Hang in there

How hard it is to stick to it when you are not making any head way in your endeavours!

Giving up is easy and accounts for why many people don’t succeed as they aspire to.

It’s nothing new that people easily throw in the towel. And that is the crux of the problem.

You have to hang in there regardless of how many times you fail.

If there is a master key that unlocks the door of success, persistence is that key.


Master the fundamentals (Be inspired today 376 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If your success boat
Hits the rocks,
Tossed by the waves,
When you set sail
For treasure island,
Wisdom does not call
That you fold your tail
Like a beaten dog
And call it quits
For your expedition;
You do well to return
To the drawing board;
You take time
To start afresh;
You ensure
That you master
The fundamentals;
That is the first thing;
From there,
You move ahead;
Many a times people fail,
Not because
They cannot win,
But because they have not
Mastered the fundamentals;
Which is like building
A house
Without a foundation;
What do you expect?
It will become a heap
Before your own very eyes.
You master the fundamentals;
I call that the key.
The main guarantor
Of your success.

The key of keys to success (Be inspired today 190 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

We often hear about
Key to success;
And different people
Prescribe different
Keys to success;
There may be many
Keys to success,
But I know one
To be the key of
Keys to success;
Do not think its money
I am talking about;
That would be wrong;
Do not think its hard work,
Because again
That would be wrong;
What I am talking about
Is people.
That is the key of keys
To success.
Without people, you cannot
Do anything;
Even if you have
All the world’s money
You will still fail woefully;
Money will do you no good
Without people.
Meanwhile if the right people
Are on your side
There’s nothing
You cannot do.
So the key of keys to success
Is not money, not hard work,
Not faith, not prayers,
Even though they are very important,
But people.
Know how to get
The right people on your side
And you will be
A resounding success.

Be inspired today 20

Right key rightly used

If you are not having the things you want from life, do not despair. Do not blame anyone. Change your method.

It is rather unfortunate that many people blame others for their failures without looking at themselves to see what their own fault is.

If you fail to achieve what you want, change what you are doing or change the way you are doing it.

Let nobody deceive you that having what you want in life is magic. It is not. It is doing what you should do to get it. It is doing the right thing.

Let me liken it to how you open a locked door.

If you do not use the correct key to open a locked door, you cannot open it.

Even when you have the correct key, you must insert it well and turn it rightly. This means you must know how to use the key.

If you have the key, but do not know how to use it, you will never open the door.

That is the only secret of success I know, if we can call it so.

Know the key that opens your door; get it; learn how to use it; use it correctly; and you will open your door.

Sounds too simple? The greatest secrets of life are very simple; but if known and correctly used, they work magic.

Sound advice

If you value advice,
This is sound advice!
Whatever happens,
Continue to the end;
Let the struggle continue;
Let the fight continue;
Let the knocking continue;
Let the effort continue;
Make it a policy
Always to get to the end.
To persist;
When you start something,
Endeavour to go to the end of it,
Whether successful or not,
Go to the end of it.
Never stop half way;
This means you never quit;
If all the avenues
Have been exhausted,
And the door remains closed,
God will open a new door for you.
I encourage you;
If you need sound advice,
This is sound advice;
Sticking to it is your key to success.


Communication can mean a
Big difference;
Communication is the key;
If your communication is
If your communication is
If your communication is confident,
If your communication is
If your communication is charismatic,
If your communication is
You stand a good chance
To win
The hearts of those who
Listen to you;
Which is success for you.

Quote (Key)

A lot of people say hard work is the key to success. I don’t disagree. We may even call that the rule. But there are exceptions. Many times you will work hard but will not succeed to get the desired results. My advice, with regard to that is don’t be discouraged. It happens. The next time you may succeed.” (Romilia Quotes)