How to always see yourself

Always see yourself winning;
Never see yourself losing;
Always see yourself up;
Never see yourself down;
Always see yourself where
You like;
Never see yourself where
You do not like;
Always see yourself in
Good spirits;
Never see yourself in bad
Always see yourself getting
What you go for;
Never see yourself not getting
What you go for.
These are my words
Of encouragement this day.


Are you ready to come with me?

Are you ready to come
With me?
I invite you to come
With me;
If you come with me,
I will guide you to
Your promised land;
If you come with me,
I will ease your
Journey for you;
If you come with me,
I will tell you what
Works and what doesn’t
Are you ready to come
With me?
Be wise and come with me,
So as to reach your own
Promised Land;
This is an offer
I urge you to embrace.
Come with me here on SIWO.

The main architect

How do you get to where
You want to go?
Are you aware?
That you are the architect
Of your life?
The moment you are born,
You start to build
Your life;
And if you want a great life You must build a great life;
And to build a great life,
You must be a great architect;
None will create a great life
For you;
You have to do it yourself.
If others do it for you
When you are young,
Make no mistake,
They will not do it for you
All your life.
They may help, but the main architect is you.

Success is knocking

Success is knocking at your door;
Open, and let him in;
He is not to be turned back;
Hear how strongly he knocks;
He is knocking and insisting;
Will you ignore the knock;
Will you keep him out?
Open the door and.let him in;
His place is inside not outside;
Let him in;
Let success in and let him stop hammering at your door.

God’s Word Is Not Wishy-Washy

God's Word is Not Wishy-Washy

You’re poised for the storm your about to receive, but out of your realm, God heard your needs. He looks down with a firm hand and sternly alters your sense of instincts. As my thoughts of God are squarely placed in me today, I, too, feel the strength of our Almighty’s hand. Clouds thicken, and the silence is deafening. You count the seconds between the lightning bolt and our Father’s stern vocabulary.

God's Word is Not Wishy-Washy verse

My Daddy Bicks (my grandfather) sat in his red leather and embroidered wingback chair. He was a mild-mannered man, a refined pillar. He, too, meant what he said, and I knew I was in trouble if I didn’t listen. I knew little about this giant of a granddad, but I looked up to him with the utmost respect. As a child sitting on his knee, he offered me gently spoken words. I didn’t comprehend much, but I knew his wisdom derived from God, so I paid attention to his discussions. He was a holy man who displayed marvelous attributes and left an incredible legacy.

But, now I’m at the age in life where authority and wisdom collide. My derived thoughts look to God for the same advice he gave my grandfather. But now it is I who relays the message as I pass them on to others. The cycle of life evolves, and many of our relatives leave behind little knowledge of God’s infinite wisdom.

I humbly altered my course throughout life as God’s diversions protected me from storms. So, now I give myself to you… for it’s your turn to receive the advice from one who has walked with wobbly knees. I cast out my nets to harvest those in search of the Lord, looking to fill the tiniest, empty spot in their soul.

God’s not wishy-washy about His commands. You either heed His word or pay the consequences. Adam and Eve, and the great flood on earth were perfect examples of His temper and strength of hand in our lives. Our righteous and supreme God only desires the best for His children, but His instructions for obedience should not be interpreted the way we see fit. He is the great symbol of authority so we must always seek Him in reverence.

God's Word is Not Wishy-Washy verse 2.jpg

We make choices in life and eventually we will all stand before our heavenly Father to feel the wrath of His firm hand. Make no mistake, the wisdom you seek today is not from this world, so be not surprised.

May God anoint your every endeavor. Make healthy decisions for your children and their future generations. Let them not lose the respect of wisdom that comes from their elders, the Bible, and our awesome God. Be blessed for your personal sacrifices as they will carry on the same love of God as you so taught them.

God's Word is Not Wishy-Washy verse 3.jpg.png

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I have a reason

I have a reason to smile
From jaw to jaw;
I have a reason to be happy;
I have a reason to be optimistic;
I have a reason to live in high
Who wants to know all these
Actually, it is one
Common reason;
And it is:
God is in control;
That is all;
God is in full control.
All is for the best.
With God all things are
That is the simple reason.