Don’t forget

How intricate

Life can be

It does make sense

That it can be complex

But hold on

Lies are being exposed

Keeping you on your toes

Truth will be revealed

Stay strong

Joy can no longer be concealed

Oh, can’t you see?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Midnight intruder.

                                   I must admit, I’m afraid of the dark. Everytime the night is upon me I shiver and tremble and my mind is filled with terrifying thoughts. That’s why I sleep with a night-light. Last night was just like any other night. I kept my small fish bowl light on and I tucked myself in well, careful to leave no body part uncovered. You see, Ghostare afraid of blankets (apparently). After doing that, I began to doze off and had just reached that creamy layer of dreamy sleep, when suddenly, I heard a THUMP! I woke up startled!

                       I was terrified, and I strained my ears trying to listen, hoping that the sound was a figment of my imagination. THERE IT WAS AGAIN! I jumped out of bed and looked around searching for a weapon. I took my phone and dialed 911 just incase I needed help, (does the police cater to miserable people being scared witless by ghosts?). I repeated the Pythagoras theorem over and over again softly, it was oddly reassuring. ‘Maybe the ghost is scared of maths?’ I thought, idiotically. As I tiptoed down the stairs with my heart beating wildly, I thought about all the boys I had kissed (none) and all the pizzas I would never be able to eat. That’s when I saw it, an eerie light coming from my kitchen. I could feel my skin prickle and I felt like vomiting, every muscle in my body screamed for me to run away like Usain Bolt. I bolted (hah! See what I did there?) down the stairs, screaming some absolute gibberish, I forgot what I said but it was something along the lines of, ‘DON’T YOU DARE DEPRIVE ME OF PIZZA CASPER!”.

                          I reached the bottom of the stairs and I stopped dead in my tracks, the scary ghost was my younger brother. Turns out he had run away from home and needed a place to stay, and since I live 20 blocks away, I was his best choice. Really though, the lesson I learnt from this was to not give my house keys to my family.

 Hello sweet bloggers let me transport you to another dimension. Now I can only do that through my words, so click on this portal and let’s go!

Will you pick a fight with me?

Let’s think about something. Life is full of odd contradictions and I’d like some help figuring them out. Here are a few things that I’ve been wondering about and I’d like to pose these questions to you people! Hopefully it will impact many, (talk about the reach!).

1) If someone describes themselves as humble, are they really being humble?

2) If a person who is a Dwarf, is taller than most dwarves, then would you consider them to be tall?

3) If you replace a computer with new parts everytime it gets spoilt, until none of the original parts are left, does it still remain the same computer?

4)Why musn’t you judge a book by its cover, when an entire summary is presented at the back of each book?

 5) Is your perception of the world ever going to be an accurate perception of the world? If you answer is ‘no’ then, would truth vary with regards to your perception?

I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions on these questions.

Go ahead then comment or, check out my page and tell me off, or check out some posts and enjoy yourselves. Leave a link to your profiles so that I too can check out your work!

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