The triumphant journey to the Promised Land

So rough is our journey
To our Promised Land,
The city of our ancestors;
The road is rocky and tedious;
Potholes galore;
But our entry will be triumphant;
Once you are in Amba land,
Mind where you thread
On this danger land;
Her heroes are swift;
Her heroes are brave;
And danger itself;
An army of wounded lions;
Don’t forget what fate
Awaits you,
When you wound a lion,
You get ready for its wrath;
When it snarls,
Sweat streams down enemy spine;
One grain of anger sown,
Large tons of madness
Harvested to fill a barn,
Great warriors of the caliber
Ancient Horatio;
Focused and lionhearted,
The triumphal charioted entry
Into the mountain city
Of the land of our ancestors.
Only time is holding back
The people’s coveted trophy.

Slippery ground ahead

Are there people laughing at you because you have fallen?

That is a mistake.

Tell them there is slippery ground ahead of them.

Who knows?

They could be the next person to go crashing on the ground.

Instead of laughing at someone because the person has fallen, hold their hand and lift them up.

What they need is your support and encouragement.

We have to learn to support and encourage one another in this hard and difficult world.

As we pray that God may come to pur aid when we run into difficulties, so too should we be ready to come to another’s aid when they are in difficulty.

Today’s morning prayer 24

Two miles away
From destination
When our journey ends
And automatically,
We begin a new journey,
I thank you, O Lord,
From the bottom
Of my heart,
For bringing me this far;
Many who set off with me,
Have fallen on the way;
Many who entered after me,
Have fallen on the way,
But by your decree,
And grace, I am still on,
And about to finish
The last lap of the race,
Ready to cross the river,
To explore a new territory.
I thank you so much, Lord;
May you stay with me,
And grant me more journey’s
As I finish this short distance that is left;
Thank you for hearing
My prayer.

Prayer for a safe journey

God our father,
Thank you for the opportunity to travel;
Thank you for my traveling companions,
Thank you for the driver,
I pray O Lord, that you take control of this bus,
And our journey;
Be our driver;
Guide him to drive us safely;
Remove all obstacles from the road,
So that our journey may go smoothly.
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

Love that must live for ever

If you are not ready
To embark on this journey
Of love,
Tell me to go my way;
If you are not ready
To undertake this adventure;
To carry out
This love expedition with me,
Speak out your heart,
That I may waste not
My precious time
Waiting for a shadow;
This is a journey of love
Thoughtfully planned
For you and I;
I cannot travel alone;
I cannot go without you.
We must journey together
As one;
Cemented by love
That never wears out;
That never ends;
That never dies;
That must live forever.

Gradually going back up (Be inspired today 339 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Have you noticed we are gradually going back up?
That is what we are doing;
Slowly but surely,
We are climbing back up
To where we onced were,
But slipped,
And fell;
What is happening
Is so nice;
And just because
We refused to give up;
We did not surrender;
Though many times
We were tempted
To do so;
You know how easy
It can be
To throw in the towel,
When the going is rough,
But we had the courage
To stay on;
Thank God we did;
Now, we are reaping
The crops;
The harvest is promising
To be abundant;
Confirming our belief;
That success eventually comes
To those who refuse to quit.
The journey back up
Has started;
And once you start,
Have hope
That you will arrive.
That is the hope we have.
We will arrive.

May she travel safely

May she travel safely O Lord,
Protected from all dangers;
As you take control
Of their bus;
Be their driver;
Accompany their them every step
Of their journey;
Turn all her traveling partners
Into the best of friends;
Keep them hooked to you;
So that their hearts may know
Not fear but trust in you;
May your name be glorified
When their journey is through!
We make our humble prayer
Through Christ
Your son our Lord, Amen!