Doubt if you like

He is the Almighty King;
No one can change that;
You may deny it,
If it pleases you;
It’s your freedom to choose,
But denial will not change
King, He is;
Almighty, He is;
Almighty, He remains;
Almighty, He will ever be.
See what He’s made:
The heaven and the earth;
And all that’s in it;
The animals, the birds,
The plants, the seas;
The living and the dead;
He made them all;
And made you, too.
And will do whatever He wants;
With you, and for you;
Yet, some do doubt Him,
Doubt, if you like;
Doubt, if it pleases you;
But nothing could be more foolish;
Where is your faith?
Agree, my doubting friend,
He is mighty;
The king of the universe.
Go to Him,
When you’re thirsty;
He will quench your thirst;
Go to him
When you are hungry;
He will give you food;
He is there for you;
When you are awake
And when you are asleep;
He’s there for you
All round the clock.
What you lack is faith;
Plead with him,
That he may give you faith.


Peasant becomes king

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Is it possible
To rise from a peasant
To become a king?
Is it possible
To rise from a peasant
To become a president?
Is it possible
To go from a hut
To an ivory tower?
Is it possible
To go from the foot
Of the mountain
To the top
Of the mountain?
I hear you say
“Yes, it is possible.”
And if you say so,
Can you give
Some examples?
Do you know anyone
Who was a peasant
And became a king?
Who was a servant
And became a master?
Who was a was born
In a hut
Ans ended up living
In an ivory tower?
Tell us
That we may know,
That if it happened
To them,
It can happen to us;
That if they did it,
We can do it too.
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Burga gained admiration

To whom else do we pay homage?
If not to Ben Burga who saved the damage;
He forced the king out of his ivory tower,
From where with hardness he exercised power;
Not mindful of his people’s plight;
Not caring if there was a way to light;
Burga gained admiration and reputation;
When he got him down to the population,
To hear what in their hearts ached so bad,
And put and end to what made them mad.



Poetical song ‘Paradise Now’ (audio & lyrics)

‘Paradise Now’ – poetical song Michel Montecrossa



Here with a loaf of bread beneath the bough,
a bottle of wine, a book of verse – and thou
beside me singing in the wilderness –
and wilderness is paradise now.

“How sweet is mortal sovereignty – think some:
others – “How blessed the paradise to come!”
Oh, take the cash in hand and waive the rest;
Oh, the brave music of a distant song!

Look to the rose that blows about us – “Oh,
laughing”, she says, “into the world I blow:
At once the silken tassel of my purse
tear, and its treasure on the garden throw.”

Think of the battered caravanserai
whose doorways are both night and day,
how king after king with his pomp
abode his hour or two and went his way.

Oh! My beloved, fill the cup that clears
today of past regrets and future fears –
tomorrow? – Why, tomorrow as today
myself with you and your love will stay.
Myself with you and your love will stay!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany



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Be what you are meant to be.

You have no right,
Absolutely no right,
To keep that lion in you
Under lock and key;
Lions are not meant for that.
You have no right;
Absolutely no right;
To keep that giant in you asleep;
That is not why you are made a giant.
You are a lion;
Be a lion in the true sense of it;
You are a king;
Be a king as a king should be;
You are a giant;
Do the things that giants do.
Act like a giant.
Be what you are meant to be.