Poem No 24 from 100 poems for my sweetheart

Come back to me

I still call you darling
Because you still lodge
In my heart;
It’s two years since
We parted ways,
But I can’t forget you;
Isn’t 2 years enough time
To heal the wounds
Of our hearts?
Haven’t your wounds healed?
Mine healed long ago;
And I am ready again for you;
If you are ready to forget
The past and come back to me,
My arms are wide open
To embrace you.
Are you coming back to me?
Shall we take it all over again?
Then we can benefit from
The hard lessons we’ve learned.
I strongly call on you
To come back to me.


Operation “Visit your SIWO Neighbour”

Hello Sweet friends!
My best wishes to all!
I know you are doing fine;
That is my wish as well.
Today, I wish to invite you
To "Operation
Visit your SIWO neighbour!"
What are friends for
If they don't visit each other?
In SIWO we are a community;
We are friends:
We are family;
Why not make it a habit
To visit at least one person
A day in this community?
That shall enable us build
Stronger friendships.
That is our call to you.
Shall you answer our call?
May God grant you the grace
To do so.

Quality time with God

Do you like to spend quality time every day with God?

That would be one of the wisest decisions of your life.

I have a great friend in the blogging world. She’s called Eileen Guyadeen.

She has a lovely blog which aims at helping you spend time with God everyday.

Her blog is Quiet Moments with God. As the title implies, it is out to help you spend quality time with God.

What can be more rewarding than to spend quiet, quality time with God?

I strongly encourage you to meet this very special lady on Quiet Moments with God. Let her give you all the secrets of spending good moments with God.

Spending quiet moments with God is not an easy thing, for sure; but what is ever easy?

As Eileen will make you understand, it is very rewarding.

I am happy to be journeying with Eileen on the blogosphere.

I strongly encourage you to do same. She is very inspiring and I am confident she will help enrich your relationship with God.

Of, course, I am sure you know a good relationship with God is a priceless gift.

She sounds exciting

Hello lovely friends! Nice day to you all! Would you love a new lovely friend?

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Enjoy your blogging and remember:

Here, we are nice to others and love making new friends.

Fellow Blogger invites

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What would be the use?

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Are you attending the party?

Did you hear about our special New Year boom party?

It’s going to be wao!

Are you attending? You are officially invited to join. You will get details of the program on the spot. 💜💜💜

Meanwhile, I composed a prayer for you for 2019. How sweet!

I pray that 2019 should be your year. It is within your reach; and you will be happy if you make it so.

One thing I advise you to do to make the year great is to cultivate the habit of sharing. Do not keep what you get for yourself. Share and reap the wonderful blessings of sharing.

In fact, there are many reasons you need to share what you are blessed with. There are enormous benefits that will come to you; one of them is the joy of sharing.

Know that I want you to succeed in 2019. That is why I am telling you all this. I am happy you are interested.

Don’t forget hard work. Do you know what it is? The key to success. Of course, you must not only work hard; you must also work smart.

We will discuss more at the party. Don’t forget to take along your invitation.

Happy New Year!

To support is to love

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People like you are those that are needed

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Please, put your own block
To the construction of the edifice An excellent World.
Join the war against evil
In the world.
It is a war that must be won.

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