Have you ever felt like no one wanted you?

I chose to wrap up this month and my mental health advocacy theme with a poem I wrote when a cousin who had been rejected by the family and taken in by me, suddenly became their star because she turned out right after all and was now getting married and settled in her studies and all. People can make poor choices and live in challenging situations, but it is possible that they turn out just right if only we could show them more love and less ‘judgment’, rejection, marginalization and stigmatization.

There was a girl I knew

A difficult Childhood she had

A shaggy life she led

All were getting fed up

Her mama said out you go

And I said in you come

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p.s: Be inspired and motivated everyone, to not only want to turn out right, but to equally do your little mite to help another person turn out right. It could just be with a smile and a stare rid or rejection…

I am so happy I challenged myself to 3 posts a week with SIWO during this month, and I did it hurray…time for a little break…


So far, have you ever met any bad boys?

The following poem is curiously one of my best poems lol. I have met quite a good number of ‘bad boys’  – I mean according to ‘conventional’ standards. But for me an unconventional lady, it’s been one thrilling experience after the other. Maybe it isn’t really the boys who are bad but the way we look at and treat them which is bad? Maybe, they have done something bad, and that is what see and are quick to qualify them as bad? And now you yourself, are you a bad person?

The Bad Boys

Have you ever known any?

When you see them you just know right?

Can any good ever come out of them?

When all you ever hear, read or write about them is bad?

Could they really be born of a woman too?

I have known quiet a few Can’t tell how bad they were Can’t …

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While at it, for those who want to step it to MJ’s epic…

So, how do you walk your thin rope in this life?


Oh – Hail me silently

Lest your murmurs, distract from my goal

That of walking with balance

The fine thin rope of my life

I jigsaw emotionally and mentally

Before stepping on my fine thin rope

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p.s: Assuming that many of us walk on fine thin ropes sometimes, where we have to balance our steps carefully; anyway I do and on several fronts. Hence I wrote this poem to inspire and motivate myself to keep it up. Hope someone gets inspired and motivated too

Do you embrace your humanity like myself?

Hello all, another week is here. I stay in my mental wellness advocacy realm and want to kick of my sharing this week with a poem I wrote titled: Because I am Human

Because I am human, I have feelings

Because I an human, I have thoughts

Because I am human, I seek to love

Because I am human, I seek to know

Because I am human, I want to be treated as one

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P.S: I think if we all embrace our humanity, it wouldn’t be ok to treat anyone as a less human even if they are going through a mental health crisis or challenge for example – that’s my perception, don’t know what others think

Are you fully ok with your path as is?

My Path

My Path

I dabbled and dabbled to Stand

Then started of

Crawling and Crawling

Before Walking and Walking

trying finding and finding

my own path

and not the path

traced for me by anyone but God

and when I started seeing and seeing

not with my eyes but with my soul

I saw a path different from theirs

whose vision near blurred my sight

what a head and heartache to have

trying to stay focused

and not ruin any chances

explaining without expecting

why a rugged not a tarred path

because that’s just the way of life

I am forever grateful and graceful

for all the awesome angels

I have met on my path

p.s: As we strive on to thrive in this march-past through life, we chart ourselves a path or follow that charted for us by others. Sometimes it’s a mix, sometimes we get overwhelmed and it’s like there is so much light or so maybe so little we can hardly see clearly. May we be inspired to keep marching, giving ourselves permission, until we are ok with the path we come to embrace as ours; and refusing to be held hostage by painful past or fearful future.


My dream life is a life lived in a world where no one is judged. Where each person is free just to be themselves – hence I wrote this poem to express just that.

Please let me be

for the world

Please let me be queer

let me be queer it’s my life

be all the regular I don’t care

Please let me be a misfit

I am done trying to fit

You can do all the fit in I don’t care

I come from a broken home

I now lead a broken home

keep your fixed home

He cries mama

she teased my papa is gay

And so what I ask?

gay means happy

why be any judge?

and then go to church?

sing unconditional love

and love so conditionally?

They call me a rascal because I love pascal

he is such a friend

we trust each other so

sinners you say?

who did HE come for?

Winners they who followed HIM

Shabby may be the dress code

merry the constant mode

you can care for your body

I’ll care for my mind

I envy you not

spare your nod

Please let me be

(c) 2017 Marie Abanga

Are you ready to heal and deal or whichever comes first for you?



