How to use the incredible power of captivating language to generate traffic on your blog

In the post 15 tips to drive more traffic to your blog, we listed attractive language as one of them.

In this post, I want us to explore that further. It is worthwhile.

Captivating language has incredible power, indeed.

What it can do is unbelievable.
It can generate and drive tremendous traffic to your blog.
That is why it is advisable to make the language in your blog posts as captivating as possible?

Of course, you know what I mean by captivating language.

You may want to know that the word captivating comes from the verb “to captivate” which means to attract, to appeal, to entice.

If something is captivating, it means it is appealing. It is attractive. It is enticing. It gives pleasure.

What would make the language in a post captivating?

First, the words you use.

An anonymous writer says,

“One kind word can change somebody’s day “

Words have tremendous power.

There are some words I want to describe as enchanting. They are pleasing to read.
You have to find such words and use them often in your posts where appropriate.

Some of such words:


These are just a few of such words. They will enhance the beauty of your post.

Always think of the words you select to use whenever you are writing.

“Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind of anybody.” (Sam Veda)

Avoid words that have been over used and have lost their beauty.
Among such over used words are:


Of course, you cannot avoid these words completely when you write, but make sure you limit their use; and when possible, replace them or reformulate the sentence to leave them out.

Literary devices

There is a variety of literary devices you can use to embellish you writing.


Master these devices and many more and use them carefully and correctly.

No one can over emphasize the need to make your blog posts fascinating.

If your readers know that your writing is enticing, they will always look for what you write. In fact, readers will flood to your blog.

Isn’t that the dream of every blogger? Of course, it is.

You probably know some other ways we can make the language in your posts more attractive to draw more readers.

Please, share in the comment box below.

Or if there’s nothing to add, do let me know.


Who is like me when it comes to marriage?

Who is like me? Who does like me? Very often, when I am angry, I say things to my spouse that later I feel bad that I said them. Do you sometimes do like me?

When I say those unpalatable things, she will be angry and our relationship will collapse.

I believe this resonates with many couples.

The way my spouse and I were talking to each other in the early days of our marriage was bringing us many problems until we attended a Marriage Encounter Week End. There, we learned to talk to each other with love and understanding and not in anger. You can call this talking responsibly in marriage.

Ever since, our relationship has greatly improved. We now choose our words more carefully when we talk to each other. We make a deliberate effort to avoid words that can hurt the other person.

It is not a perfect situation for us anyway. From time to time, we still use words that hurt, but we keep struggling to stay clear of them.

It is very common for couples to misuse their tongues in their relationship and ruin it. And when I talk of misusing our tongue in our marital relationship, I mean:

  1. Speaking without reflecting;
  2. Speaking without weighting our words;
  3. Speaking from anger;
  4. Speaking without caring about the effect of our words on our spouse;
  5. Saying things to hurt our spouse without caring;
  6. Running down our spouse in public.

In our relationship, we need to avoid this. We need to avoid the following types of tongue:

  1. A hateful tongue. A hateful tongue refers to words that spite out hate.
  2. A deceitful tongue. This means words that deceive. Don’t deceive your spouse. Honesty in marriage is the best policy.
  3. A boastful tongue: boastful. Do you boast to your spouse?
  4. A critical tongue. If you have a critical tongue, it means you like like to criticize what your spouse says. Are you fond of criticising what your spouse says?
  5. A ceaseless tongue: If you have a ceaseless tongue then you are among the people who talk without ceasing; talking like a parrot, not allowing your spouse to say even a word.
  6. A double tongue: This is a tongue that is full of duplicity. You say one thing but mean another. Example saying “You are the only one I have” whereas you have girlfriends or boyfriends all over and say the same thing to them.
  7. An explosive tongue. Such a tongue is good at setting fire on the house.
  8. Overbearing tongue. With this tongue, you are domineering, dominating. You talk like the boss.
  9. Authoritative tongue: You talk with authority. You are commanding. You want to be obeyed.
  10. Belittling tongue: You are condescending. You talk down on your spouse as f your spouse did not have any worth. To make your spouse see himself or herself as nobody.

I have heard people say all types of things to their spouse. For instance.

“Who are you?”
“Good for nothing”
“You are a fool”
“You are inconsequential ”

Isn’t it better to say positive things instead? What of this?:

“You are the best.”
“You are all and all to me.”
“I am nothing without you.”
“You are my oxygen”
“My air”
“My sunshine.”

