Characters and Actors

Characters and Actors cover

It’s the third week of August, and our cooler weather is so out of character for Arkansas. Even a nearby chameleon notices the change. He lays in the flowers changing colors so as not to be seen by enemies. I asked God, “Is he acting or is this his character?” I chuckled at God’s humor. Now, my mind wonders to famous, well-known actors, like the John Wayne’s and Clint Eastwood’s, which we gravitated to in their popular years of movies. Were they acting or were some of the characters they played honestly their personality? Were these stars the same both on and off the silver screen? Did their colors when they were out of sight?

Characters and Actors

Furthering my thoughts, other actors of the twentieth century came and went with fictitious credentials, some blatantly spying like a Bond 007 character. They ended up in court with their integrity in question. Today, I observe Christians we know personally, perhaps family members or close friends. Is their character in question or are they, too, acting like standup, righteous people? Are they chameleons camouflaging their colors from church on Sunday to their real character Monday through Saturday? Some people stay in a marriage for a very long time, but one day they walk away from the commitment. Was their life just an act? Did we just see someone that finally came out of the closet? It makes you wonder how long we must live with another before we feel comfortable? Do we ever really know someone?

Characters and Actors 2

Then there are the hypocrites who serve their church faithfully yet walk out its doors and live an ungodly lifestyle. How can one justify this actor’s life with God? What would happen to them if Jesus returned to earth five minutes from now? Yes, we are all hypocrites but some more so than others. A real Christian life is not about acting a role or playing a character. Shady characters best define their integrity for they practice their sins routinely.

We should take an honest look in the mirror and decide where we fit upon the stage of Christianity. Are we the chameleon for Jesus or a Jesse James to those who know us? Are we a Christian in name only? Jesus took hypocrisy very seriously.

Characters and Actors verse

With acting and our characters aside, a true believer’s heart loves and trusts Christ explicitly. Hypocrites want Christ for the good He might do them in the world. A true Christian will love God sincerely and strive to keep His commandments; a hypocrite will clean up their act for men to observe and relieve their subconscious mind. God is sitting in the wings with His arms crossed, shaking His head at the bad character.

But, for some lucky few, He smiles and sends blessing after blessing along with a stamp approval. Your one of His children appointed to walk in His Son’s light. God bless you!




Where the Milestone Starts

Where The Milestone Starts cover

My thoughts run wild as an acquaintance tells stories, squandering the paths led to by God, of brothers in Christ. I’ve sat amongst those groups of finger pointing who is always asking, what gives you the right. Speaking for myself, I gather much wisdom from the stories of these men who have crosses to bear. The paintings etched in their fragmented soul of the past’s pain, still relay its toll. Respectfully, I pray God, our great Father, will heal the life which destroyed your soul.

In a sanctuary of dreams and prayers why should the chosen few be deprived of the goals we seek and only God controls? Do you think faith is not our driving force in creating an opportunity to serve the Lord? Life’s path may have led us astray, but faith shall be our strength. Our scars of personal wars fought long ago, will always cast shadows on our inner spirit.

So, let us walk where the milestone starts…. we all bear the right to withstand and be counted for life’s woes. Any man or woman who serves the Lord is no better than your life’s paramount test of time. But, I congratulate and commend you as you, too, are our inspiration. Who are you, I speak so highly of my friend in Christ, that leads us not to where temptation reigns?

Where The Milestone Starts verse 3

Let’s review the meaning of 1 Timothy 3: 8-10, Paul’s perspective of a healthy, functioning church. Most churches assign deacons and elders to their congregation. It does not ordain them ministers or priests living in divine holiness. The verse, 1 Timothy 3, describes the mannerisms and ethical morals one must gain to hold this title. But, their function is to be a mere “prop” or support to its people which connects the foundation of Christ to the fallen world. They are not the authority or truth on earth, lest they stand in judgment.

So what gives some of us the right to spread God’s word, even though we had another life of perhaps ungodly decisions? Because it is what God asks us to do as believers in Him. We are fallen children which God uses as an example of His forgiveness and salvation. It is not our job to rescue and save others, but merely to tell others, “God loves you and wants you to seek eternity with Him”:


We all have axes to bare, but brothers, every Christian can be a deacon of God’s church. I pray we take a page from the patrons past that God, somehow, will give us everlasting life through teaching His word to lost souls. Though our routes may waiver, we plot our course in life and never ask why we were chosen. Isn’t is more Christian-like to support and love our fellowman rather than be Satan’s vessel?

We, the servants of God, are layered in armor for impending negative narratives as we follow Christ on an endless journey. I reminisce and pray someday we will stand together in the sight of our Lord, take a number and be counted as we walk where the milestone starts.



Now Hiring!

