New Bloggers’ Weekly Meet Week 5

Have you met a new blogger this week. Have you followed someone for the first time this week?

Why not get to make a new friend? Read their blog; like and comment. Read the about page. This is very important.

If you are done, share with us in a line or two about this new friend, this new blog you visited or the post you read.

Happy blogging!

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Nicole Martin (Solidarity Support Challenge day 34)


This is our blog of the day: and our blogger of the day is Nicole Martin.

18. Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin lives “in North Queensland, Australia-A beautiful part of the world literally bordered by The Great Barrier Reef and Tropical Rainforest.”

She is a nurse and says this profession has taught her many things: “Gratitude, patience and impatience, compassion and disregard, acceptance and non-acceptance-but mostly, the importance of self care.”

Nicole is blessed with two beautiful boys whom she adores as well as a husband whom she loves with all her heart. Hear her:

“My husband-I love you more than all the grains of sand, on all the beaches in the world, to the power of ten, multiplied by infinity”

Nicole would love to inspire you to “Be brave, be imperfect, be honest, be raw, be vulnerable, be controversial-lean over the precipice and challenge your limits.”

It’s always nice meeting and interacting with Nicole. Also, her blog is a lovely place to be.

It is my joy to invite all the sweeties participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge to do as always – visit this sweet blogger of the day; tell her you love her; read, like and comment.

Happy blogging!

How was your day today? No 10

I know you can guess how I feel seeing the way things are working out for us. We are working hard and the results are comforting. This is our wish for you – that your hard work be abundantly rewarded.

Many fellow bloggers continue to report that they are doing great. Yesterday was fantastic indeed for many. Some reported low moments. Did you give a word to encourage anyone? Do not minimize what your support can do. Encouragement can do wonders for people. On the comment box here you may find people who need to be supported, encouraged, or complimented. Please do something for them.

If you need support yourself do not hesitate to let fellow bloggers know. It may also happen that you have made a good stride in your endeavors to achieve your dream. Tell us. You deserve a compliment.

I almost forgot. I hit the top of the chat yesterday with my interview published on her blog by the prolific Indian author Sharmishtha Basu. I was overjoyed. I am waiting for your words of encouragement or do I say compliment?

Don’t forget this is our Daily Chat Forum. Help make it work. As you help others, that is how you will get help from others.

We have new participants in the Solidarity Support Challenge. Registration continues for the Happy birthday challenge. This is a very exciting one. I have not yet registered, you can do it here.

If you have written a post you feel strongly about and would like somebody to look at it, say it here. Here, we are family. If you are not having enough people visiting your site, launch a public invitation here.

Also use this forum to practise to write catchy comments. This could spark off great writing skills in you.

Many blessings to you.

How was your day today? No.8

This is your chat forum.
You are free to say whatever is in your mind at this moment here.
Share what you did today.
Talk to other bloggers.
Tell how some posts touched you.
Say how someone impacted you.
Say the challenges and thrills of the day.
Are you happy or sad?
Say something to somebody.

Answer this question: Have you ever participated in team project? Did it help you?