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Propose topics

Many of you have expressed the desire to see more discussion among us on Success Inspirers’ World. I agree. What of you?

It is a good thing for us to interact with one another. This demands such topics that will motivate us to discuss. Does anyone have a topic that can spark off discussion? Please, kindly propose it to us in a post.

Talking to each other more will enhance love among us, don’t you think? And this we need.

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Sweet taste of love

Who does not know
The sweet taste of love
Who has never experienced
The sweet taste of love?
Who yearns to experience
The sweet taste of love?
Who is being starved
Of the sweet taste of love?
If it’s you and want to know
The sweet taste of love,
Come to me;
I’ll make you know
The sweet taste of love;
I know what it means
To know the sweet taste of love;
And I can make you know
The sweet taste of love;
Are you ready to come me
To get the sweet taste of love?
Come to me everyday;
Don’t move from your seat;
Or from where you are standing.
Come and enjoy
The sweet taste of love.

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More colorful Happy Birthdays

Hello friends!

Have you noticed a great change in the way we celebrate birthdays on this site? They have become more colorful. This is the work of the delicate fingers of our charming friend, Ranjeeta. Ranjeeta has taken up the Happy Birthday event; and knows how to make it sweet.

Don’t fail again to come for a Happy Birthday celebration on Success Inspirers’ World.

To you Ranjeeta, I say,”bravo!” Your work is as sweet as you.

Let’s all meet here and move to Tessa’s to celebrate with her.

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I have a dream

I have a dream;
I call it my lofty dream;
I don’t know what you would call it;
It is a dream to light millions of candles
Around the world;
I want to light candles that will shine
Brighter than mine;
I want you to join me;
If you haven’t yet;
I can’t do it alone;
Let’s join hands
And light millions of candles
Around the world;
It’s a dream that is worthwhile;
That’s my dream,
So help me Lord.

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Who likes to join our team? We are a winning team. Take advantage!

This site has a team of over sixty highly respected authors and great inspirers who are
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Will you follow me?

Will you follow me?
Tell me if you will;
Will you follow me
And stay with me?
Will you follow me
And be with me?
Tell me if you trust me
And if I can count on you;
I like you to trust me
And follow me;
To take you to a new land;
Where you will see
your dreams come true;
Will you follow me?
Tell if you will;
Tell me that you will.

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