Now Hiring Twitter

There comes a time in life when we seek to find an inkling of a message, perhaps a tiny bit of hopeful inspiration. Some search the stars, some search scripture. There are a few answers, though, so blatant you have to laugh. I look no further than my lovely bride. She searched for thirty-two years to find me again. Pardon the pun, but God only knows why. But my point is some search forever to find what they want in life. In reviewing my past and its missing parts, there are things I wish happened differently, but God had His reasons. He wants us to experience the storms. They strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. Every now and again, messages become billboards, so self-explanatory of His signs. Like this ……

Now Hiring pic

When I saw this truck’s sign on the highway, I thought about it for a minute or two. It was a profound message, “God’s hiring for faith.” I laughed to myself for twenty minutes and then wondered how many others saw the sign and got the message.

God is an equal opportunity employer who wants to hire those of faith to join his congregation here on earth. Then, in His perfect timing, we will march onward in unison. Christ, His servant shall lead the charge with a few and the brave as though we’re Marines bonded by faith. Employees of God will inherit the earth!

Now Hiring verse

It’s a new day! It isn’t too late to find a sanctuary you like where you can give your soul in the name of God. But, be not disgruntled by personal infractions. Instead stay focused on God and let your problems sort themselves out under His power. God’s the main character – the boss! Now hiring, He has a place for every one of us.

Begging for peace, as the morning soothes the dark sky, I hear the wings of the doves as they reach for the heavens. They fly off in the calmness, God permits life to begin once again. We must allow ourselves to follow Him.

Now hiring those of faith! Put a sign on your tailgate because God wants us all. Listen to the sounds of another mysterious morning. The long shadows, the stillness, the solitude, and God is poised waiting on YOU. Be not alarmed to wake in His presence as His grace awakens with you. A sovereign sun beacons…Now Hiring!



“The Golden Rule”


The Golden Rule cover

In matters of the world today, the Golden Rule is better pronounced, those with the gold make the rules. It’s sad, but true, and not very Christian-like nor Godly. How did this uniting principle, which Jesus taught on the Sermon of the Mount, evolve from “do to unto others what you would have them do to you” to the least respected and most changed scripture in our sovereign nation?

Jesus’s teaching ascribed The Golden Rule during the 16th–17th centuries and appears (though not by that title) in Matthew 7:12 and the Book of Luke:

The Golden Rule verse

Jesus knew mankind was selfish and innately evil (Matthew 7:11, If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!). So, He taught the disciples a standard of treating others the way they would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. His Golden Rule was a positive command to show love proactively, not in the negative light it sheds today. Social media would lead one to believe it means something quite different though – money and power.

The Golden Rule pic

My analogy is regardless of which context used, it should always be the Christian’s perfect standard of leadership. It could build relationships and achieve dreams. But we’ve forsaken it under politically induced duress. Many of the infamous believe they feel better in the driver’s seat by playing God and using people as their own sheep on the pretense it deepens their pockets. Where are the morals and integrity of the original Golden Rule? Our society is imploding because of its self-love characteristics, and our leaders twist scripture to justify their own assaults on reality. Long ago, people understood the Bible enough they would recognize when commands, such as the Golden Rule, were used inappropriately but sadly, most are ignorant to it today.

I’ve met nationalities of folks from all corners of the earth. God is in all of us and His love for mankind is still the most powerful force – not money, greed, or hatred. He shall come to our rescue one day and bring shame to the shameless and fortune to the prayerful meek for not one is above His Holy Words. We must love God and be active in loving others as He so commanded. This is the Golden Rule given to the prophets!





As day breaks, I meander my way through the carved paths few traveled along the mountainsides. Thousand of years ago, God arrived and planted trees to hold the hillside, and His flowers bloomed adding to the beauty of nature. A river bends through the swaying trees where barren life once existed on earth. Valleys burned from heaven’s thunder as God cleared the land to rebuild the forest. Life is so unrehearsed.

Life changes in an instant when God bestows gifts upon the unsuspecting. We start to live as God so ordered. Like a burning bush growing sprouts from the leftover ashes, we too do much the same by picking up the pieces of a life we never had and beginning again.

If we research the Bible, we quickly find Christ’s path was unrehearsed too. I cannot conceive the astonishment of being the chosen one, sent by God, to start a new religion in a new world. Jesus lived day to day on prayer and faith. Planned by His Father in heaven, few could have endured His journey. But Jesus saved us by teaching us to follow His unrehearsed way of life. The Sermon on the Mount clearly describes the Beatitudes He preached to the disciples (Book of Luke).

Unrehearsed Pic 1

Today, we try to do our best to walk in the shadow of our Savior, living our lives in an unrehearsed manner. Two thousand years later, the sun still shines and the seasons’ surrender. Our tomorrows are impromptu, and no one can predict the future of God’s direction for us.

