Why did you do that?

Am I still to understand
What happened to you?
Why did you do that?
Why did you do what you did?
I mean giving up?
You wouldn’t have done that?
That’s the mistake you made;
You gave up too early;
You don’t give up;
You stick to it;
You stay in the plane!
Even when the going is tough,
When the road is rough,
When the weather is harsh,
When the sea is stormy,
You have to stay on board;
Stay in the boat!
Hang on!
If someone tells you success is for cowards,
Tell them they lie;
Success is not for cowards;
Success is for
The courageous ones like you;
Who are ready to hang in there
Despite the risks;
Despite the toughness
Of the task in hand.
And so I advise you,
Go back and hang on in there;
Keep on digging the hole!
There is something inside;
Or is it a ripe plumb
You want to pluck;
Hang on,
Your chance is coming.
Never do that again.
Stay there till you make it;
Do not start doing hide and seek.
What happens
When you knock and insist
And no one opens?
If you are a loser,
You will quit before somebody
Starts to persuade you to hang on;
And that quitting is the wrong road to take.
Don’t take the wrong road;
Take the right road.
At the end of the right road
Flows milk and honey.
At the end of the wrong road
Is a precipice that ends
In the deep sea;
That is danger.

Never stop aim

I am still in the wilderness;
I have been there for years,
Trying to find my way,
But I haven’t done so yet;
Definitely, it’s no easy task;
It’s an uphill challenge;
Yet, my determination
Is not shaking;
I will remain steadfast,
Until I find my way.
Never stop aim,
When you have not hit target.
That is the pathway
To achievement.
Stay on till you get it.
Keep taking aim.

Qualified to be the best

man wearing blue suit jacket beside woman with gray suit jacket

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

If you dream to be the best
May that never be laid to rest,
Knock, if no one opens, insist;
If the going is tough, persist;
Whenever you lose a round,
Make sure you stand your ground;
Master the rules of the game;
That’s what is done to get to fame;
Do well to go the way of the great;
Which is never to be afraid;
Instead, have trust in the Lord;
Who is a never failing God.
You’re where all the great started;
Yet, they got to where they ended;
You too can do the same;
And enter the hall of fame.
Do not be afraid to be the first;
You are qualified to be the best.

Hammer into their ears

Do you know the easiest way to get somebody to pay attention to you? Hammer into their ears; Hammer into their minds and hearts.

Keep on knocking on the door of their ears until it is open to you. Remember the story of the man who kept on pounding on the door until a Nun heard inside and came and opened it.

At first she thought the knocks were coming from irresponsible boys playing around as it was customary to them; but when he persisted, she knew someone serious was at the door and so came and open it.

This is what happens when we pray. If you keep hammering on God’s ears, He will eventually pay attention to you. Don’t forget that billions of people are talking to him at the same time. He cannot leave those who are worrying him with too much talking to pay attention to someone who only talks once in a long while.

The secret of getting anyone’s attention is to keep asking for it. As it is said in my village, keep entering the person’s eye until they see you and pay attention to you. It’s hard for me not to pay attention to somebody who overwhelms me with likes or comments on my site.

Hit hard on the door. Hammer on! Insist! Persist, until someone inside hears your knock and opens the door for you.

None can stop you

IMG_20151108_153003Who can stop you?
Who can really stop you?
When you are determined,
The road is never too long;
When you are determined,
You explore all avenues;
When you are determined,
You search everywhere;
When you are determined,
You leave no stone without turning;
When you are determined,
You persist; you insist;
When you are determined,
You fight like a warrior;
When you are determined,
None can stop you.
Be determined;
And see for yourself.