What is kindness?

Lets talk kindness;
What is kindness?
If an opportunity
Comes your way,
To do a kind deed,
What must you do?
Do not let it slip
Through your fingers
Into the dustbin;
That would be a sad thing
For anyone
To do;
Kindness is gratitude
To God;
By being kind
You are giving back
To God
A little
Of what he has poured
On you.
Be generous
With your kindness;
Be kind in the morning;
Be kind in the day,
Be kind in the night,
Be kind all day;
Be kind in all ways
At all times,
God is kind to you;
God will be kind to you.


Praying for you

What am I doing
For you?
I am praying for you;
If you hate me,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
It doesn’t matter
How deeply
You hate me;
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are trying
To stand on my way,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are rejoicing
Over my misfortune,
Know that I am
Praying for you.
That is what I always do;
And what
I will always do.
I pray for you;
I will always pray
For you;
May I always pray for you,
Regardless of who you are,
And what you do.

Are you for love and Kindness by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Are you for love
And kindness
In the real world?
Are you for unity
And harmony
In the real world?
Are you for justice
And peace
In the real world?
Are you for success
And happiness
In the real world?
If you are
Then we share
A common dream;
We want
An excellent world
For everybody;
A world where love flows
Like water in an ocean;
A love
And kindness world.

Being kind to animals

Dear friends,

How are you doing? I am doing good as usual, working on getting better with each passing day.

Few days back, I posted something about kindness here. It was inspired by the poem written by Alison.

Likewise, many things happen around us that inspire us to do something similar. For example, we see people getting new hair-cuts and get inspired, we see people making YouTube videos and get inspired, we see people meal-prepping and get inspired, we see people leading a healthy lifestyle and get inspired and so on.

I started my blog with the intention of sharing small acts of goodness done by people around me to inspire and motivate others to do good as well.

These were small incidents that I noticed around me. I decided to blog about them here so that I could share them with you all.

I have been writing about the small acts of goodness done by people like us for some time now. Back then, there were hardly any people reading. So, I decided to write them here again so that more people could read them and get inspired.

They may seem silly but if you keep reading them they will surely impact your outlook in the long-term. I am sure about it because I have experienced it myself. You will start noticing and doing more good.

Today, I am sharing one such story with you.

One day, while returning from the park, in the evening, I noticed a bunch of dogs on our street. It was very dark and I was a bit scared about passing by them. It felt like the dogs were having some sort of party that evening. That was when I noticed that just next to the dogs there was a guy who was feeding them with biscuits.

The next day, the same thing happened. So when I reached home, I told my father about the incident. That’s when my father told me that the guy used to feed them every single day. They were not one or two dogs but a whole bunch of ten or more dogs.

The guy seemed to be a very simple person. He used to come there on his cycle, everyday, just to feed them. From the way he was dressed, he seemed to be a small time worker. I was really impressed by his daily commitment and selfless service towards those dogs.

I have seen many people doing such selfless service towards dogs, cows and other street animals. They treat those animals with lots of kindness and love.

Most of these people take care of such animals without any expectations. This encourages me to do my share of good for those animals as well.

What do you think? Isn’t this a wonderful selfless act of goodness done by people all over the world?



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Kindness challenge day 2

Have you done a kind deed today?

Intend to do or say something kind?

Appreciated some one?

Complimented someone?

A wish?

Get well wish?

These are all acts of kindness. Why not share with us? Go to the Comment box, please. Even appreciating this post and encouraging us are acts of kindness.

Be kind to others. That kindness will come back to you a hundredfold.

A tad of kindness makes the world better.

The kindness challenge

I like when people
Are kind to me;
I think others will also like
If I am kind to them;
Hence, I spare no opportunity
To be kind to someone:
I like to be of help;
I like to support others;
To collaborate;
Isn’t it a good thing?
I believe the world needs
And that if we were all kind
To one another,
The world would be sweet.
Let us each be kind
In our own little corner,
In our own small way;
That can go a long way,
Can’t it?.
It can;
Thus, I encourage you,
To show a little kindness
On a daily basis.
That, I try to do.
Let’s challenge ourselves;
Call it the kindness
Or kind act challenge;
By which we show kindness
In words and or deeds
To someone at least,
On a daily basis;
Or do we say weekly basis?
Let me know what you think;
If you are in for this,
Please,say so;
That would be kind of you.

This post was inspired by a comment about kindness made on my site by Chris Of Living Healthier and Happier blog.

Helping a stranger

Hi friends,

When I started my blog, I used to write about the small acts of goodness done by people around me. These acts inspired me to do good as well. They also motivated me to pat my back when I did something good for others as well.

Today I decided to share one such story with you all. The story may seem simple but just think about the times you have done the same good but never appreciated yourself for it.

The link to the story is as under.

Helping a stranger

Do let me know if you have done the same or experienced the same.



A poem on kindness

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? I am doing good.  I am enjoying the beginning of this new year with some renewed goals on reading and learning.

I enjoy reading, because, whatever I read brings a change in me.  I grow a bit more as a person.

Words, I feel have some special magic in them.  They help us communicate with others as well as with our own selves. I feel very good when I read or hear certain words like love, heart, roses, magic, faith, goodness, kindness, gratitude, joy, happiness etc… You know how I love making a list of positive words just to change my mood.

So, when I see such words, they catch my attention and make me want to share them with you all.  I want you all to experience such words and the feelings associated with them on a daily basis so that they seem to be the most natural thing to you and eventually you start believing in them.


Yesterday, while going through Instagram I came across a wonderful poem by Alison Malee (her Instagram handle: @alison.malee ) from her book “the day is ready for you”.

The poem goes like this:

ah, kindness.
what a simple way
to tell another
struggling soul
that there is love
to be found
in the world.

What do you think? Isn’t “being kind” a powerful way of confirming to all the people struggling, that there is still love and humanity left in this world. Believe me when I say that our kindness is what such people need to be able to live on. They get a hope that things will eventually get better and that the world is with them.  This hope is enough to help them bounce back into a life full of happiness and success.

The kindness of people around is sufficient to help a person rise and shine once again.

Do let me know what you think.



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P.s. this post first appeared in rashu2015.

What we do to others

Do you care about others?
How much do you care
About others?
What we do to others,
We do to ourselves;
What we do to others,
Others will do to us;
I know some people
Whose caring hearts amaze me;
They think not only
Of themselves,
They think also of others;
They want to see others happy;
And spare no effort
To support others,
And otherwise;
Such people, I admire,
And like to be like them;
And what I have found,
When you are for others,
Supporting and helping others,
So richly are you blessed.
Therefore, friends,
Let’s think not only of ourselves,
Let’s think also of others,
What we wish that others do to us,
Let us do to others.
It will come back to us.