How can you make your success unstoppable?

Do you know what can make your success unstoppable?

We will answer this question in this post. It’s what I will be telling you.

But first, let us look at a few realities about success.

Do people find it easy to succeed in our times?

My answer is negative. And I have just read a post on the web which confirms this. It says according to studies, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their goals.

92 % don’t.

This is not the best news, but happily, the article gives 7 things they do differently.

Where do you fall? Are you among the 8% or the 92? As for me, its clear. I am among the 92%.

Thank God, I know it and also know what to do to move to the 8% group.

I like that Marcel Schwantes’ article gives what the successful people do differently that makes them succeed.

As a speaker and leadership coach, Schwantes knows what he is talking about.

Succeeding in today’s world is really hard. But why so?

This has always worried me and worries many others too, because, of course, we all want to succeed.

As I was searching for more on the subject, I met The Our Shawn McBride who has taken time to answer the question and also goes further to tell us what can be done:

“Why is it even harder to succeed Today Than Ever Before, And What To Do About It

It makes a good read. And yes, success does not come on a platter of gold. But despite the challenges, a lot of people are still succeeding.

However, some people succeed better than others. Why so? A strategic business advisor and coach consultant, Amishi Mehta gives eleven good reasons for that:

11 Reasons Why Some people are More Successful Than Others.

A good question is: can you succeed? Can you overcome the so many challenges and pluck victory?

The answer is yes. But you have to pay a prize.

What does it take to be successful?

Different people have different answers to this question. While we have just had six points, in Lifehack, David K. William gives ten:

10 critical things you need for life success.

Success is what we all aspire for. There is no denying that it is a hard nut to crack to get to success.

Yet, everyday people succeed. That is the good news; and they will continue to succeed. This says that success is not farfetched. It is possible. And if it is possible for one, it is possible for all. Whoever wants it and does the right thing, gets it.

From what we have got from the experts we have been reading, the overriding elements in success are knowledge, action and persistence.

Know what you must do, (knowledge) do it ( action) for long enough (persistence), and success will be unstoppable.

Put these three elements to work and they will work for you.

Listen to all the success gurus in the world, they will tell you that knowing what to do is primordial. As I have always said, you cannot fry an egg without learning how to do it. You will make a mess of it.

Many people think they can dive into business and succeed without any knowledge of how to go about it. Simply locating your business demands knowledge of how to know a good location for it.

Then, of course, action is indispensable. No matter how brilliant you may be, if you conceive the best ideas, you will need to put them to action for them to produce results. No action, no result; action, result.

Lastly, action does not bring automatic results. Most of the times, you will have to push for things to work in your favour. This is what we call persistence.

Knowledge+action+persistence = Success.


Learn something amazing

You can learn something amazing today if you want to.

That is what you should actually do.

Ask me why and how?

You need to grow in knowledge and opportunities for this to happen abound.

Did I tell you I had returned to the classroom?

If I didn’t, I do so now. Age is no handicap to me. Sure, it is a setback, but I won’t let it stop me.

I definitely cannot compete with the younger, sharper minds in my class; but I stay much longer after class, while they relax, or kill time, to catch up.

There is an adage in my village which says there are many ways of catching a rat without first cutting it’s tail. Do you know what this means? That there are different ways of getting to the other side of the mountain.

In my class today, I learned something amazing.

It was simple, but transformative, indeed.

After this class, I don’t foresee life being the same for me.

I am convinced we can all do amazing things if only we have someone to teach us the skills we need; and if we have the interest, humility and patience to learn.

Wisdom demands that we take time to learn how to do what we want to do if we want to excel in it.

It is not by magic that excellence is attained. Far from it.

It is by learning how to do what we want to do and working hard to do it that we become excellent in it.

I don’t think it is wrong to say learning is the key to success. It’s an axiom.

It may not be the only key, but it is an important one; an indispensable one, indeed.

Once you learn and know how to do something, you are in a better position to do it, and do it faster, with more confidence and better; because you are sure of yourself.

When it comes to learning, you may either do it on your own or you learn from a teacher.

I enjoy self tuition. Much of our knowledge is acquired through self tuition. But although it is good, my experience is that it is still better when a teacher or coach teaches you. This makes you grow better in confidence and performance.

I do not spare any opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge and new skills from a teacher.

And we must take note that, as many great minds have articulated so aptly, everybody we meet can teach us something. The personality who comes most to my mind each time these words jump to my eyes is Mahatma Gandhi, the universally revered non violent resistance Indian leader.

