Come be my love

Your words are sweet;
And touch my heart;
See how I smile;
You are such a honey;
Sweet like nectar;
I wish you were mine;
I would adore you
All the rest of my life;
Shall you be mine?
My heart has begun
To yearn for you;
I need you;
I need your love;
With you as my love,
I will live for ever;
Come be my love;
Let me shower you
With love;
I’ll take you to
The paradise of love
Where you will swim
Everyday in love.


We grow you grow challenge no 1

After the introduction of our new challenge”We grow you grow challenge”, we go straight into action.

For today we ask you to do just one thing:

Give us an inspiring quote by anybody. It could be your own.

After receiving your quote, we will visit your site and leave a ‘like’ and a comment. If we are motivated we may give you two or more ”likes”.

Happy blogging,!

New: “We grow you grow” challenge

Hello friends! We are launching our new challenge:

We grow you grow challenge.

That is what blogging should be. Help us grow and we help you grow.

In this challenge, we will put up a number of activities a day and ask you to carry out those that you like.

These activities will demand that you like a post and leave something in the comment box. In return, we will visit your site, read, like and leave a comment.

This challenge is out to promote the concept of give and take. If we give good things, good things will come to us. If we give love, love will come to us. If we give comments. We will receive comments. Wao! How sweet!

This is a win win game. We need this in the world. There’s enough for everybody. You win, I win.

Isn’t that sweet?

Let’s be on our way and make a difference in our little corner.

We grow you grow challenge

For every comment on this site you are richly rewarded

For every comment you make on this site, you are richly rewarded with a visit to your site, 3 ”likes” and a comment.

Our team is working round the clock to serve you. Teamwork is good.

Don’t waste time to join us. Joining a winning team is wisdom.

Enjoy your blogging!

Teaming up is a must for bloggers

It has been revealed that there are 440 million blogs on the web. Amazing, isn’t it?

To make it in an arena where you are competing with 440 million people cannot be chocolate to eat.

The secret I believe, lies in people teaming up. What we can do together, we will hardly do if we are each working separately.

Can you imagine my gratitude to God who inspired us to start setting up a team for SIWO?

I don’t advise anyone to go solo in this game of blogging. If you cannot set up a team, join one. We are ready to welcome you into our team. Just let us know you are interested.

Don’t fail to take a look

Don’t fail to take a look;
Don’t fail to take a good look;
Don’t fail to participate;
It’s amazing;
From SIWO’s amazing team
Under the leadership of
One of SIWO’s gurus, Kallie;
Take time and read it;
If the road is winding,
Don’t stop,
It emerges in a blogging paradise;
Beautiful it is;
What creativity can do.
This is the link:

Pursuing a common dream

I share a common dream
With my friends;
To bring inspiration to all;
To motivate and encourage all;
To provide people with
To bring the best
Out of themselves
And give the best
To the world;
So our world can become
An excellent place for all.
If you share this dream,
And like the way
We are doing it,
Come with us;
Join our ranks;
So we journey together;
And pursue this common dream
And make our world
An excellent place for all.