Keep on looking

Where do you go from here?
Where do you go from where you are?
What do you do now?
Are these questions
That are eating you up inside?
If you are not getting
What you want;
If you are not getting
What you set out to get;
And you feel you have done
What you think
You should do,
You will normally be worried
About what to do.
So where do you go from here?
That is a question many people ask;
This is my answer:
Take a rest and launch again;
Be careful!
Giving up is not an option;
Don’t just think of giving up;
Launch again;
And if you think that you have done everything you can,
Take a new course;
Rack your brains;
Think of new ways;
Your goal is fixed;
But not your methodology;
If the road you have taken
Doesn’t lead to where you want to go,
Look for another road.
And keep on looking until
You find the right one.
There are no two ways
You only have to keep on looking.



It’s wrong to give up pursuing a dream you value just because you have met with challenges; just because you are not getting expected results.

Why is it wrong?

The reasons are many; but let me mention just one. You may be giving up when success is just at the corner.

This happens to many people who spend a lot of time and effort pursuing a goal and passing through many difficulties just for one difficulty to come and sweep them off completely. They give up just to turn around and realize that success was right at the corner; and that had they not given up,they would have been celebrating their dream-come-true.

It’s not good to give up. In fact, it’s wrong. Don’t give up once your hands are on the plow. Don’t!

Keep on

Search for what you want;
Keep on searching;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve found
What you’re searching for.

Hunt for what you want;
Keep on hunting;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve caught
What you’re hunting for.

Ask for what you want;
Keep on asking;
Don’t stop
Until you’ve been given
What you’re asking for.

Pray for what you want;
Keep on praying;
Don’t stop until you’ve been granted
What you’ve prayed for.