The world is advancing terrifically; and technology is growing at neck breaking speed. You have to be smart and fast to keep pace; otherwise you are tossed ashore by the roaring waves of the ocean of knowledge afloat.

Sadly, many of us are actually swept off our feet because we cannot cope. That is where courage, willpower and determination come aboard.

What is the long and short of what I have been saying? What am I driving at? That we should never stop learning. That is the bottom line of my discourse.

Learning is a life long process. And teaching even goes beyond life. Your life should continue to teach beyond your human existence.

The teacher in you should outlive you. This means, let your life be a series of lessons that will continue to nourish hearts and minds beyond your earthly existence.

The secret of making it big

It is a fact of life
That some people make it,
And some don’t;
And it is never an accident
When someone makes it
Big in life.
It is usually the result
Of doing
The right things.
This means,
What you need to do
To make it big.
The question is:
Why do some people do
The right things,
And some do not?
Of course, it is easy
To say:
Not everybody can do
The right thing;
Someone cannot do
the right thing unless
The person knows
What the right thing is.
And there is only one way
To know the right thing:
By learning;
A lot of people fail
In life
Because they do not learn
What it takes to succeed.
The brilliant ones invest
Their money in acquiring
The knowledge they need;
The foolish ones don’t;
The foolish ones fail,
The brilliant ones succeed.
So, to make it big,
And you have a right to it,
Learn what it takes;
Acquire the knowledge
You need;
That is the way to go.

Are you sure you know your spouse?

I like to talk about marriage. I like to see couples living happily.

How well or how deeply do you know your spouse? You may think you know your spouse when your knowledge is only superficial. Your knowledge of your spouse is like scratching at the surface as fowls do to search the ground for worms. They don’t dig deep.i

To make a comparison with fishing, I can say perhaps you have not dipped your net deep like the fishermen in the Bible to know and understand your spouse. Will it be surprising if at the end of the day, your net is empty?

There are tools that couples use to know themselves better, understand each other better, and relate better, thus succeeding in marriage.

Anyone who follows my writings on marriage closely will recall that once I posted something on a Marriage Encounter Week End.

Many people do not know about Marriage Encounter Week ends; and when they hear about it for the first time, one question which usually comes to their minds: who or what does one encounter at the week end?

That was the same question I asked before I became encountered.

This question was answered during the weekend. I got to understand the encounter concept and found it so beautiful.

Let me answer this question for you. Who or what do you encounter when you go for a Marriage Encounter Week End?

At a Marriage Encounter Week end, the first person you encounter is yourself.

If you have never done a week end, then most probably you have never really encountered yourself.

If you have never encountered yourself, it means you do not really know yourself. In other words, you have never really gotten in touch with your feelings.

And if you are not in touch with your feelings, it means you are living superficially without knowing your own self; without knowing why you feel the way you feel about certain situations, and act the way you act.

We, humans need to know ourselves and accept who we are. This starts with knowing who we are.

We are a whole bunch of things determined by our physical constitution, our sex, education, background, which we also call filters, our environment etc.

During a Marriage Encounter Week End, we are helped to know who we are. This includes knowing our strengths and weaknesses, our doubts, fears, worries etc.

When we know all these, that knowledge helps us in our dealings with others.

Hence, the first person you encounter during an Original Week End is yourself.

The next person you encounter is your spouse.

As husband and wife, you know yourselves better when you encounter each other. You know your spouse’s likes and dislikes, personality style, and what makes your spouse react in a certain way to certain situations.

When you know all this, you understand your spouse better. You understand that your spouse’s reaction may be the result of your spouse’s filters or personality style.

This is very precious knowledge that you will hardly get from marriage doctrine.

You can see that the word encounter should not scare anybody. It is not a violent encounter as a physical confrontation in a fight or in a football match where physical force is required. It is a gradual, loving, pleasurable discovery of who we are, and who our spouse is.

The third person you encounter at a week end is Jesus Christ. You come face to face with Jesus Christ, and understand the role that he has to play in your life firstly as and individual, and secondly as a couple.

You also encounter the sacrament of matrimony. You understand the real meaning of the sacrament of Matrimony.

What does it mean when you get married in Church? It means Christ is in that relationship. It means Christ is available at all times to help you in your relationship. It means Christ is journeying with you as a couple. You are not just husband and wife but husband, wife and Christ. You are three in one. This is so good. If there is a problem, you don’t have to try to handle it with your spouse alone. All three of you have to sit down together and look at it. You have to run to Christ every now and then, in fact, permanently.

