Come with me

Did you hear my call?
Why didn’t you answer me?
I called you;
To join me;
To journey together;
To the promised land
Of love and joy;
Will you come with me?
It is worth the while;
I need you by me;
It will be hard
If you are not by me.
So, you come with me.


Tears of joy

See them crying for joy;
I watched the winners,
They were crying
Tears of joy;
I watched the losers;
They were crying;
Tears of sorrow;
Some tears for joy;
Some tears for sorrow;
What for are your tears?
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow?
I want no tears of sorrow;
I want all tears of joy.
Let the tears of joy flow.
Let them, in abundance, flow.

The moment of joy has come

The moment of joy has come;

The moment of joy is here;

Your lost years

Are being restored;

That is the news of the day;

The breaking news;

The scoop;

What the ants have eaten

Is being restored;

What was taken away,

Is being brought back,

And given to you;

This is the good news

That comes with joy.

Laugh and shout;

The moment of joy

Has come;

The moment of joy

Is right at your door.

The Consequences Are….

The Consequences Are verse

Years pass and memories fade; our skin grows tired and desires wither away. But only one thing rejuvenates life….

Blooming flowers permeate scents, drawing us into heavenly thoughts. We close our eyes and smile, as only one thing rejuvenates this life….

You age, withdrawn as if society closed its eyes on you. You’re not alone for many feel the same pain creeping through the window pain. I pray our Father unsheathes the frowns of miserable days, filling your life with thanksgiving. Only one thing can rejuvenate this life….

Erase your sorrows of past dormant days! Allow yourself to be reborn, and God will fill your enjoyment of life and love. One miraculous morning, the flower petals will commemorate the reflections of your smile. God’s spirit will lift you up and live on inside you, as only one thing rejuvenates life….

Today, I sit in the sun and watch you shine. A blessing to all who meet you, my brightest star – you are the one who lights my up life in the darkest of hours. Frustrations ride off into the sunset. If all things were made through and for Christ, including the joy of happiness for only one thing rejuvenates life…..laughter – it comes with a smile! It keeps us young, and most all the consequences are forever more.

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