Can’t jealousy stay out?

Something about love,
I find hard to understand;
Why we become so jealous
When it comes to love;
We share many things;
And find that ok;
But not love;
We become mad;
And call it names;
And find it hard to tolerate;
Who made it so?
Is it God or man?
Can’t jealousy and anger
Stay out if it?
Look at the Winter’s Tale;
See how strong
The jealousy was
In the heart of the king;
It almost caused untold harm;
Harm that would have been
Beyond repairs;
And all was baseless jealousy;
Founded on suspicion;
Imagine all the trouble;
Let us rethink;
And set new rules
That will remove suspicion,
Jealousy and anger from love.
For the way it is,
Most often,
Instead of sweetness,
It is bitterness love brings;
Because all wrapped around jealousy.

Don’t be jealous

Don’t be jealous;
It is greatly evil
To be.

Don’t be jealous;
It can cause
A whole lot of harm.

Don’t be jealous,
It can harm the one
Of whom you are jealous,
And harm you
Who are jealous as well.

Don’t be jealous
It can eat you inside,
And if it is strong,
It can consume you
Like a wild fire
That devours a forest.

Don’t be jealous;
Instead, be happy
To see others
Doing well in life.

Don’t be jealous;
Instead, encourage others
To attain greater heights.

Don’t be jealous;
Don’t feel bad
That others are shining
And you are not,
To thus feel
Is to be jealous.
Which does no good indeed.

Close the channel

Close that jealousy channel;
That is dooms true pathway;
It’s spear is dagger’s sharp;
And speeds back to hit head;
When strangle victim grips,
The skies and the earth
Seem a mere puff of air;
Of all emotional gifs,
Fear, anger, and worry,
Envy and jealousy take stage.
If you want the rays to warm
Not to burn you,
Jealousy, or envy, kick its ass;
Negotiation is a redundant term;
When this issue climbs
The discussion table,
That is a hit for you and all.

What jealousy can do

Once upon a time a young man, Passy, whose parents were too poor to send him to school, went and learned a trade. He lived with his master, Mr. Obase while he was an apprentice. Thus, he also served as a house help doing all the domestic chores without complaining because he had no choice.

After five years of apprenticeship, he graduated. It did not take long before he started his own business.

Working hard and with good fortune smiling at him, he became rich; richer than his master.

Mr. Obase became jealous and prayed for the downfall of his former apprentice. It did not come. Instead he became even more prosperous.

Mr. Obase secretly cursed his former apprentice and wished for a chance to teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Passy could not, for one moment, imagine what was passing through the mind of the one who had taught him his trade. With much money now, he conceived an idea and called Mr. Obase to discuss with him. He said he wanted to build a good house at home; and living in a distant city would appreciate if Mr. Obase could supervise the project to make sure good work was done.

Seeing it as an opportunity to teach his former apprentice a lesson, Mr. Obase agreed.

Jealousy was eating him inside. It was a bitter pill to swallow that his own apprentice had become rich white he was poor.

Passy sent him a lot of money every week to build the house. It was a storey- building and He told Mr. Obase to make it stand out solid and beautiful as the best edifice in the village.

Mr. Obase laughed at this internally. He did not see how someone who had been an apprentice and servant to him could own a storey-building in the village while he himself lived in a ramshackle building. Hence, instead of using high quality material, he used cheap material.

With such material, the building was poorly constructed.

When it was completed, he informed Passy who came home and organized an inauguration ceremony.

Many friends were invited and there was much wining and dining. Passy bought a lot of wine and beer and much food was cooked.

When the feasting got into full gear, Passy stood up and addressed the people. After thanking them for all the good things each one of them had contributed to make him what he was, he lavished praises on his former master for being such a good man.

He said he could not pay him back for being the architect of his success.

He handed the keys of the house to him and said it was a gift of appreciation to him.

Everybody was overwhelmed. In his heart, Mr. Obase regretted having built the house poorly. He realized that had he done an excellent job, he would have had an excellent house instead of what was standing there.

He lived in the house only for two years and it collapsed.

Jealousy is a very destructive feeling. It often pushes people to do evil. What many people fail to realize is that when you do good, you do it to yourself. When you do evil, you do it to yourself.

It is also important to know that when we bring up children we should expect them to grow bigger than us. The student has to work hard to become greater than their teacher. The child must become greater than their parents. And that should be the pride of the parents and teachers.

Do not allow jealousy to grip you. It can destroy you.

In marriage, don’t be too sensitive

Your problem in marriage
May just be that
You get angry too easily;
That you are too touchy;
Too sensitive;
Maybe it suffices
For your spouse
To do just a minute thing
For you to be angry;
And once you are angry,
You say just anything
That comes to your mind,
You dump words
Carelessly on your spouse;
Maybe you are also too suspicious;
Always suspecting your spouse;
And when suspicion comes in,
Jealousy follows;
And jealousy can push you
To behave in ways that
Don’t help your relationship.
These may be some of the things
That make your marriage rocky;
Marriage can’t work with all this;
Have trust in your spouse;
And make yourself trustful also;
Watch out for unnecessary anger;
Don’t get angry at
Everything your spouse says
Or does;
And don’t be too sensitive;

Things to dump in life

There are things
You must not have in your handbag;
You must not have in your briefcase;
You must not have in your account;
You must not keep at home;
If they are already in your possession,
You must dump them;
You must not take them when you go out;
You must not share a bed with them.
Which are these things? Continue reading

Is cheating so serious a crime as to lead to the cheater being killed for it?

I just read the story of a soldier who shot his wife dead after he learned she had had two of their children not with him but with one of his bosses.

When he got wind of the fact, he immediately confronted his wife who admitted it was true. He at once shot her dead.

When he found himself wanted by the police for the crime, he shot himself and died.

Two lives have been lost. The children are now orphans.

Cheating in marriage has caused untold damage in the world. Is fidelity so difficult?

Is killing a wife or husband who cheats a good way of handling the problem?

What do you think about cheating in marriage or a love relationship? Would you kill your spouse or lover because the latter cheated on you?

Any advice on cheating? Cheating leads to jealousy and what should we do when jealousy grips us?

You participation in this discussion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and love.