My special dream about 2018

I have a special dream
About 2018;
It’s a big dream that I have
About 2018;
In my dream, I see people
With no hope
Having hope and moving
To great heights;
I see lazy people working hard
And succeeding;
I see people who are lost
Finding their way to the summit;
I see 2018 becoming
A wonderful year;
I see you gathering momentum
And leaping to greatness;
I see you highly motivated
And flying like a jet-plane
In the sky.
That’s the dream I have
About 2018;
That’s my dream for you
And 2018.


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Give nobody a chance

Give nobody a chance
To downplay you;
Give nobody a chance
To underestimate you;
Give nobody a chance
To stop your progress;
Give nobody a chance
To disrespect you;
Give nobody a chance
To treat you shabbily;
Give nobody a chance
To treat you like a loser;
Give nobody a chance
To snub you;
Give nobody a chance
To take advantage of you;
Give nobody a chance
To take you for granted.

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Michel Montecrossa sez: “Float in the great stream of love ..” (& Photo)

Michel Montecrossa sez:
“Float in the great stream of love,
discovery and wisdom of the heart.
Follow the Living Celebration
of humanity.”

Michel Montecrossa (28th October 2017)

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Are you new here?

If you are new here, you may not know our dream. Let me share it with you. But you may also be old here and still not know the dream. Thus, let me share it with all those who do not know it; and also remind those who might have forgotten.

We have a dream for this site.

 We want this site to be a forum that brings the world together; where love flows; where there is solidarity and support for one another. We want it to be a place where bloggers come and get help to succeed in blogging, reach more readers, grow their stats. We want it to give hope to millions of people around the world. We want it to play a role in breaking barriers among people, building bridges and making the world an excellent place for all to live in.

We do not like to find people doing aimless chatting throughout the day. We want that when you come here and spend just ten minutes you should go away feeling uplifted and ready to face and conquer the world that day. We want this forum to be a land of opportunity for all- helping people realize their dreams.

Don’t wonder if all this can be done. I am not alone. My dream is the dream of millions of people. All I am doing is informing those who have the same dream that we are already on the move. They should get on board and let us go.

You are welcome on board if you are not yet. Have a great day.

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Two inspiring bible verses

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Prov. 4.23.

“Plan carefully what you do, and what ever you do will turn out right.” Prov. 4.26

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Educate our children

To educate our children is our duty;
A responsibility that carries beauty;
No one can joke with sound education;
A source of motivation and inspiration;
Above all, it arms one with knowledge;
Which the wise do openly acknowledge;
Is the key to development and progress;
Without which one can only regress.
And who will like to go backward
Instead of taking strides forward?
Let us empower the next generation
With a very sound education
To solve the problems of their day,
As we are failing to solve ours today.


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Unbeknownst to man, it’s waiting to score its first kill of the day…..

Prey 4

In the seemingly quiet, I listen to nature. I wait on the first crow and other creatures to come alive. It’s still dark and a calm has settled over my world. Out of the blue a dog across the way barks; the air conditioner’s fan kicks on. Waiting on dawn just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. The maples turn, early signs of fall, and a flock of geese get ready for their journey. I love to watch nature’s instincts, especially vultures circling high above, looking for prey. God shines light for them to hunt.


Closer to home, I’m inundated with the nuisances of wildlife. The neighborhood is quiet and tranquil. Lingering like Satan himself, a pesky darn cat dressed in black never sleeps in the night; looking for its first prey, my naked eye barely sees his corralling like a cougar. At first glance, things seem normal in the morning. God grants me another anointed day of life.

On my back porch though, the flower box tells a different story. Broken stems reveal where he (or it) had bedded down; keeping a watchful eye on the innocent birds as they wake to enjoy their morning. The black cat preys quietly under the porch. Unbeknownst to man, it’s waiting to score its first kill of the day.

Prey 3

Leaving little left but a carcass, it’s too late. An innocent bird, a mother or maybe an offspring, is eaten as if by a vulture. Shooing the varmint, it runs away; while jumping the fence it laughs at me, “I got another one!”

Aren’t there some people who do the same? Preying like a vulture? It makes me wonder…. are we no better? Is our instinct to kill? I thought God made us better than that! They’re likened to vultures on a branch…. waiting on its next victim. Maybe it’s time to take evasive action.

I quietly watch as people’s actions and unscrupulous minds linger, just like my neighborhood cougar; sneaking and creeping under the bushes, trying to attack that which it can. Even my neighbor’s dog shows more respect for life.

Prey 2

This cuddly creature, like a little fur ball lying on the couch waiting to be pet, becomes another story once you kick them out into the wild blue yonder. So sad…. aren’t there those that are much the same? Are we no different than a cat with no conscience?  I wonder….

Those who look for only the meek
Want to capitalize as if they’re weak.
God is watching…..

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