Lead me on

Lead me on my star;
Lead me
To my promised land;
Lead me,
And show me the way;
Hold me
And take me with you;
The journey is long;
And I am not sure
Of what I’ll meet;
Only you can lead me
On the right path.
The path that leads
To the promised land;
The land called heaven.

Sow on fertile soil

Sow your seeds
On fertile soil;
That is what the wise
Farmers do.
Foolish farmers will sow
Their seeds on barren land;
Whereas seeds that are sown
On fertile soil
Will grow and sprout
And yield abundant fruit;
But seeds that are sown
On barren land,
If at all they grow,
Are not sure to yield;
And if at all they yield,
Are not sure of abundant yields;
Be wise then when you sow;
And sow your seeds,
Not on barren land,
But on fertile soil;
To reap an abundant harvest
That will give you joy.

That’s life

While some creatures
Are at home in water,
Some creatures will die
If thrown into water.
While some creatures
Only survive on land;
Some other creatures
Will instantly die on land.
That is life.
What you like I may not like;
What I like, you may not like;
What is good for me
May not be good for you;
What is good for you;
May not be good for me.

Say with confidence

I can now say it
With full confidence;
That you can take off slowly,
But land in grand style.
This has been confirmed;
Do you remember
Slow take off great landing?
It’s a post I wrote, look for it.
I took off slowly,
But landed in a big way;
That has fully empowered me to say
With more confidence
And conviction,
That anyone can take off slowly,
But land in grand style.
You can say with confidence
To anyone also,
That if  they take off slowly,
It is still possible
To land in grand style.

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