Someone asked me to inspire someone today

Someone just asked me,
To inspire someone today;
I like to do it;
And do it right away,
I want someone now,
To inspire today;
You are the one
I have met;
Would you like me
To inspire you today?
I would love to do it;
But I can only do it
If you allow me to do it;
No one is inspired
Unless they accept
To be inspired;
Tell me you’re ready,
And I’ll jump on board
To pour my heavy load
Of inspiration on you;
Or do I say joyful load?
It shall be for me,
A whole lot of pleasure.
I really like to
Inspire someone today.


A story created a bird

Hello my inspirer!
Do you know what you created?
You did something amazing;
That explains why,
Wherever you are,
I send you my thanks;
Thank you from my heart;
Thank you for your energizing story!
What you shared on the web;
It so inspired me,
It gave me wings
To soar in the sky; went.viral;
And is rocking the world;
Storming hearts and minds;
Shaking and transforming lives;
Nothing can stop me
From flying,
Since you have made me
A kite;
I will use the wings
You have given to me
Through your story
To fly;
And the sky will serve
As my springboard.
Thank you;
And thank you
A million times.
Let it be known
Your story turned me
Into a bird;
Your inspiring story
Created a bird;

Words of encouragement

I love your words of encouragement;
I love when you whisper
Them into my ears;
I love them even better
When you say them aloud
To the hearing of others;
They motivate me;
They make me feel fine;
They spur me on
To do much better
Than before;
Keep those words coming;
Those encouraging words;
Let me hear
That voice of yours
That sounds like
A sweet melody
From a Nightingale;
They inspire me.

Inspire me (Be inspired today 280 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Inspire me;
Who will inspire me?
Tell me a story
That will inspire me.
Pump me up,
And make me really fired up;
If you cannot do it,
Tell me;
I want it done;
Inspire me,
Get my spirits flying
To the moon
If not to the stars.
I need a good dose
Of the original
That comes straight
From your heart.