What comes out of our mouths when we talk to our spouse is very important. It can build or destroy your marriage. When you are conversing with your spouse, be mindful of the words that you use. If you are so angry with your spouse that you want to pour out venom on him or her and something is telling you that if you don’t say it, you will burst, know that temptation is knocking on your door, trying to win your soul to hell. Please. don’t say it. If you say it you may regret when it is too late.
Yasar Qadhi has said, “The tongue is a small, soft flesh. Yet, it is capable of breaking the strongest bonds and destroying the most powerful relationships.” It could not have been better said. This goes in line with the words of another writer who says, ” The tongue has no bone but it is strong enough to break a heart.”
It is impossible to count the number of hearts that the tongue has broken in the world. But they must be in their billions. Do not let your tongue be your spouse’s heart breaker.

I agree with the Book of Proverbs when it says: “The tongue is sharper than a sword.”

If you want to become single today, you don’t need a sword to pierce through the heart of your spouse. Your tongue will do it easily for you. But is that how your marriage should end? Mind your tongue. It can make or mar your marriage.

Marriage alert: watch out!

Do you remember a day when life was moving perfectly well between you and your spouse and you felt loved and very happy but all of a sudden, and for no explanation things turned sour between you?

This happens to many couples. It has happened to me and I found it hard to understand.

Later on, I understood.

With marriage, know that it can take a downward turn at any time. It doesn’t matter that things are moving perfectly. You have to be careful. Watch out! Don’t take your spouse for granted. And don’t do anything without taking your spouse into consideration. I mean anything. I am talking from experience.

Once you become husband and wife, you are bound together. You are no longer two but one, and so you have to do the best you can to think like one, look in the same direction and act like one. Hard, but you have to try.

Let me mention one thing that can turn a sweet relationship sour before you open your eyes; or better still, before you blink your eyes.

Your tongue:

Did you get it? Your tongue can destroy your marriage. Your tongue can tear your relationship to pieces. Your tongue can burn your house.

Ask me for the synonym of tongue and I will say danger.

Think for a while and tell me what often pushes you to fly into a rage with your spouse. Of course, often it’s something that your sweetheart says that is like a knife driven through your heart. And immediately, your bile soars.

That is why we have to make sure we know how we use our tongue. We have to control our tongue or it controls us. And when you allow your tongue to control you, only by magic will you escape diving headlong into a precipice in your relationship. And you can’t be sure in what state you will get up from there, if at all you do get up.

If you read the handbook of life which you know so well, the Bible, you should be familiar with the instruction the creator of the marriage institution gives us about the use of the tongue by couples in their marriage.

Go to the Letter of St. James to God’s people, Chapter 3 and read from verse 1 to 12. This letter has a big lesson on the use of the tongue in our relationship with others; and we can narrow it down to our relationship with our spouse.

In a nutshell, St. James teaches that the way you speak and what you say to your spouse can make or mar your marriage. Hence, we have to be very careful about what we say to our husband or our wife. I got that lesson and I am not departing from it because I know what awaits me if I do.

We want to build not destroy our marriage. Wisdom demands that we listen to St. James.

He compares the tongue to a fire. Just like a large forest can be set ablaze by a tiny flame, our husband/wife relationship can be set on fire by our tongue.

And you know what? The tongue is not easy to tame just like a blazing fire on a mountain forest is hard to control. Get what St. James says: ” Human beings can tame and have tamed all creatures – wild animals and birds, reptiles and fish. But no one has ever been able to tame the tongue. It is evil and uncontrollable, full of deadly poison….”

If you read this passage and meditate on it and do not watch how you speak to your spouse, your seriousness in marriage is clearly questionable.

As we have mentioned, to control the tongue is not eating rice and stew. It is an uphill task. It is always seeking to wriggle its way out of control. Don’t give it a chance.

Each time you open your mouth to talk to your spouse, weigh your words. In my village we say chew your words well before you swallow them.

Don’t speak in anger or when you are angry.

Do not use your tongue to dump words on your spouse that you will later regret using. Don’t say hurt words to your spouse. The way such words hurt you is the same way they hurt your spouse. Use love words; words that uplift your spouse; words that sweeten the heart. When you are angry, better be silent rather than throw words at your spouse that will give pain to the heart.

I hope this short reflection can help your relationship somehow. Actually, this is just to kick start the conversation on this key subject of the use of the tongue in marriage. We welcome your views, and especially your testimonies of how the use of the tongue has impacted your marital relationship. Journeying together means talking together; sharing together and growing together. Let’s build and strengthen one another by sharing.

10/10 question on the topic:

“When was a time when the poor use of my tongue brought stress to my relationship with my spouse? What responsible decision am I ready to take about how I use my tongue in my marriage? HDIFAMA? (How do I feel about my answer?)”

If this happens to come your way when you have not done the Marriage Encounter Weekend which schools couples on marriage, you may be at a loss about what 10/10 means. Just leave that aside and write on the topic and discuss with your spouse and share with us here. Thanks for reading.

