Better late than Never

Don’t give up because you are late. Still try to make it. Always remember the saying that its better late than never.


Start your day early

Like an early bird,
Flying in the sky,
Early, you must start
Your day;
And you will see
It’s a good thing to do;
If you don’t go further
Than on other days,
It shall surprise me;
In any case,
There’s every indication
It’s the right thing
To do;
Better to start early
Than to start late;
If you start early,
Before it’s getting late,
You’ve gone far
And by the end of the day,
You have covered much.
I urge you to start early,
And make it big;
Make it a habit
To start your day early
Like the early bird,
The ripest banana
Shall be yours to enjoy.
That is what
I encourage you to do.

You cannot leave me now

Don’t leave me!
You can’t leave me now,
In the middle of the ocean;
It’s too late;
And that’s not what you promised me;
You promised to stand by me;
And to sing to me love songs
In rain and in shine,
You promised to be my own;
Till death do us part,
You promised never to leave me;
Why are you now about to leave me?
It’s now that I need you most;
Don’t you know?
You cannot leave me
In the middle of the sea
When now I need you most;
You’re not fair to me;
It’s too late to leave me.