A day of great joy

Today is a wonderful day;
A special day,
A day of great joy;
Today is a day of days;
A day unlike other days;
There shall be shouting
And screaming with joy;
The name of the Lord
Shall be praised this day;
Unlike on other days,
For mighty is he;
And mighty his works;
Works of his divine hands;
Come all the world,
Come join me,
To praise the Lord;
For this wonderful day;
A gift so rare,
He has given to us.
It is this wonderful day.
Everynody enjoy today!


Come today!

You are needed today;
To come right away;
Your services required;
To teach the People;
To help them out;
They are hurting;
Hunger eating them up;
Worries and fears;
And doubts.
The future is precarious;
Uncertainty reigns.
Thus, you have to come in;
Your services are needed.
Come this way;
Come today;
Come right away if you can.

Proud Catholics Movement worldwide gains ground

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is gaining ground. More and more Catholics around the world are joining and expressing their joy to belong.

The Proud Catholics Movement Worldwide is a Virtual Ongoing Formation Forum to continuously build the faith of its members and keep their passion for the Catholic Faith burning.

By grounding themselves more solidly in the Catholic Faith, they will be emboldened and their confidence enhanced to proudly share, defend and fight fair for their faith.

In this forum experts shall be called in from time to time to give enlightenment on important aspects of the faith.

In short, Proud Catholics movement Worldwide is a faith sharing and faith building forum for Catholics who are proud to be Catholics, have resolved to die as Catholics and wish to get the most from their Catholic Faith.

If you are Catholic and Proud to be one, you can join simply by joining the whatSAP group:

Join the WhatsApp group “Proud Catholics worldwide”

Be part of a lofty dream

Are you part of any lofty dream? Great people are usually part of a lofty dream; a big, great dream.

You are called to be part of a lofty dream – a dream that is bigger than you.

We all want the voice of good in the world to be louder than the voice of evil, don’t we?

Evil is shouting louder than good at the moment and making the world unlivable for billions of people.

People are discriminating against others because of differences in culture, religion, language and ethnic origin.

We don’t want that. The world’s people are meant to be one; and the world an excellent place for all.

How can we achieve this?

It is our conviction that if many of the good people of the world team up and work together to promote good, our voice can sound so loud that it will crush the voice of evil.

Do you see a point? It is only by helping people to focus their minds on good, think good, talk good, do good, spread good that good can prevail over evil.

SIWO International is thus recruiting one person at a time into its family for this lofty purpose.

The SIWO International community is made up of good hearted people, peace lovers, lovers of good, lovers of love, lovers of kind deeds, who are working together, educating, inspiring, encouraging, motivating and helping one another and others to bring out the best in themselves.

We believe that if you bring out the best in you, you will offer your best to the world. The more this is done, the more good will prevail in the world.

Simple and clear isn’t it? Now, tell me if you buy this dream and vision for the world.

As of now, about ten thousand people believe in SIWO International. Over 100 authors are publishing here, inspiring, motivating, educating, encouraging people to excel. By so doing, we are all keeping the dream going.

Since we reap what we sow, when we render this exalting service, we reap abundant rewards. Many people who spent months unable to get 100 views on their blogs got them just with their first post on SIWO International.

In this way, we are helping all our members get the best from their efforts.

If you are already following SIWO International, that is excellent. You are free to move to the next level which is to become a SIWO author as well.

As an author, you decide how frequently you publish here. Some people publish many posts a day and are happy with what they reap from that for their own blogs. Some publish less. It is left to you. The truth is every post you publish here reaps for you great benefits and you also move forward the lofty dream of an excellent world for all.

Express your wish to be part of this lofty dream in the comment box.

We know where we are coming from. We know where we are going. We have an outline of our strategy to get there. As the days go by, as more people with big and small brains come on board, as new technologies come up, new and better ways will be found to better get to our destination. Of where we are going, we are confident. As for the big picture of the path to take, we are confident. We know it is not a journey to accomplish in our life time. We are only setting a ball rolling. But we are happy, proud, satisfied and thankful to God that He has made us the instruments of such a lofty mission for the world.

We know when God gives a dream he provides the people, the means, the wisdom, the courage and the strength to accomplish it or take it as far as He decides. For that, we are thankful to Him.

Please, indicate in the comment box if you wish to join the team of Authors here. While our community will help you become a hero in blogging and in life, you will contribute, even without extra effort, to make the world a better place for all.

A love family of the world

Come, let a love family
We build;
Solid as the word itself;
Where love alone
Is the binding force;
The cement that seals
The blocks;
Together and inseparable
Like one;
Each other’s keeper we will be;
Our love will be far stronger
Than blood,;
No knife will be solid enough
To cut apart our bond;
That is the family
We should build;
Color shall no barrier be;
Nor language,
Nor geography;
Nor culture;
Nor time;
Nor age;
Nor religion;
Nor politics;
Nor money;
Nor power;
When love is out to bind,
Nothing is strong enough
To obstruct;
It’s like water that must
Find its way.
Are you already in this family
Of which I talk?
If you aren’t, come in;
Let’s build a family we love;
Built with bricks of love;
Stones of love;
All the building material
Is love;
Walls of love;
Roof of love;
Ceiling and
Floor of love;
Love in every corner;
Love everywhere;
That is the family we want.
That is the family we love.
A love family of the world.

Don’t go alone!

Join a team;
Join a great team;
Together, we are stronger;
You never become strong enough alone;
What you can do alone,
Multiply by 10
If you work in a good team;
And we are an excellent team;
You said it yourself;
You know it, don’t you?
You see it, don’t you?
We like to be enjoyed;
Be part of us and enjoy us.
We’ll enjoy you too.
Email us: ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com
Happy blogging!
Don’t procrastinate!
Joining a team is humility;
Humility is for great ones like you.
Humility says, “We are better together.
Let me not single myself out.
I am unique;
But we are better together. “

Great initiatives taken

Welcome to this great initiative. It’s a new magazine. We love new ideas.

What about this contest? Becoming so exciting, isn’t it? Bravo to the organizing Committee!

Do you know some initiative that we can encourage? Our mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage.

We’ll appreciate if you help us help you; if you help us help someone.