Who do you spend time with?

If everyone around you is dishonest, it will be hard for you to be honest. If they are honest, it will be hard for you to be dishonest.

Environment has a great influence on us. We tend to be like those with whom we spend most of our time.

You must be careful about who you spend your time with.

If your friends are drinkers, you are more likely to start drinking. If you associate with smokers, you are more likely to end up smoking.

If you spend most of your time with responsible people you will more likely be responsible.


People to have around you

It’s not every kind of person that you should have around you. It’s not a matter of discrimination or class. Some people just drain you. Some impact you so negatively. Some discourage you and turn you off the right path onto a wrong one.

People who impact you negatively should not enjoy the pleasure of your company. Let them go their way.

The right people to have around you are positive people; people with a positive attitude who will encourage you to go forward to your destiny. Surround yourself with people who look for reasons to do positive things not excuses not to do them.

Surround yourself with winners if you can. Surround yourself with people who have dreams; who dream big and believe un dreams. Do not surround yourself with small-minded people.

There is a good reason to choose the kind of people to surround yourself with. You probably have heard that birds of a feather flock together. The people you always have around you have a great influence on you. You tend to be like them. If you go with mediocre people you are more likely to become mediocre. If you go with excellent people, you are more likely to become excellent.

Influencing eternity

Do you know you can influence eternity?
Indeed you can;
We influence eternity with our words and actions. What you say and what you do can shape your community, country or the world. Some words have a greater impact on people than others; same for some actions.
There are some statements that people make and they are valued and repeated in writing and speech.
Do you have anything you have written which you think others would like to quote?
Send them to me. I will publish them as quotes by a great contemporary writer.
We appreciate and quote statements made by people who were here before us. Shall those coming after us quote things that we are saying in our own time?

My lovely teacher

My lovely teacher!
What a great soul you are!
None can say what I would have been
Without you;
God created me as raw material
And like a goldsmith,
You fashioned me
Into luminous metal;
Precious gold;
You are my architect;
The architect of humans;
The architect of the world;
Eternity you influence.
So who says you aren’t great?

Incredible power for your dreams

“A drop of ink may make a million think” (George Gordon Byron).

I talked about this power in my poem The formidable power of words  DSCN0479Considering its importance and what it can do for you, I have decided to go further into it. I do this with the belief that you who are a winner will spare no effort to invest time to read this post. I am convinced that you know the importance of putting your time into what will boost your chances of achieving you dreams.

Winners put their time into what will help them achieve the things they want in life. My hope is that this post will inspire you enough to begin a journey that will equip your to the teeth with the power I shall be talking about. It will do the seemingly impossible for you. I have seen it take people from oblivion to the summit.

Although Barack Obama was already a Senator at the time he started his bid for the White House, he was an unknown quantity on the world scene. It was thanks to this power that he won the love, admiration and support of his people; and they swept him to where he wanted to go. Today he stands tall as an historical figure.

Are you curious to know what I am talking about?

I am talking about language power. I am talking precisely about the power of words; the ability to use the right word at the right time for the right effect. I am talking about a tool that leads to eloquence and gives you the power of influence.

Words are important. Words have incredible power. Words can build as they can destroy. They can bring peace as they can set the world on fire. They canwords words 2 make the world a heaven on earth as they can make it a hell. They can make an environment the most livable as they can make it the most unlivable place you can imagine.

Jean-Paul Sartre calls them ‘loaded pistols.’ Rudyard Kipling calls them ‘the most powerful drug used by mankind.’

We have to be careful about the words that we use when we talk, write, ask or answer questions. We have to mind the words we use when we give public addresses and even when we pray.

‘Words’ says Vashti Quiroz-Vega. ‘What power they hold. Once they have rooted in your psyche, it is difficult to escape them. Words can shape the future of a child and destroy the existence of an adult. Words are powerful. Be careful how you use them because once you have pronounced them, you cannot remove the scare they leave behind.’

With words you can please and you can displease. With words you can encourage and you can discourage. With words you can show love and you can show hatred for somebody.

Every day we have the opportunity to use words to build or to destroy. Every day we have the opportunity to use words to rise to the summit or to sink into mud.

With words you can gain the love, admiration and support of others. Also with words you can attract the disdain, spite and antagonism of others. You can gain public confidence and you can lose public trust.

With words you can control and shape the minds and thoughts of others. They can be a tool to achieve your dreams; even your fondest dreams.
Hence, words are a real powerful weapon; and if they are such a powerful weapon, what do you do to make them an asset to you?


This is what I prescribe for you:

Build a strong vocabulary.


Make a daily effort to know more words; master them and use them. There is what we call a passive or inactive vocabulary; and an active or functional vocabulary.
Active or functional vocabulary refers to the words that you use. Passive vocabulary refers to the words that you understand, but do not use. If your active vocabulary is good, you will speak with ease, confidence and authority; and will be convincing. If it is not strong, you will lack these qualities and it will be easily seen; and people will not hold you in high esteem. You will not be able to convince them easily.

It is, thus, important that your vocabulary grows.IMG_3825

How can you make it grow?
• Learn a word or a number of words a day.
• Read widely. You can read novels, newspapers, magazines, and other literature that you come across.
• Listen to radio and watch television.
• When you come across a new word, learn its meaning and make sure you can use it rightly. Then commit it to memory so that it enters your functional vocabulary. In other words, you appropriate it. You make it yours.

Once we know a word, it becomes ours and we must begin to use it. Some people are timid about using the new words they learn or come across. They do not want to sound brilliant or to be looked upon as being boastful.
This should not be so. The more you cultivate the habit of using the new words that you learn, the more you become used to them and the stronger you will become.

Imagine that your vocabulary grows by just one word a day! Can you see how many new words you will know in a year? That will be 365 new words. In ten years, that will give 3650 new words. You shall be unbelievably powerful.

I agree with Jennifer Donnelly who says ‘words are more powerful than anything.’

I would like to end by giving you some powerful thoughts on words. Let them inspire you to start your vocabulary-building scheme right away:


‘Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.’
(Yehuda Berg)


‘Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.’
(Napoleon Hill)


‘You can change your world by changing your words.’
(Joel Osteen)

 So what are you

waiting for?

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