Today’s morning prayer 36

Lord, our most High God;
I got up feeling worried
More than ever;
Many things worry me;
Insecurity is growing;
No one is sure
Of what comes next;
I commit this day to you
As I do other days;
Lord, take full control;
Protect your children,
Pave the way for peace
And security;
And make our landing
So that more glory will come
To your holy name,


It’s no joking matter

You may think
What I am going to tell you
Is a joking matter;
Not at all;
It’s no joking matter
When everybody is scared;
It’s no joking matter
When everybody is complaining
So much of insecurity;
It’s no joking matter
When people are sleeping
With all eyes open
Because they don’t know
What may happen;
It’s no joking matter
When unscrupulous individuals
Armed to the teeth
Break into homes at will
And harrass peaceful citizens;
It’s no joking matter
When you get a message
At midnight
From an unidentified gunman,
Telling you he’s coming;
That you should wait;
And see his colours
When he comes;
With all honesty,
It’s no joking matter.
Security is not a thing
To toy with.

I’m really worried?

This is a message to a sweetheart who has not come home and it’s already so late during very precarious times.

Honey, dear,
I’m really worried;
‘Cause you’re not home yet;
Why so much delay?
Worries and fears
About your safety flood
My mind;
You know the times we live;
Nothing is sure;
Insecurity so high;
That’s what keeps me so worried,
Send me word;
To give my troubled heart
What it needs: peace.

God alone can save us

Where we are now,
We cannot help ourselves:
We are helpless;
The situation is critical;
We know no peace;
Danger looms in the air;
Our security is at stake.
We are desperate;
Anything can happen;
The worst is possible;
Death smells in the air;
God alone can save us;
If God abandons us, too bad;
We are finished;
We cannot survive;
But we trust in God;
We trust He will not abandon us;
We trust He is with us;
He has promised to save us
When danger shows its ugly head;
Surely, that, he will do.
He will save us.
He alone can save us.

Why are we killing?

If you read Is autonomy the answer by Purposive Writer, you will understand what moved me to write this poem titled:

Why are we killing others?

Why are we killing ourselves?
Why are we killing others?
Why are others killing us?
What type of hearts do we have?
Are they stone hearts or human hearts?
How do we feel when we kill another
Human being like us?
Why have we built barriers among us?
Why is geography separating us?
Why is religion making us kill?
Is a human being not a human being?
Why are some people making the world
Such a hell for others?
Why are some people forcing others
To live in permanent fear and uncertainty;
Why? Who can tell me why?
How can I hold my tears when I think that
Somewhere in the world at this moment
Someone is dying innocently in the hands
Of evil men?
Why are we killing?
Why are we killing others?
Why so much wickedness?

If you haven’t read Is autonomy the answer, please do.

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