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Be part of a lofty dream

Are you part of any lofty dream? Great people are usually part of a lofty dream; a big, great dream. You are called to be part of a lofty dream – a dream that is bigger than you. We all want the voice of good in the world to be louder than the voice of…

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A love family of the world

Come, let a love family We build; Solid as the word itself; Where love alone Is the binding force; The cement that seals The blocks; Together and inseparable Like one; Each other’s keeper we will be; Our love will be far stronger Than blood,; No knife will be solid enough To cut apart our bond;…

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Come join to celebrate!

Hello friends! Come join to celebrate. Friends join to celebrate. The Rocky Safari is celebrating six years of being online. Wao! Bravo! We wish our sweet friend many more happy years. Please, hop over and share in the feast: Rocky Safari. ‘Sharing is caring’

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Don’t go alone!

Join a team;Join a great team;Together, we are stronger;You never become strong enough alone;What you can do alone,Multiply by 10If you work in a good team;And we are an excellent team;You said it yourself;You know it, don’t you?You see it, don’t you?We like to be enjoyed;Be part of us and enjoy us.We’ll enjoy you too.Email…

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Great initiatives taken

Welcome to this great initiative. It’s a new magazine. We love new ideas. What about this contest? Becoming so exciting, isn’t it? Bravo to the organizing Committee! Do you know some initiative that we can encourage? Our mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage. We’ll appreciate if you help us help you; if you help…

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