My First Blog Post – Hi World!

Remembering Day 1, (May.19.2017) – iSharvi 

This is a story of a girl…” is perhaps a very common and popular beginning of most stories we heard from our parents in childhood. “There was a girl and a boy …to… and all is well that ends well” which is the familiar, popular ending too. As a child, the tragedies of our world do not seem to have any effect on our innocent minds with the exception of extreme cases where we are as well affected. We laughed wholeheartedly. Sometimes, the silence of tragedy would tickle us to giggle despite being conditioned to see tragedy to be of a certain seriousness by society. We fall and we cry, and then the next moment, we are in our own world, in our own plays, being the captains of the ships we sail in the streams and oceans of our dreams. Who we are and who do we become? It is not about making any points and neither decode life as it evolves. This blog is simply the sharing of my journey and insights about life as I feel, understand and live it; learn and know from it. This is the story of a girl. Indeed! The difference being, not that of a fictional character, but one who is breathing her truth. 



Delightful Tuesday: Just Like Every Other Day

Yes, I am glad to have weaknesses if they are for Christ. I am glad to be insulted and have hard times.

I am glad when I am persecuted and have problems, because it is when I am weak that I am really strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10 ERV

Rejoice because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.

Many thanks for stopping by… love and blessings

My all-time wish for you

How sweet it can be
When life moves well
Hitch free!
I know you know what
I am talking about;
Think of that day
When everything went
So well for you;
Do you recall how you felt?
You were right on top;
You moved like a bee
That hops from flower
To flower
In search of nectar;
You wished life could go on
Same way forever;
You screamed victory;

As your heart silently,
But pleasantly sang
A joyful melody;
You left no one in doubt
About how happy you were.
That is my wish for you today;
That is my wish for you now;
My all-time wish for you;
That you swim and bathe
In the joy of success!
That, like the sun. so bright,
Your achievements may shine!

When I go to bed tonight

When I go to bed tonight,
I will do so
With joy in my heart;
God is on my side;
The future is bright;
I have all reasons
To celebrate;
And so
I will go to bed
With joy in my heart.
What will be your state
Of mind
When you go to bed
Will you go to bed
Feeling gloomy?
Feeling disappointed?
Or with your spirits high?
Will you go to bed
With joy in your heart?
Nothing can be sweeter
When you go to bed
Than to do so
With joy in your heart.

In him I find joy

Who can thank the Lord,
Our mighty God enough?
Who can sufficiently
Praise him
For his good deeds?
The Lord is so good;
It’s hard for human lips
To say;
He is so full of love
And mercy;
I will stay hooked to him;
In him I find my joy;
In him I find all that I
Can ever want;
Thank you, Lord.
You are love, kindness
And mercy,
All in one.
In short, you are everything;
Have everything;
And give everything to them,
Who come to you.
That is why I shall always
Come to you.
Now, I come to you, O Lord,
Pleading for your mercy.

A joy-filled heart

She got very near Alivo;
But was not yet there;
Her heart began to beat,
As she looked forward
To meeting him;
Alivo was his castle;
Their meeting would be
Their very first meeting;
They knew each other well;
And loved each other
With so much passion;
But had never met;
That was why her heart
Was beating so fast;
The love heat in her heart
Grew stronger
As the minutes rolled by;
She had always wondered
How he would look
In a face-to-face meeting;
Her expectations were high;
She began to dance;
While joy filled her heart.

What do I do now?

She has left me at last;
She has left me in the cold;
How can she do this to me?
Isn’t it so unfair?
She knows how I love her;
She knows I cannot do
Without her;
She knows my limits;
And then she leaves me in
Such cold;
Who shall now warm me?
She was my heat;
She was my comfort;
She was my source of joy;
But now she says our game
Is over;
What do I do now?