A master of words ( Be inspired today 388 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I want to be a master of words;
I want to know how to get words
To get me to the moon,
The stars;
And wherever I want to go;
I want to win
The toughest battles
Ever fought and won
With the weapons of words;
I want to use words
To conquer hearts
That have never been conquered;
I want to be a master
Of words;
A warrior whose weapons
Are words.
I want to win with words.

Lasting world peace (Be inspired today 117 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Humanity is unquestionably making amazing strides in technological development. What we see this digital age is mind blowing.

These confounding achievements have raised the quality of life in the world. But billions of people still wallow in misery.

While we pursue greater heights in science, we must not forget that the end purpose of knowledge is better living for the human race. The human person must remain at the center of all that we do if we do not want to miss our target.

What is the use of having facilities for better enjoyment of life if we cannot have an enabling environment to do so?

Look at the conflicts, the violence, the wars that are tearing us apart and making life unlivable for many.

We talk so much about the need for world peace. Yes, we need world peace.

There is no doubt that a lot of appreciable effort is being made to enhance world peace. Unfortunately, many of us are still to understand what we need for lasting world peace.

It is not peace keeping forces , military weapons or sanctions that will give us world peace. It is principally three things -love, justice and the ability to communicate in a way that will bring about or enhance understanding, peace, and harmony among us.

The last point underscores the power of language. Let me affirm loudly and clearly that language is a formidable weapon for world peace.

We use language to communicate with others; to make them know us; understand us; know what we want or what we expect of them. Without this tool, we can only use force to get what we want. Of course, as we so often say, or hear, violence begets violence.

Indisputably, language is an indispensable tool for peace and harmonious living. The more we master it, the better we use it to put across our ideas to others as well as understand what others want from us. Without this tool, it would have been hard for the people of the world to live together.

This is my proposal for long term lasting world peace – that we institute a world wide program whereby we equip every child born into this world with language and communication skills that will enhance peaceful and harmonious living with others. Of course, in addition to instilling in them the universal values of love and justice.

Where there is love, there is justice; and where there is justice, there is love. Where you find the two, you will find peace. And we can only have these two where we are communicating rightly to one another.

As our take-home, we say world peace is a possibility if we go about it the right way.

At our individual level, we can make a contribution. Let each of us resolve to enhance peace in our environment, be it our home, our workplace, our community, or our country through our language; by the way we communicate. Our communication should carry love, harmony, a sense of fairness and justice to others and respect for the other person.

While we pursue technological advancement to enhance the quality if life on planet earth, we must always have at the back of our minds that a conducive environment for happy living is a must otherwise our efforts will be in vain.

Watch your words (Be inspired today 50 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

He’s so full of himself;
He thinks he knows it all;
He feels he can insult anybody
Anyway he likes;
He will even call you a yam
If that will please him;
What he does not know is,
Only a yam
Will call another a yam;
Only a fool
Will call another a fool;
We all are clever and stupid;
Everyone knows things others
Others don’t;
And others know things we don’t;
None must call another a fool,
Or a stupid man.
Such cannot be done by a clever man.
Watch your words!
They may land you in trouble.

Win with word power

Stale, insipid, vapid vocabulary;
Those old, tired words
That are used without color;
They make for dull, uninspiring writing;
How rich is your word bank?
Swollen, bulging or lean?
If you only cash out
Without refurbishing, nourishing, refueling your vocabulary account,
Your language bank Manager will soon notify you your account is signalling red;
Worn out, hackneyed terminology
Will not play the trick;
If you want to reach the stars
In your writing career,
Drum this into your skull:
Words are the machine guns
With which writing wars are won.

Sing on sweet one

If love is the only language
That you speak,
Speak on,
I will, forever listen
To your love words.

If love is the only song
That you sing to me
Sing on;
My ears are open.
To listen to your melody,
Till I can hear no more.

If love is the only promise
That you have to make to me,
Go on;
I want to hear you say
Those golden words
“I love you.”

If love is sweet
It is because it comes from
The heart;
And goes to the heart.
Don’t stifle it.

Prayer for the gift of writing

This is a prayer for the gift of writing:

O Mighty God, source of every gift;
I pray for the gift of writing;
That I may write
All that you inspire me
To write,
In the best way that
You want;
Grant me the gift of words,
So that I may find
The right words to use
When I write;
May I excel in writing;
That what I write may be pleasant and edifying;
Grant me the ability to impact my readers,
And move them to think, behave and act in ways that will bring glory to your name;
You granted the gift to write
To Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer,
Jane Austin, Achebe, Soyinka,
And many more;
You have made great authors
To touch hearts all over the world;
The great poets, novelists
And playwrights were all inspired
By you.
Do same to me.
My humble supplication
I submit to you in all humility and faith.