There is joy in my heart

My heart sings for joy
That God has given me
This precious gift
Of seeing 2015 come to an end.
Many worthier ones did not make it.

Thank you God
For WordPress And the sweet souls
You put into my life
In 2015;
Through them you gave me sunshine;
Love, joy and a sense of self-worth.

Thank you God
For a lovely family to love;
And to love me!
Thank you for everything!
There is joy in my heart.


Shocked but happy

Martina cried so loudly that all the neighbors rushed to the scene. They were convinced somebody dear to her had died. Such screaming had never been heard before in the neighborhood.

Some of the neighbors did not wait to ask. In solidarity, they joined her to cry. It was like a wailing festival.

When that finally stopped and they got the reason for Martina’s screaming so loudly, they were both shocked and happy.

Her tears were not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. She had received good news that was too much for her. It had to do with her loftiest dream which for so long had seemed too big for her to achieve.

She had just achieved it. When the news was broken, it brought about an outburst of emotions which she could not hold back.

Have you ever cried for joy? When was that?

Why some marriages are terrible

While some people bless the angel
Who led them to the one
Who has become their partner for life,
Others curse the devil
Who brought them into contact
With the one
Who has become
Their partner for life.

Some marriages are made in heaven,
Some marriages are made in hell;
Some marriages are made mid-way,
Between heaven and hell.
Marriages made in heaven bring joy;
Marriages made in hell bring sorrow.
Marriages made mid-way between heaven and hail
Bring both joy and sorrow.

Welcome to my new theme

What a bright new beginning for me!
I went to bed with mixed feelings;
Uncertain of what lay ahead;
But got up in high spirits;
Seeing the future as full of hope;
With a brand new theme for my site;
You can see it’s good;
Thank you WordPress;
You give us what makes us happy.
I greet you, all my friends;
Welcome you to my new theme.

When friends meet

We went to the same school. Some at the same time with me; some before me; and some after me. Whatever the case, one thing binds us together. We have the same Alma mater; and proud of that. To belong together under this umbrella is a great thing for us. We meet from time to time to celebrate our blessing of having been to this institution – one of the best schools, if not the best school, in our country. We just met. Some of the pictures that we took.IMG_20151114_123540









Take a smile from me

IMG_20151108_152902Take a warm smile from me;IMG_20151108_154120
As a sign of my love for you;
As you go about your activities today,
Know how dear you are to me;
And not only me,
To others as well;
If you feel not loved by some;
Know you are loved by many;
If you feel not appreciated by some,
Know you are appreciated by many.
At all times carry a smile on your face;
And a sweet melody, take along in your heart
Wherever you go;
Allow worries alone;
Too much already you have in your hands;
Life is not a sprint;
Life is a marathon;
You may be last now
And first when you reach the winning point;
Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose;
You may lose today
And win tomorrow;
You may win today
And lose tomorrow;
Be positive as you go about life;
If things are not right now
As you like them to be,
Hope that the best will come;
With you in mind
God has a beautiful plan.
May today be the best day for you!IMG_20151108_150926

Good tears for the heart

Have tears ever flown down your cheeks because you heard or read something that deeply touched your heart?

This happens to me all the times. Sometimes people say things to me that make me so overjoyed that tears start pouring from my eyes. I have read two of such things today. I could not hold back the tears.

Do real men cry?

Thanks to all my friends who send me such lovely words that draw tears of joy from my eyes. Such tears are good for the heart.