Fat and juicy toad

As my people so well say,
If you want to eat a toad,
Eat a fat and juicy one.
Whoever doesn’t agree
With that,
Has their reason for doing
As for me,
I totally agree with them; What is the use
Eating a toad
If it is not a juicy one?
And when there are
Juicy toads around?
I want to eat a toad;
And that is what I will do;
It will be fat,
And it will be juicy.
A fat and juicy toad.



Tell me about those alluring, luscious lips
Which attract and entice me like a magnet!
Where did you get them so hot and juicy?
I never saw such honey, irresistible lips before;
So plump, and seductive.
They must be as sweet and tasty as they look.
Will you let me touch them with my lips?
That will take me to heaven;
Will you do that for me?
My heart beats as I say this;
And my lips tremble in anxious expectation.
I want those gorgeous, honeyed lips
Placed on my lips even for a second.

Taste the Lord

Have you tasted the Lord?
Some have chewed and swallowed the Lord;
But some are still to taste him;
Taste the Lord
And see how sweet he is;
You will henceforth live on nothing else
But the Lord.
So spicy and juicy he is;
I don’t only taste the Lord;
I chew;
I swallow
And digest the Lord.
Do like me;
And more if you can.


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