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Mind blowing

I found this mind blowing;I couldn’t hold a tear;Who can?What a wonderful compliment!To God be all the glory,Thank you sweet friend!Immense thanks SIWO family!SIWO International!Moving. Advertisements

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Spring of my joy

You are the spring Of my joy, O Lord; The spring Of my blessings; My happiness; And my all; The spring from which I draw water To quench my thirst; As long as you flow, And which is Till the world comes To an end, Shall I never lack Fresh water to drink; From you…

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A saint in the making

I am back at home; Looking forward To a great evening; It’s been a busy day for me; And a good rest Would be well merited; How has it been for you? I hope you had a good day? It’s nice When I spend a day Rendering useful service To my people; And get back…

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Gunning for a big shot

I am gunning for a big shot This day with a reason, To wet my appetite for The times ahead, When big showers of blessings Will begin To pour down from heaven; Jingle bells will tingle Everywhere; Choirs of angels will spring Their melodies; The four corners of the world Will tremble in unison; In…

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