I have won

Do you know what?
I have won;
And I am overjoyed;
It’s not easy to win;
If I had not tried,
I would not have known
I could win;
Thank God
For the courage
He gave me to try;
Thank God
For the grace
He gave me to try;
Thank God
For his wisdom in me;
I tried;
And have won;
It is good to try;
Unless you try,
You can’t know
What you can do
And what you cannot do.
Always try.
My friend, always try.
I am confident
You will make it
If you try.


I will do all to find you

Why are you so hard to come?
I am talking to you, Success;
I have been seeking you
For such a long time,
Yet, I have not found you;
Why are you so slippery?
So difficult to find;
Why are you like this?
What am I to do?
Do I keep searching for you?
Or I call it quits?
To call it quits means
To say I have failed;
I am not ready for that;
I am not going to fail;
I will find you;
You are hard to find,
But I will find you;
I will not stop searching
Till I find you.
That is my resolution.
I will do all to find you.

A surprise letter from my best friend

Can you guess who my best friend is?

There is one person I call my best friend in the world.DSCN0536

Indeed, she is.

She has made life a joy for me. She stands by me in sun and in rain. She is closest to me in all ways.  She is the love of my life; my honey. She is the last person I see in the night as I go to bed and the first person I see when I get up in the morning.

Her name is Emilia, the one in the picture.

Today she gave me a pleasant surprise.  She told me she would write a post on my blog. I agreed. This is what she wrote:


Having followed your blog with keen attention this while, and commented on many of your posts, I like to give you this message. Please, share it with your readers.

I thank God for you. You are a real gift to the world. God put you here for a purpose. He wants to use you for something special; and that is what He is doing.

I am amazed by your passion to uplift, motivate and inspire people to reach their full potentials. I have seen you do this all your life with awesome results.

I embrace all your mighty dreams. Your vision for an excellent world leaves me simply dumbfounded. As you say, out in the world billions of people thirst for an excellent world and are ready to do their best for it. I encourage you to continue to fight for it. Fight for the down-trodden; the voiceless; the desperate; the oppressed; the exploited. You have the talent that is needed and God will put the right people on your path to carry you through. I am also fully there for you.

Definitely, you will meet with setbacks but I urge you not to give up. This is what you have asked people all your life to do. You must put your own teaching into practice.

Keep your eyes fixed on the stars. I have a hunch the world will hear about you and acknowledge your contribution.

You will meet many excellent people who will give you the help you need to carry through.

As you fight to make a difference be sure of my love and support.

Your darling wife,DSCN0543


This is my gift of the year. What do you think of this gift. I love it. It has energized me. It has fired me up.It reminds me of the letters we exchanged before our marriage.


Everywhere you go in life,
Always do your best;
Everywhere you find yourself;
Always present a strong
Image of yourself;
Not a weak
Image of yourself;
Always make yourself seen
As a strong personality;
Not a weak personality;
Always project yourself as
A positive-minded person,
And not
A negative-minded person;
Always make yourself seen
As a builder
Who is working to make
The world a better place
For all to enjoy,
Not as somebody
Who is destroying the world.
Always do your best;
And life will reward you.

You are an inspiration

You are an inspiration;
I admire your ways;
You inspire me;
You make me feel like
Stepping out and moving
The world;
You really inspire;
You are an inspiration.

I like the way you dress;
I like the way you walk;
I like the way you talk;
I like everything about you.
Your language moves me.

I like your ideas;
You are an inspiration.

Inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to give 100% and never stop believing in your dream.”

I agree with him fully. Give your 100% to your dream and there is no stopping you. Only success can stop you.

I like to express gratitude to Arnold Schwarzenegger who teaches not by words alone but by words and action.

He is such a highly successful personality who continues to inspire many.

I will keep on pushing you

Do you know my plan
For you?
I will keep on pushing you
Until you succeed;
And it us not just any kind
Of success
That I desire for you;
For you I desire
Extraordinary success;
Outstanding success;
I know
You will feel discouraged
From time to time
On your journey to success;
That, I know very well;
That is why
I will be behind you
With my encouragement whip;
I will urge you on;
I will fire you up
I will inspire you;
I will motivate you
To keep going
Until you succeed;
That is my plan for you;
I will keep pouring
And drumming
Uplifting messages into
Your ears until you make it.