Happy New Month! #Jul1🤓



Inspire me (Be inspired today 280 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Inspire me;
Who will inspire me?
Tell me a story
That will inspire me.
Pump me up,
And make me really fired up;
If you cannot do it,
Tell me;
I want it done;
Inspire me,
Get my spirits flying
To the moon
If not to the stars.
I need a good dose
Of the original
That comes straight
From your heart.

I feel boosted

Your words of encouragement

Have greatly boosted me;

I feel like going out

To start to fly;

Do you know how inspiring

Your words are?

Keep saying those uplifting words

To pull people out of

Their comfort zones,

To dash out

And conquer the world. (Inspired by the post Personal Excellence published on Popsicle Society by Romania’s Ribana.

The world needs you

If you didn’t know,
I like you to know,
The world needs you;
I read your post
And got so inspired,
I couldn’t keep it
To myself;
I had to share it
To others
To also read it and be
Inspired as well.
I warmly compliment you
On the wonderful work
You’ve done and are doing;
I urge you now,
To keep on writing
and inspiring the world.
Many, both far and near,
Need those uplifting
Words of yours to keep
Them going;
It’s a gift you have
To inspire the world
And get people running
For the stars.
I encourage you then,
To keep on inspiring;
And never stop;
The world needs all that
You have to give;
And the world needs you.