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Hi everyone! My today’s blog post is a poetry in response to the daily prompt: Partner from the Daily Post. Here is the link…
Have a great weekend everyone!

REALITY: A concrete* poem on reality
*A concrete poem is one that takes the shape of the object it describes. This is different from a Shape poem, in that a Shape poem does NOT have to take the shape of the object it describes. The shape I have used is that of a totem pole.

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Are you a nice person?

If you believe you are a nice person, please, join us. Blog here. Make this your daily blogging ground just like your football field where you play Football. You will find other nice people to support you to grow.

We want all the nice people of the world to come together in this forum and work together. We will see how working together we will not succeed; and how good will not overcome evil. 

We will smile together, laugh together, cry together, play together, sing and dance together. We will journey together and support one another.

Please, all nice people, share this post to get the message far and wide.

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Success inspirer

I am a success inspirer;
Who do I inspire?
And why do I inspire?
I live to inspire;
I don’t inspire to live;
I inspire to build others;
I inspire to motivate;
I inspire to succeed;
I inspire to achieve;
I inspire to inspire;
I inspire to build a better world.
If we all did what inspires others
We might change our world.
Join us on this platform;
Be a success inspirer;
Be a member of the success Inspirer team today.
Are you interested?
Let us know.

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Join a great team!

Hello! If you are new here, we are delighted to inform you that here we offer you a rare opportunity to make new friends and get more exposure on the blogosphere.

Apply to join our dynamic team of over 60 writers who write and publish here. Blogging is best done in solidarity. The time for the solo blogger is gone. Going solo won’t take you far. Journey with other bloggers who share the same vision like you and will support along the way.

To benefit from this offer, send your name, blog name and email to In return, we’ll send you an invitation to become an author on Success Inspirers’ World. When you accept that invitation, you will automatically join our world of sweet, great bloggers. You can then write and post on this site without asking for permission from anyone.

We look forward to seeing you with us. Don’t miss this chance!

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Propose topics

Many of you have expressed the desire to see more discussion among us on Success Inspirers’ World. I agree. What of you?

It is a good thing for us to interact with one another. This demands such topics that will motivate us to discuss. Does anyone have a topic that can spark off discussion? Please, kindly propose it to us in a post.

Talking to each other more will enhance love among us, don’t you think? And this we need.

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Sweet taste of love

Who does not know
The sweet taste of love
Who has never experienced
The sweet taste of love?
Who yearns to experience
The sweet taste of love?
Who is being starved
Of the sweet taste of love?
If it’s you and want to know
The sweet taste of love,
Come to me;
I’ll make you know
The sweet taste of love;
I know what it means
To know the sweet taste of love;
And I can make you know
The sweet taste of love;
Are you ready to come me
To get the sweet taste of love?
Come to me everyday;
Don’t move from your seat;
Or from where you are standing.
Come and enjoy
The sweet taste of love.

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More colorful Happy Birthdays

Hello friends!

Have you noticed a great change in the way we celebrate birthdays on this site? They have become more colorful. This is the work of the delicate fingers of our charming friend, Ranjeeta. Ranjeeta has taken up the Happy Birthday event; and knows how to make it sweet.

Don’t fail again to come for a Happy Birthday celebration on Success Inspirers’ World.

To you Ranjeeta, I say,”bravo!” Your work is as sweet as you.

Let’s all meet here and move to Tessa’s to celebrate with her.

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