Big surprise

A big surprise;
My big surprise
From Luxembourg;
Hello Luxembourg!
I saw your gift;
You top the chart here;
A big surprise,
And I love it;
I love you, Luxembourg;
Let’s be friends forever!
Shall we?
Friends from Luxemburgo,


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Travel volunteer blogger

Are you a travel blogger? Do you like to volunteer at SIWO. We need a travel blogger who will volunter their services with us to enable our readers to know more of the world. If you are interested, that will also offer you an opportunity to reach more readers with your work. We are a fast-growing and promising site bound for the summit. Join us to get there together.

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Enjoy blogging!

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Highlighted blog – Joanna Pena

Joanna Peña

Hi! My blog is a poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. As my tagline says, it’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and bury my skeletons. I’m hoping that people will read my blog and find pieces of themselves in my writing; maybe even a little bit of inspiration. My goals include provoking thought, empowering the spirit and making people feel understood.

Thanks for giving us all this opportunity!

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Highlighted blog eshinalidoreen


Hello. My blog is all about relationships and helping people understand what goes on through heartbreaks, break ups, when I love…

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Read these posts today 4

Third time’s the charm! Sorry for the errors above!

Hi everyone! My today’s blog post is a poetry in response to the daily prompt: Partner from the Daily Post. Here is the link…
Have a great weekend everyone!

REALITY: A concrete* poem on reality
*A concrete poem is one that takes the shape of the object it describes. This is different from a Shape poem, in that a Shape poem does NOT have to take the shape of the object it describes. The shape I have used is that of a totem pole.

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Are you a nice person?

If you believe you are a nice person, please, join us. Blog here. Make this your daily blogging ground just like your football field where you play Football. You will find other nice people to support you to grow.

We want all the nice people of the world to come together in this forum and work together. We will see how working together we will not succeed; and how good will not overcome evil. 

We will smile together, laugh together, cry together, play together, sing and dance together. We will journey together and support one another.

Please, all nice people, share this post to get the message far and wide.

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Success inspirer

I am a success inspirer;
Who do I inspire?
And why do I inspire?
I live to inspire;
I don’t inspire to live;
I inspire to build others;
I inspire to motivate;
I inspire to succeed;
I inspire to achieve;
I inspire to inspire;
I inspire to build a better world.
If we all did what inspires others
We might change our world.
Join us on this platform;
Be a success inspirer;
Be a member of the success Inspirer team today.
Are you interested?
Let us know.

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