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Laugh last laugh best

While I am working hard, There are people Who are laughing at me; Making fun of me; Asking why I give myself So much trouble When I would have been Relaxing and enjoying Like them; I don’t mind it; And it’s tough to toil When your peers Are out there enjoying; But tomorrow When the…

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Laugh out your lungs

If you don’t laugh out your lungs, then you are hard to laugh. I laughed out my lungs. For one thing, it has more meaning to people in my local community who can put it in context. What he speaks is pidgin English. Context: Every year, green grasshoppers come in large numbers at a certain…

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If you are serious about winning

You will be optimistic; You will not be pessimistic; You will be positive; You will not be negative; You will hope; You will not despair; You will encourage yourself; You will not discourage yourself; You will see stars at night You will not see darkness; You will laugh at difficulties; You will not cry at…

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Make us laugh this day!

Make us laugh this day O Lord; Make this day a good one; Change all negatives To positives; Give us sunshine Not rain; Let us smile Not frown; Make us laugh, Not cry; Wipe all our tears; And in their place Give us laughter; So that we may laugh From jaw to jaw In joyful…

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Your face glitters

See how you laugh So loudly, so sweetly; There’s happiness in your heart; What makes you so happy my love? Is it the love you have for me? See how you light up the whole place With the light That comes from you; See how your face glitters; You shine my love; You are a…

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Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings;I am happy,And I am sad;Some beautiful thingsHappened;Some ugly thingsHappened as well;I smiled;I laughed;But also, I pushed backSome tears;Good thingsAnd bad things;HappinessAnd sadness;But after everything,I want to end the day happy;I choose happiness;And dump sadness;Happiness stands talk;Happiness is the winner.So no more mixed feelings.I say no toMixed feelings.

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A reason to laugh

Are you surprised To see me smiling so broadly? You shouldn’t be; I have a reason to smile; Because of your love I find myself smiling; In the second place, A brand new week has begun With many expectations for me; I really have not a reason but reasons, Not only to smile from jaw…

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