The world will shine as it wants, and our faith in His light will allow life to prosper once again for us. Staying in prayer is the only antidote to the spontaneous plans of God. Disappointments reign when the thunder ignites the mountains, but life goes on….unrehearsed.

Unrehearsed verse



United We Should Stand

United We Should Stand cover

I’m looking forward to attending a fifty-year high school class reunion soon. Together we will gather, once again, from different walks of life. We began as one student body at a tender age and played hard, but eventually, we spread our wings and flew away to a new life. But beyond the aforementioned, my thoughts look forward to the gathering of this event for united we should stand. Thank God for these memorable moments! Our heritage draws us together, forming deep inside, love and pride we can rest on our shoulders.

My thoughts now divert… what if our political force reigned with the same enthusiasm? Imagine the vitality of men and women working together instead of belligerence. There would be hugs and handshakes, greeting each other with smiles, and unspoken morals of honesty. Instead, we’re plagued with lies and deceit. It’s the game of who we can manipulate and bribe, slithering their way through the ivory halls, versus honoring and supporting our fellow classmates. Drawing a comparison, I look at our class reunion’s coordinators and the excellent job they do to reunite us after fifty years. Somehow, this country’s professional politico can’t unite on any given week.

United We Should Stand middle verse

What are we teaching, in the aftermath, to our future generations? That this progressiveness of dirty and mischievous ways is the avenue to the future? Shouldn’t it be a legacy of integrity where decades later we still honor our brethren? United we should stand! Across our great land, many citizens strive to plant morals and maturity, just as our parents preceding us. Yet, we must maintain our stance and observe bumbling legislation integrating a less-behaving culture of standards. I’m convinced the leaders of our land couldn’t organize a class reunion without trying to dictate their immoral values on every God-fearing student.

I’m grateful and happy I grew up in an era knowing the ethics of right from wrong. Though we struggle at times, we must realize that’s God working behind the scenes to strengthen us. Let us appreciate our memorable moments of innocence and stand in unity, holding hands, for in God we trust we will never stray from our point of center.

United We Should Stand verse



Ye of Little Faith


Young Boy Concentrating On His Schoolwork

A little boy sat in the corner with his nose against the wall. He never realized how disruptive he was to other students. The class frowned at him, but he still didn’t understand his misbehavior during the lesson. A bell loudly rang, and kids jumped up from their desks to run to the cafeteria. Yet, a little boy deprived of lunch sat in his confusion of tears.

The story plays reruns today, maybe not so dramatically, but the ramifications still imply the same feelings. Children classified as “learning disabled” acquires resentment early in childhood. They feel shunned, discredited from society, and labeled as another hopeless spirit lying dormant in fortitude. Frustrated parents and teachers have modest educational skills to cope with the disability. The innocence of ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia makes a child’s life incredibly difficult. I know as I, too, walk the path every single day.

Ye of Little Faith small picWe, the stigmatized and labeled children, are stuck in a corner, and the only word we can spell is can’t. We fumble through adolescence, for no college academics ever adheres with those who see things far beyond the scope of today’s lessons. God is our only instructor as He sees into the minds of many people with nil comprehension.

George Washington, Edison, Einstein, Roosevelt, and even Cher are just some learning disabled notables who made significant contributions to our society. But God giveth and God taketh away – His test is for us to gather stamina and strength to prepare our real treasures in heaven. It blesses God in both the giving and the taking away because it is for the sake of our joy though it may not seem fair. He replaces our many shortcomings with abundant blessings.

Ye of Little Faith verse

So, the next time you have an urge to yell at a problematic child, just remember – they may be our president, a great singer, or an author one day. Can’t is a word no longer in our vocabulary! God watches over the handicapped, allowing us to conquer and explore with great creativity.

Faith is all we have when the odds are stacked against us. God blesses and anoints the imagination of those less fortunate, and condemns those who seek to destroy these special children. Our Lord’s hands know no limits, and the word can’t is just permission to prove ye of little faith wrong!

God bless the less fortunate!

Ye of Little Faith middle verse



So Misunderstood!

So Misunderstood cover pic

Written by Anne L. Bicks, Editor

It’s a breakdown in communication; a text completely misinterpreted, perhaps to ease a conscience and conform with desires. How many of us spew a bible verse to defend our actions yet we’re not able to tell the rest of the context of His message? Yes, the Bible is so misunderstood by many Christians because it is changed to fit our beliefs instead of allowing it to change us. If we pick and choose single phrases and misinterpret them according to our needs, we reduce the meaning of God’s living word. Maybe it’s time for an “oops” moment – a time for self-reflection. Let’s drop our guard now and examine some of those verses….

