Keep going (quote)

“You are already on the way, you have no right to stop. God wants you to keep going whenever you are on the right track till you arrive” (Romilia Quotes)


Till you reach

Once you are on the road,
And know your destination,
Don’t deviate,
Unless you have
A strong reason to do so;
Of course, it is so clear:
You cannot get to
Your destination if you
Take a wrong road;
And also if you stop going;
Many projects start off well,
But fail not because
They are doomed to fail,
But because the one concerned
Lost steam and gave up.
If you find yourself
Losing steam,
Renew it;
Don’t sit and let it go.
Always tell yourself,
Because it is true,
That many passed through
The same road.
You will always encounter
Low moments;
You will feel discouraged;
You will be tempted many times
To give up;
But, if you want to win,
There is only one way:
Keep going;
If you lose steam,
Renew it;
And keep on
Till you reach the winning point.

Keep going till you arrive

The night was so dark I could not see;
Where I put my foot, I did not know;
But I knew where I was going;
So I moved on, one step at a time,
I tested the ground before I put my foot;
Yet, many times I fell;
Potholes were here and there;
The road was not straight;
Many bends and uphills;
But I kept on going;
And each time I fell, I got up;
When I got tired, I rested;
And on my way I went.
See where I stand today;
I arrived;
My bruises are healed;
Now, I celebrate;
And what do I celebrate?
Not just victory but stay on power.
Because I stayed on,
Because I had the courage
To go through thick and thin to the end,
Victory played its way into my hands.
No secret is greater than this.
Stay on to the end;
Once you know where you are going,
No matter the potholes, the bends and hills,
Keep going till you arrive.


Get up and go on

There is no doubt about it now. The secret of success is available to whoever wants to find it. Also, it is not something complicated. It is so easy that most people overlook it and that’s why success eludes them.

The secret of success is get up and go.

What does this mean?

It means don’t give up; don’t give in to failure; don’t allow discouragement to take control of you. Keep on going. Sooner or later, the door you are knocking will open to you.

Of course, in life, moments of failure must come; and you will be tempted to give up. What must you do?

Do what you do when you fall. Do you remain lying on the ground when you fall? Not at all. You get up, dust yourself and continue to where you are going.

If you rub yourself in mud, you do not allow the mud on you. You clean yourself; in order to look clean again.

Fall many times if you can’t avoid it; but do not remain on the ground. Fail many times if you can’t avoid it; but do not accept failure as final. Every time you fall, and every time you fail, get up and go on.

Don’t be discouraged!

Some days will be good; some days will be bad. Don’t be discouraged when they are bad. Sometimes you shall win and sometimes you shall lose. Don’t be discouraged when you lose. Some days your spirits will be high and some days they will be low. Don’t be discouraged when they are low.

The days that are bad and the days you lose, like the days that your spirits are down call for greater effort and not discouragement.

When such days or moments come, tell yourself even the great go through them too; and they are great only because they never allowed discouragement to take control of them.

As you go through life today, please, remember this. Keep on keeping on.

Don’t be discouraged.