Where is Treasure Island?

photography of one us dollar banknotes

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Looking for Tresure Island;
The land that is full of treasure;
Where is Treasure Island?
Who knows its location?
I want to go to Treasure Island;
I want to get some treasure;
Which is found on Treasure Island.
If you know where this Island is found,
Do me the favor to take me there;
Take me to Treasure Island.

Our Island of peace

If the world continues to be so cruel,
And sweet, loving people cannot find peace;
We’ll pray for an island for ourselves;
That God in his kindness, may create us one;
Where all lovers of peace and love may dwell;
And there live the rest of their lives;
Can such an Island be possible?
There we’ll be sure of sweet, sound sleep;
And know nor violence nor cruelty, nor fear.

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