During the week end you are taught a technique to get Christ ever present in your relationship so that even the children you give birth to are rooted in Christ.

From this you can draw a conclusion about why some children are wayward. Sometimes, it starts right at conception. The parents do not put Christ at the center at the time they are looking for a baby.

We are supposed to decide with Christ through prayer that we want a baby; that it is time to have a baby. Then we go looking for the baby with him through prayer. We do not go on our own.

If we bring Christ in at the very beginning, the child we get will grow up to know Christ and bear the light of Christ.

If some children go on to become priests, or religious, it is because their parents got Christ fully involved in the decision to bring them into the world, and continued to journey with Christ to bring them up. It is usually not by accident. Of course, some do encounter Christ late but most are people whose parents encountered Christ and helped their children early enough to encounter Christ as well.

Another level of encounter during the week end is for priests and religious who attend the weekend.

A lot of people often wonder what this category of people go to a week end for. Let us not forget that Priests and religious are also married to the greatest spouse, Jesus Christ. During the weekend, they first Encounter their self and then encounter Jesus Christ, their own spouse. If there are two priests at the weekend, they Encounter each other. This means they try to understand each other. Priests and religious live in communities and it is not an easy thing. If you Encounter yourself and know what motivates your behaviour and other priests’ behavior, it will be easier to live together.

The priesthood can also be very lonely. But encountered priests are not lonely because they have encountered couples to journey with. They understand what motivates certain behaviours and share the same values like encountered couples and have the tools to maintain healthy relationships with couples. This does not say that there is perfection. Not at all! There is room for human weakness. The bottom line is encountered priests and religious do very well with encountered couples.

In Marriage Encounter, you Encounter yourself, your spouse and Jesus Christ. Priests encounter themselves, fellow Priests and their spouse Jesus Christ; and the Christians they are called upon to serve.

Religious Encounter themselves, their fellow religious, (male/male; female/female).

The goal of a M.E. Week End is to make you know yourself, know your spouse and know Jesus Christ. This enhances love, understanding, tolerance, and working together for success in marriage and in their lives.

I hope you know

I hope you know
That God is your friend;
I hope you know,
That God is very kind;
I hope you know,
That God loves you;
I hope you know
That God is a merciful God;
I hope you know,
That God is your father;
I hope you know,
That God is almighty;
I hope you know,
That God is all powerful;
I hope you know,
That God is all and all;
I hope you know
That God is love;
I hope you know
That God wants the best
For you,
And you can only get it
If you want the best
For yourself.
I hope you know
All these important facts
About life.
If you don’t, you better do.

New ways

There is no end to education;
Hence, no end to learning;
Learning will only end,
If the world ends;
Which may be billions
Of years away;
Leaning is like a river
That flows nonstop;
The more you learn,
The more you know;
The more you need to learn.
It is by learning
That we acquire new knowledge;
Which means knowing new things;
New ways of living,
New ways of acting;
New ways of cultivation;
New ways of planting;
New ways of harvesting;
New ways of preserving
What we have harvested.
New ways of enjoying
The fruits of our labour.

Feed your mind

Take your time
And feed your mind;
It needs
Food to eat
And water to drink;
So that it may grow;
And grow well;
Nourishing food
Is what it needs to eat;
And clean water
To drink;
Is the food
Of the mind,
But, just like
Not all food
Is good
For the nourishment
Of the body,
Not all knowledge
Is good
For the nourishment
Of the mind;
As you must feed your body
With nourishing food;
Do same with your mind;
Learn useful things;
Give your mind
A balanced diet;
Dont forget fresh air
And enough sunlight,
The crops will grow well.
And yield
An abundant harvest.
Your barns will be full.

I never will understand

Plenty of things I never
Do see;
Though wide I open my eyes;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
Plenty of things
I don’t understand;
However hard I rack
My tiny brain;
Yet, I believe, they exist;
For those who understand
Do make me know;
I can’t always see
Before I believe;
I can’t always understand
What I see;
As galore things exist,
Like stars in the sky,
Or fish in the sea,
I never will understand,
No matter how hard I try;
But what use do I want
To draw water from a stone?
Decipher or not,
See or don’t see
The writing on the wall
Is bold and clear;
Many things exist
I never will know;
I never will understand.