I jumped to a conclusion

After I had jumped
To a conclusion,
I realized
It was an error I made;
What a good lesson
I learned!
But the hard way!
It’s a wise lesson
To learn;
You don’t jump
To conclusions;
Because a lot of times,
You will make
Wrong conclusions;
Always take time;
Examine all the angles
Of the issue at hand;
Understand it;
Weigh all the sides;
And then and only then,
Can you draw your conclusion;
Chances will be high
It will be a good conclusion;
Which, definitely,
Is better than a bad one;
A bad conclusion
Can have disastrous consequences;
Avoid it
As much as you can
Hands off hasty conclusions.
They can ruin you.
They have ruined many.

Opportunity to jump at

How wonderful it can be to have the opportunity of getting daily words of encouragement or to get them when we need them!

Such would be an opportunity to jump at. It can be life-transforming.

Our dream for Success Inspirers’ World is that it becomes such a forum where many great inspirers’, motivators and encouragers come together and offer people encouragement to get to their best levels of performance in life.

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Daily prompt: jump

How Can You Jump And Become Successful? — Michael J. Fite

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” -Benjamin Franklin

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you how you can jump and become successful. If you ever want to reach your full potential, you got to take a chance on yourself and jump into the unknown. Not all of the time will the conditions be right in your mind in order to do it, but if you keep on waiting on the perfect situation, you will never jump and waste valuable opportunities.

Remember that you will find that in jumping into any opportunity, there will be moments that will have you second guessing, but you got to let that jump to let you learn what you need to know along the way so that you can eventually learn how to fly and become successful.

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How Can You Jump And Become Successful? — Michael J. Fite

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-Michael J. Fite

Where to jump

I know in life we have to take risks to make it big; but you must not jump into anything without proper consideration of the various possible outcomes. There is what we call a calculated risk. You take a risk after proper calculation.

Do not jump into marriage with someone you do not know, just because the person says ‘I love you.’ Do not jump into business just because you have a friend who is doing well in it. Do not jump into a swimming pool to swim when you have never learned to swim.

You have to calculate properly before you jump into anything. If you jump into a moving train without knowing its destination, you may find, too late. that its bound for opposite direction.

Be wise!Know where to jump.

Daily prompt: jump