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Great days ahead

Great days are coming; Be optimistic; Your future is bright; Fill your mind With hope, Based on The promises of God; Remember all his promises To us, his children; He has given us assurance Of his support, When the going is hard; When the future is bleak; When we fall; When our feet are weary;…

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Hello week!

Hello week! Welcome on board! I warmly welcome you. I look forward to the Many nice things You bring to me And others; I am determined to do What you require of me. I am 100% committed To my success This day And throughout The week. I am upbeat.

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A Thousand Words

The picture above is such an appropriate scene for many of my followers today! I took this snapshot five years ago (sorry, it’s not the best of quality). Complacent as it is though, my thoughts run deeper. I never realized, until this morning, how much it says about life. The heavens were so blue and…

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Cloud Haikus

We can feel shrouded As the white firmaments spread Making minds clouded (C) Carly Wiggins 2019 The cumulus clouds move Colors of blue and pink bled In a cotton bed (C) Carly Wiggins 2019

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