On my knees in prayer

God, our loving Father,
Thank you
For giving us wisdom
To live our lives;
Thank you for the gift
Of learning;
I’ve learned so much
Both during my easy times
And my difficult times;
I’ve learned to depend on you;
To trust you;
To count on you;
I have learned to surrender
To you;
I have learned
That I must not dedtroy;
That I must not reap where
I did not sow;
That hard work pays;
That laziness does not help;
I have learned
To set goals for myself;
I have learned to hold fast;
To persist
Never to give up;
I have learned that when
The going is tough,
Or the road ahead is rough,
And the future looks bleak,
I must remain strong
And depend.on you.
I have learned
That two people
Jointly determine my future;
You and me;
That I should not try
To do anything alone;
But always call on you
Who are almighty,
To accompany me;
That if I start anything,
I must let you take over
O God;
Or better still, join me;
If you start, I should be ready to continue with you;
That when you call I must answer;
That we work together as
Unequal partners
In your vineyard;
I cannot say all the things
I have learned O loving God;
Too many to say;
What’s more, you keep on filling me with knowledge;
I keep on learning;
And growing;
And I thank you for the gift
Of knowledge;
It enables me to grow wiser,
And live better
And healthier;
And longer.
Thank you for inspiring us
To share what we know;
May you bless, with abundance,
Oh God of heaven and earth,
Those who, with generosity,
Share what they learn;
So that others may grow,
And accomplish their mission
Here on earth!
Thank you, Great God;
Mighty Father;
King of the universe;
Thank you for the gift
Of knowledge;
And wisdom;
And sharing.
Make us ever wise to move
In the right way;
And always acknowledge you;
Make us know that
With you at the center
Of our lives,
We will have no reason
To fear,
To worry,
To doubt,
To lack,
We will have everything we need,
Including protection of our lives
In the most dangerous of times;