, not knowing if I am overlaid layers of lies on my behavior that now all I can do is a mistake again and yet not realize I have done one.

It’s time I heard it from someone I least expected from. Surprisingly it wasn’t surprising because I knew I can expect wisdom from any source, thanks to the books.

Outside my office there is a smoking zone. A vendor sells cigarettes, Gutkha and other such consumables at a far end of this side. One might refer to this place as a relaxation lounge, but open and without any seating arrangements. People come to smoke-off their stress and ‘unload’ (read talk) off-the-record.

On one fine day, it seemed like it’d rain. FitBit showed five in the evening. The combination of pleasant weather and evening time invited me to go outside and take a walk.

A colleague was with me. After a few minutes of walk we sat on the side walk itself. A cab driver in uniform was standing nearby who happen to know this colleague of mine. They started chatting. I was all ears. There followed a discussion on Central Govt. and demonetization and later state Govt. policies. Driver seemed a well-read and informed man. In our social setup one may not expect such deep understanding of these matters from a man such as himself. But this is not what made me write this matter. That happened later.

Incidentally, a group of people who were smoking nearby left cigarette stubs on the ground and started to walk away when our driver friend broke the conversation, and to everyone’s surprise, approached this group and asked them to pick the stubs and throw in the bin put along the sidewalk.

That came unexpectedly but added to the beauty of the evening; people picked what they were leaving behind and threw in dustbin with a ‘thank you’ to the driver. Evening was not lame anymore, suddenly everyone around became so attentive to what we were talking.

He returned to us with a smile; I asked him if he had done something like this before and if he had hesitated (not that I noticed any) before approaching people to correct their mistakes for some may not receive that well, especially if questioner is not what you place equal in social hierarchy (a sad truth in India). He replied, ‘Initially, people wouldn’t appreciate a driver approaching them and asking to correct their actions. I realized, after some incidents where they completely ignored me or even asked me to mind my own business or sometimes even to do their bit myself, that I had been somewhat hesitant myself since I subconsciously acknowledged that I am placed lower in society. So, I self-taught and learned, gradually, that to convince others I had be convinced myself (Leadership 101!). Hence, I threw away the prejudices & hesitation and started to speak my mind free –  with authority and concern I feel I have in such situations. I believe everyone can change when you push the right button.

I have also seen that some are there who appreciate me reminding them and may be next time they will repeat what I have done if they see someone else making the same mistake they did. It’s a chain-reaction and once provoked this feeling of responsibility keeps flowing through. I believe in power of conviction and good intentions; after all this entire country is my home and whenever and wherever I will see someone damaging its beauty I will stop, approach and ask them to correct it. People will learn, slowly, eventually.’

It was time to go back to work so I smiled, thanked him and wished him ‘all the best’ to keep making a difference. He smiled back and said, ‘I should too get back to my cab for people would be looking for their driver.’

Of course, I realized that by not stopping people from doing this mistake I was making one myself. I, now, am making one less mistake and, a difference by such small contributions.

Wisdom truly comes in unexpected ways.


To my Indian friends

I love you, my Indian friends;
How can I not love you?
You are so good; so sweet;
Such lovely hearts you have;
Each time I turn around,
I find one or two or more
Of you by me, with a smile;
Beautiful women and handsome men
You are;
India, your lovely country is today,
My dream destination;
Your great country should be proud of you;
Thank you, sweet Indian friends;
Do stand always by me
Even when I am not so nice;
I love you!

Drawing ‘Sari-Girl’

Drawing titled ‘Sari Girl’ by Michel Montecrossa


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Song & music video ‘Talkin’ India’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song and music video ‘Talkin’ India’


Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talkin’ India’:
“Talkin’ India is a warning and hope giving New-Topical-Song in times of global change and crisis when we have to think and plan for the whole earth and the future of its people.
India in this time has, due to its largeness, free access to an enormous amount of sun, wind, water, earth and tidal energy.
India therefore can be the first comprehensive green technology and green economy continent of the world.
India could build its future society on pollution free and renewable energy, and provide for its people and the world at large, immediately effective research into and realization of the only long term solution for secure food and energy production not threatened by otherwise inevitable food and energy wars approaching the earth in the near future.
India on such a sound and future oriented ecological and economical basis would then be fit to avert from its democracy the dangers of growing corruption and loss of universal rights generated by wars and conflicts centered around dwindling oil, gas, uranium and other resources, as well as social tensions in the wake of climate change and the growing natural disasters it brings.
Talkin’ India says: It’s high time for action!”