So Misunderstood verse Luke 6

This verse was addressed to the Lord’s disciples as a guide in their personal lives. It was not intended to be interpreted as wealth and material possessions for all who read the Bible. God told the disciples to support others poor in spirit yet rich in Christ. The correct message relayed to them was those disciples who are poor, find their wealth in Christ; find ways to better the economy and distribute the gifts of God to the impoverished so they may discover God’s Kingdom too.

Christians in developing countries see Jesus delivering a hopeful message about real economic need, but this is incorrect. We must realize that not everything in the Bible is written to us. If the passage is addressed to another group, such as the disciples in this passage, then we should understand it will not be directly related to us.


So Misunderstood verse Matthew 7

Yet another verse falsely spoken as verses 3-5 thoroughly explains the rest of its meaning. At first view, it looks very much like Jesus is telling us not to criticize or find fault with someone’s lifestyle. But in the rest of this section, Jesus better explains the method to follow for judging others (and yes, we are allowed to judge!).

We are to first acknowledge and repent our own similar sin, taking the speck out of our own eye. Once we have them under control, we are then enabled to help other people deal with their issues. We are not to behave judgmentally but get involved modestly and through the community of the church. If a person in the church is openly sinning, then you must make a judgment on this.

God sets up a strong moral ethic that reflects what it means to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. He does not suggest we have no right to hold others accountable. But, if you are committing the very same sin and are unwilling to address it or break free from it, then judgment on others is a sin. The Bible makes it clear we must spur one another on to live lives that please God.


So Misunderstood verse Matthew 18

Doesn’t this text, alone, imply God’s love, strength, and our prayers are only heard amongst two or more people gathered in His name? This passage is so misunderstood as well. As you continue to read the rest of God’s words, it is interpreted to apply to disagreements within the church only. It is about church discipline and that if two or three witnesses of sin agree on the matter, then Jesus is also in agreement with them (verse 16). In other words, when church leaders are mediating a problem between its members, the solution and a covenant are made between the parties in which Jesus is involved in that agreement. Far different than the interpretation used today, isn’t it? Once again, this passage is taken out of context because only a small portion is read instead of the entire verse.


So Misunderstood verse Philippians 4

Wouldn’t it be great if God used these words to claim He will make us rich or never have any need or want? Yes, it would be, but unfortunately, this isn’t the correct context. It says that God will supply the Philippians’ every need, not their every greed. God will bless us with the basics of our needs – not the riches of the world.


So Misunderstood cover

Many passage’s promises made in the Old Testament were specific to the nation of Israel and are not applicable to Christian living of today. Before we claim any portion of Scripture for ourselves, we better make sure it is addressed to our current day life. Be sure to interpret verses within the complete chapter it is written in, not according to our own preconceived ideas of what is right and wrong, true or false.

I would like to conclude this blog by saying that I was raised attending church, Sunday School classes as well as adult bible study classes. We were taught and asked to memorize particular passages of the Bible which were pertinent to leading a godly and Christian life. Some of those verses were listed above yet never once did anyone describe the full context of the passages. I believe we are all guilty of self-interpretation so it is important to say that we must be diligent in understanding all other text around a verse. Let us not be complacent!



Thank God for Green Lights

Thank God for Green Lights cover

It’s 4:10 AM, and the streetlight quickly turns green at a big intersection. Great – no waiting! I cross a six-lanes where traffic will soon take over. It’s clear sailing! I approach the next juncture, and again, the light immediately turns green as I approach it. God is with me, controlling things I cannot see down this long, dark road. Every light turns green as I’m heading out of town. They quietly whisper, ‘Safe travels! See you when you return.’ I thank God, for the green lights in life.

In the rearview mirror, it’s lonely and dreary, with an occasional red or yellow glowing in the dark, but they quickly fade away. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? Sometimes we wonder if we’re headed in the right direction. We must build trust in Jesus’ to lead us through life’s traffic by navigating turns of faith. But, we have to discern and be obedient to His signals. God loves us so much that He will give us warning signs, a yellow light. Perhaps impending disaster is drawing near. He wishes that no one perish nor succumb to Satan’s ploys and traps, and suffering major consequences.

Thank God for Green Lights pic 1

Daylight is now approaching, and I’m greeted with smiles at every destination. God makes every single day worth smiling about in the grander scheme of things! I return to my domain where my angel awaits me. She’s my bride for life, you know? I just thank God she’s another green light in my life. So, I pick up a pen, listening to the Lord’s message, and I begin to write. It’s a terrific time to be alive! I reverently give thanks.

Are you steered by green lights, or do red or yellow precede your direction? It was once said, “If you don’t change your course, you will end up where you’re headed.” Those words resound in me as I look to God, always expecting the lights to be green. The guiding words of our Almighty Father is the only power that brings us comfort in daily life. I, just thank God for the green lights!

Thank God for Green Lights verse