I found this definition online:

to make healthy, whole, or sound;restore to health; free from ailment

Heal yourself with love, joypeace & compassion

Well, just on it’s own, I think to heal is pretty easy right? The benefits are glaring and em everybody wants a ‘healthy heart’ so they live long right? If it’s physical wounds and stuff of course we can’t stand the awful ordour, or blood gushing and handicap that may arise. So we are prepared to do all it takes, go to whoever it is, to get that wound or ailment healed.

Now when it’s emotional stuff, hmm; psychological stuff, hmm hmm and on we go… The first picture at the top  says it all: You can’t heal what you refuse to confront… of course even with that wound you have to look at it…




This one phrase from the various definitions of the word, caught my attention: To take action with respect to someone or something:

When something is not right, and we want to heal, we have to think of the deal involved…

I titled this post H&D or D&H and you’ll see why now.

There is an issue bugging you, and maybe you just don’t have the energy (be it emotional, psychological etc) to work to heal. You reflect on the deal (used here to mean the worth), and you decide you ain’t ready to go there… I mean a friend once told me they would have loved loving someone, but how it hurts to love and loss. They weren’t prepared to go that way again yet or even ever… they’ve sort of dealt with that issue “for now we may add”, but they have not emabarked on any healing because there’s no big deal…

And that is how I think there are situations where the healing preceded the dealing, while in other scenarios the dealing leads the healing. It may be a choice or a natural process. And yet, it sure takes and deserves time…



What’s holding you back

When we don’t H&D or D&H, the pain stays there. It stays and grows, and gains proportion – intensity and much more. I mean the pain starts to Haunt you, then it Hunts you down and then it Hurts you terribly.  It could someday become you, your story, your definition. People start saying: who, that angry woman? That jealous woman? That childless woman? That drunkard? That Selfish fellow? you name it…

You’ve gotta want to do that dirty homework of confronting what’s wrong. First you have to identify it, feel it, even embrace it, then deal with it in order to proceed to the healing. Other times, you may have to first position your mind to let go of the saga (heal), forgive yourself and show yourself love and all, then you can deal with it once and for all.


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Are healing and living intertwined maybe?


Hello World, I want to share a poem I wrote for a friend and I while we were processing a scenario which was impeding on the success of our relationship. I was advocating we not keep pushing the discussion away because ‘avoiding’ the conversation/denying what was happening or not wanting to face life as it presented itself then, was actually stalling the quality of life we could offer ourselves at the moment or moving forward. I hope it inspires and motivates someone.

My poem is titled: “Healing and Living”

To Heal we have to Live

To Live we have to Heal

Never heard of a dead Healing

Nor a Living not craving Healing

Healing is often letting go

Letting go of expectations

Letting go of painful emotions

Letting go of tough feelings

Letting go of unmet desires

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Do you trust to Tell?

Hello world, today is World Mental Health Day and in spite of all the sensitization and advocacy, the statistics remain bleak. Many people it would appear don’t seek for help in the early stages of the mental and emotional challenges because they fear being stigmatized and marginalized. It is a sort of catch 22 in my opinion. If you don’t seek for help, you risk not getting any help and may deteriorate; if you dare seek for help, you risk getting stigmatized, poor treated, more trauma and you may still deteriorate.

What do we do in our changing world, we are all different and I believe that is ok.

I therefore wrote a blog post called: “Trusting to tell” because I took a big leap of faith, I trusted to tell, and I got so much help from different angles and I am now in a position to help others. May you be inspired and motivated especially on this day which is celebrated the world over as World Mental Health Day under the timely theme: “YOUNG PEOPLE AND MENTAL HEALTH IN A CHANGING WORLD”. I hope my post on my own ‘trusting to tell’ journey really inspires and motivates us all to ‘trust to tell’ and get the help or listening ear we have been longing for.

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What do people say…when you say…?

Hello World, happy new week. Continuing with my advocacy and inspiration to motivate us all to take care of our mental wellbeing, I wish to share another poem of mine titled: “When you say…I will say…”

When you say I don’t know me anymore, I will say I can imagine how you feel…

When you say my mind is murky, I will say I can imagine how you feel…

When you say you can’t take it no more, I will say I can imagine how you feel…

When you say you had a miscarriage, I will say I can imagine how you feel…

When you say you just buried a child, I will say I can imagine how you feel…

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