I hope you know

I hope you know
That God is your friend;
I hope you know,
That God is very kind;
I hope you know,
That God loves you;
I hope you know
That God is a merciful God;
I hope you know,
That God is your father;
I hope you know,
That God is almighty;
I hope you know,
That God is all powerful;
I hope you know,
That God is all and all;
I hope you know
That God is love;
I hope you know
That God wants the best
For you,
And you can only get it
If you want the best
For yourself.
I hope you know
All these important facts
About life.
If you don’t, you better do.


New ways

There is no end to education;
Hence, no end to learning;
Learning will only end,
If the world ends;
Which may be billions
Of years away;
Leaning is like a river
That flows nonstop;
The more you learn,
The more you know;
The more you need to learn.
It is by learning
That we acquire new knowledge;
Which means knowing new things;
New ways of living,
New ways of acting;
New ways of cultivation;
New ways of planting;
New ways of harvesting;
New ways of preserving
What we have harvested.
New ways of enjoying
The fruits of our labour.

Feed your mind

Take your time
And feed your mind;
It needs
Food to eat
And water to drink;
So that it may grow;
And grow well;
Nourishing food
Is what it needs to eat;
And clean water
To drink;
Is the food
Of the mind,
But, just like
Not all food
Is good
For the nourishment
Of the body,
Not all knowledge
Is good
For the nourishment
Of the mind;
As you must feed your body
With nourishing food;
Do same with your mind;
Learn useful things;
Give your mind
A balanced diet;
Dont forget fresh air
And enough sunlight,
The crops will grow well.
And yield
An abundant harvest.
Your barns will be full.

I never will understand

Plenty of things I never
Do see;
Though wide I open my eyes;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
Plenty of things
I don’t understand;
However hard I rack
My tiny brain;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
For those who understand
Do make me know;
I can’t always see
Before I believe;
I can’t always understand
What I see;
As galore things exist,
Like stars in the sky,
Or fish in the sea,
I never will understand,
No matter how hard I try;
But what use do I want
To draw water from a stone?
Decipher or not,
See or don’t see
The writing on the wall
Is bold and clear;
Many things exist
I never will know;
I never will understand.

Don’t you know them?

Don’t you know them?
They are many;
They live among us;
And, going by what they do,
You can call them stupid;
But they think they are clever;
Claiming to know so much;
When they know very little;
They think they have
All the answers;
When they have no answers,
They want to be teachers
When they have nothing
To teach anyone.
Humility is what they lack;
So much noise
They know to make;
But little, they actually do.
Don’t you know such ones?
They aren’t far from you.

Learning is critical

Have you found that learning is critical to success? Of that, I am certain.

Each time I take time and learn how to do something, I usually find it easier to do it; and the results I get are satisfactory.

On the other hand, each time I have dabbled into something important without having taken time to learn how to go about it, not only have I found it harder to do, but also, the results have not been pleasing.

This explains why I do encourage all my friends, readers and whoever I can to make an effort to put learning ahead of doing.

Take time to learn how to do whatever you want to do.

By the way, learning is a life long affair. If you stop learning, you stop growing.

It is important that no day should pass when you have not added to your stock of knowledge. By this I mean when you have not learned something new, be it a new word, a new idea, new fact, or a new way of doing things.

Ensure that you grow in knowledge everyday.

At the end of each day, you should be able to show to yourself one or two things that you learned.

Know-how and excellence

Put in your mind once and for all, that know-how has tremendous power.

It is indispensable for excellence.

If you want to excel in anything, first acquire the know-how to do it.

Without that, it is impossible to excel. Instead, you will fall into mediocrity.

Are you for excellence or mediocrity. If you are for excellence, go for know-how.

It takes determination and effort to acquire know-how but it is worthwhile.

My new book

I am in for serious learning this week;
I have bought a new book;
I don’t think I will be
The same person
When I finish reading
This book;
Its not only inspiring;
It’s a life-changing book;
I will not only read it,
I will chew it and swallow,
What is more,
I will apply the knowledge;
And I will get results;
Knowledge is for results;
I thank God for making me
Find this book;
And for the author.