Look for a new way (Be inspired today 296 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If the way you are doing it
Does not give the success
You desire,
Look for a new way;
Do not stick
To what does not deliver,
And is likely not to deliver.
It is a waste of time;
And waste of energy;
Try ways that you know
Are likelyto succeed,
Not ways you know will fail.
And as I said
If a method is not delivering,
Try another.
Think outside the box.

Great initiatives taken

Welcome to this great initiative. It’s a new magazine. We love new ideas.

What about this contest? Becoming so exciting, isn’t it? Bravo to the organizing Committee!

Do you know some initiative that we can encourage? Our mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage.

We’ll appreciate if you help us help you; if you help us help someone.

January Babies

To all those who were born in January, we all join our voices together to say, “Happy Birth Month!”.

We know that you have individual birthdays, some which have passed and many that are still to come.

In this community we have the practice of joining our members on their individual birthdays to celebrate but accept this collective one.

Starting this January, as we are doing now, every month we shall join our voices to wish a Happy Birth Month to all those born were that month. Thereafter, we shall join the celebrants on their individual birthdays.

Many thanks to our beloved Ranjeeta Nath Ghai who has kept the Happy Birth day page in our community going.

May God shower you with his blessings, dear Ranjeeta!

Again, “Happy Birth Month” to all of you who were born in January irrespective of the year.

Love to you all.
SIWO International.

A new airplane era is coming

There is nothing conceivable that the human mind cannot achieve.

A new airplane era is coming. Airplanes will be as common as the cars we have today. This shall be the airplane era.

Air planes shall be owned by individuals; and they shall be as common as cars today. Traveling even to visit a friend or relative in the same town shall be by air. There shall be airplane taxis. Cars will be the poor man’s means of transportation just as bicycles are today.

Do you see this as possible? I see it. There shall be air routes in the cities and parking lots for the air planes. The people who will be living in that era will know how to handle the issue. Many buildings may have to be put down to provide for the air routes.

Never say because you cannot understand how something can happen that it cannot happen.

The faculty or instrument called the human mind can do wonders. Do not let your own go to sleep. Use it to think of how to make the most of your life; how to make the world a better place than it is now. Use it to take yourself to greatness.