Be in God’s Presence

Can you be in God’s presence? Many search for a time and the place where God lives while sitting in a quiet corner, reading their bible. Others pray to ask for an anointed morning. The sin of Adam and Eve prevented our ability to be in the physical presence of God. So, I find comfort in the reality of His existence – the miracles of each beautiful day. Obedience to His written word brings me closer than I can ever imagine to the Lord.

I examine the blessings which flow before me outside my home – beautiful flowers of every species blossom in the morning light. Young, saplings stand tall and proud. I dug them out of the nursery and fed and nurtured their delicate roots over a prayer. Lord, please take care of my trees. Let my integrity follow as I love the tree in me as much as this seedling I planted in the ground.

God’s presence brings joy and peace. He awaits to hear from us. I remember something my dad would do when I was a young boy. Before heading to work, and just as the sun peeked over the cove, he’d stroll down our long pier. I’d ask him why he occasionally walked the dock. He said he was looking for crabs attached to the poles. But, I understand now for he found his presence in God through the tranquility of the water. The bay was his church outside his actual house of worship.


My wife is the editor of my blog and website. She often speaks of God’s presence while she is editing my narratives. I write my pieces, but she must find the coordinating bible verses. Many times she’s stumped finding the correct scripture. Within a few minutes of frustration, though, He puts her back in His presence and guides her hand.

The Old Testament describes the presence of God directly associated with the tabernacle in the wilderness or the temple in Jerusalem. It is here we speak of entering God’s presence for it is a place where He appointed His name, purposely for us to dwell. It is why we feel nearer to Him in church and not the building’s spatial orientation. He offers us a transforming and joyful experience within the confines of His house.

“But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.” Psalm 73:28

Regardless of how late I’m awake each night, I have to honor our Almighty in the dawn’s early light. At my tender age, I feel the love I missed most in my life, and it derives from God. His presence is in the fragrance of serenity and in the accomplishments of each nail I drive and every word I write to you. I silently pray, give me strength, dear Father, and anoint me each morning so I may better serve You and Your masterful plan. I’m honored that You chose me to be a part of that which I can’t comprehend. I keep my faith because of You, Lord.

When our heavenly Father greets us with peace and a breeze, it is a subtle reminder our life on earth is because of Him. The Bible begins and ends in the presence of God for Eden will return and expand into a new heaven and a new earth. God’s chosen people will enjoy His presence forever. Rejoice in the joy!

Surrender your sorrows for yesterday is forgiven and tomorrow is a new beginning. Render not what is yours, but what is God’s possessions, so you may be absolute in heaven. Start your day in praise and prayer. You, too, will be in God’s presence.

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Buried in darkness

Light came briefly
To our utter joy
And sorrow;
First, we were so joyful
That at all it had come;
And while we had not finished
The start of celebration,
Again it vamoused like air;
Plunging us once more
Into total darkness;
How long this will take,
It’s not what I can say;
Hope it doesn’t stay long;
For we can do nothing,
When we are buried
In darkness.
Light brings life and joy.

Delightful Tuesday: Just Like Every Other Day

And Nehemiah continued, “Go and celebrate with a feast of rich foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!”
Nehemiah 8:10 NLT

Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, take pleasure in Him]; again I will say, rejoice!

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Such is life

How was your day?
Was it a day well spent?
Or a day of regrets
And tears;
My heart goes to you
If your day was filled
By years;
I pray God may comfort you.
And if your day was full
Of joy
Don’t forget those who
Had it hard.
Pray that the rays
of the sun may shine
on them but too;
As they did on you;
By the way,
Not all days can be good.
Some days will be good;
Some days will be bad.
Bad days and good days;
Such is life.

Joy is here

Night can be seen
On her heels
Running so fast;
Like clouds
In the sky,
As if by Light
She is chased;
Darkness soon,
Will be gone,
And supreme
Will reign Light;
The suffering
And death of
Good Friday
Shall soon be
A thing of the past;
Hear Easter knocking
At the door
Asking to be let in;
Who can stop him?
Whenever our winter
Comes, with her cold
And suffering,
Let’s not despair;
But get ready for joy
Which will soon be ours.
Winter is gone;
Suffering is dead;
Easter is born;
Joy is here.
All the world shines

Poem No 47 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

What a joy for a man!
When he reaches a woman’s heart
With his words!
Have I truly reached your heart?
If you say yes,
Nothing more can I want;
Then you’ve given me all;
And none can be sweeter
Than you;
Yes, indeed, you are honey;
My honey,
See the glow you put
On my face;
Had I got wings,
I would fly with you
To the moon;
And there, in an ocean of love
We would bathe;
Stay sweet, my charm.
You are light in my life.

Specifically dedicated to my E.