Talkin’ India (From Corruption To Ecology There’s Another Side To Everything)

India has a role to play in the world
free from corruption, injustice and suppression,
to be an example for the earth and man
of democracy and politics that can.

Today it is rich and poor at once
standing on the crossroads of new endeavors
where demons of the past are no longer there
but the vision of a continental green tomorrow.

Each nation carries a future dream
and India can make it real:
The industries of renewable energy,
the green revolution of freedom and peace,

ecology and economy in harmony
with a world of fair wages and good jobs,
a solar continent with no radioactivity
and cars that are run by electricity,

horizontal farming and vertical farming
together creating green cities of tomorrow,
wind and water and tidal energies
overcoming food and energy fears.

India has a role to play in the world
with clean water and air and wildlife forests,
with pollution control and smart energy consumption
and a democracy showing what it wants.

India has a role to play in the world
free from corruption, injustice and suppression,
to be an example for the earth and man
of democracy and politics that can.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany
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India I love

India, I love you, India;
You are a land of lovely people;
Far, far away from my own country;
Only from History and Geography
Have I learned about you;
Then great Indian films, I watched;
You sing like nightingales, Indian people;
And your songs touch my heart;
You are the land of great figures;
The Nerus, the Gandhis and more;
A great country in ICT;
And mastery of the queen’s language.
Oh! Lovely India! Lovely Indians;
I have many sweet friends in India;
And the number increases everyday;
Tell me more about your country, friends!
I hope to visit India someday;
Who is ready to welcome me?

Song ‘Talking Aamir Khan From India’ apropos ‘Satyamev Jayate – The Truth Alone Prevails’ Talk Show (audio, video & lyrics)

‘Talking Aamir Khan From India‘ is Michel Montecrossa‘s  New-Topical-Song, calling for cultural, social, humanitarian and ecological awakening to the urgent need for Human Unity, for co-operation, for freedom and standing together for a young future of hope, love and peace.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“My New-Topical-Song and movie ‘Talking Aamir Khan From India’ was triggered by Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan’s controversial and taboo breaking talk show ‘Satyamev Jayate – The Truth Alone Prevails’. This show attracts a mass viewership of up to 500 Millions. Tackling some of India’s most serious social issues it is a great and important reaction to the big waves of change sweeping over the globe, born from the international democracy and occupy movements, courageous women activists, green energy revolutionaries and the mass outcry of the jobless young everywhere demanding free access to education, demanding their future from the dangerous old, demanding a world without corruption, discrimination, slavery, abuse, poverty and hunger.
India is the home of a great part of the world population. Maybe India is ripe today for a historical social change that will help in the building of a future world of peace, progress, prosperity and unity for the entire Family of Man. ‘The Truth Alone Prevails’ can be a good help on this way and that’s why I sing this song: Let’s join forces for the Living Celebration of Humanity on this Earth.”

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Song Lyrics

Talking Aamir Khan From India
(Apropos ‘Satyamev Jayate – The Truth Alone Prevails’ Talk Show)

Aamir Khan is a good man, megastar by hand.
To India he brings his ideals of social change,
saying: “The truth alone prevails,”
in his talk show gives a voice to the lonely, to their pain.

When Aamir speaks out loud, rapists are driven out
and injustice is no longer covered by the dark.
He is the Indian Oprah for hundreds of millions of viewers,
tackling India’s most serious social issues.

Aamir Khan is breaking taboos to make things better,
is pointing to the future of great social changes in India happening,
is pointing, I say, in the direction of change in the world
and for this future world building India’s change is most important, my friend.

Aamir Khan is saying to every one in every region:
“People who are part of the problem can become part of the solution.”
And the people are responding well as do the politicians.
And one can ask: “Is the upper class going social?”

Aamir Khan is a good man, megastar by hand.
To India he brings ideals of change for the better,
saying: “The truth alone prevails.”
And I say: “We see history in the making in India and the whole wide world.”

“Listen, all ye people! Reveal the tricky stuff!
Join the peaceful change! Communicate your problems!
Share your lonely suffering with the Family of Man!
Join the Living Celebration of Humanity on this Earth!”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa
© Mira Sound Germany

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Talking Aamir Khan from India - Michel Montecrossa's song apropos 'Satyamev Jayate - The Truth Alone Prevails' Talk Show