Something special about June (Be inspired today 267 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who knows something special
About June?
Tell me something special
About June;
And if you have nothing special
About June,
Please, kindly let me know;
So I tell you something special
About June.
I know something special
About June;
It is so special you won’t believe
About June;
It is the month when someone special was born;
Someone special was born into this world;
Can you guess who?
Someone special was born again;
Someone special was born in
God’s vineyard.
Don’t you see it is a special month?
A very special month indeed;
The month of June
Is a month that is so special.
I like you to be more inspired
This June,
Than you have ever been.
A month full of inspiring happenings.
That is what is so special
About June.