Laugh it off

If life’s been rude to you
Unkind and unsympathetic
To you,
And not treated you well,
Don’t carry it
On your head,
Laugh it off;
If you try hard,
Very hard,
But don’t make it,
Don’t let it wear down
The beauty on your face;
Laugh it off;
That’s life,
Short and simple.
If your efforts
Fall short,
What use to wear
Dishevelled hair
And misery on you?
Laugh it off.
Be happy you tried;
That you put up
Your best;
Just laugh it off.


If you laugh at me

If you laugh at me,
I will laugh at you;
I will kick your ass;
And that’s simple
To understand;
I have fallen though;
But why laugh?
If you aren’t stupid?
You are behind;
And it’s still slippery ahead;
You laugh at me,
If you are not a naught?
I will laugh double at you;
Your fall may be worse
Than mine;
Don’t laugh at me;
So I won’t laugh
At your stupidity.
If I’m hard, that’s it;
You get my point,
Straight and clear;
No mincing of words.

Laugh last laugh best

While I am working hard,
There are people
Who are laughing at me;
Making fun of me;
Asking why I give myself
So much trouble
When I would have been
Relaxing and enjoying
Like them;
I don’t mind it;
And it’s tough to toil
When your peers
Are out there enjoying;
But tomorrow
When the fruits
Of my labour are ripe,
That’s when I will laugh
From jaw to jaw;
I will laugh last,
But laugh best.
In no hurry to laugh now.
Laugh last,
But laugh best.

Laugh out your lungs

If you don’t laugh out your lungs, then you are hard to laugh. I laughed out my lungs. For one thing, it has more meaning to people in my local community who can put it in context.

What he speaks is pidgin English.


Every year, green grasshoppers come in large numbers at a certain period. People like eating them and during this season, some people catch them at night in large numbers. That means much money.

Unfortunately, this year, because of the sociopolitical conflict in my locality, a curfew has been imposed, forbidding movement after six pm. This man is lamenting about this, considering that it is the time for the grasshoppers and git will be a big loss to him because of this curfew. It’s really humorous.

If you like it, please, share.

If you are serious about winning

You will be optimistic;
You will not be pessimistic;
You will be positive;
You will not be negative;
You will hope;
You will not despair;
You will encourage yourself;
You will not discourage yourself;
You will see stars at night
You will not see darkness;
You will laugh at difficulties;
You will not cry at difficulties;
You will smile often;
You will not frown;
You will have a winning spirit;
You will not have a losing spirit;
You will learn to stand tall;
You will learn not to lie low.
You will see the bright side;
You will not see the dark side.

Make us laugh this day!

Make us laugh this day
O Lord;
Make this day a good one;
Change all negatives
To positives;
Give us sunshine
Not rain;
Let us smile
Not frown;
Make us laugh,
Not cry;
Wipe all our tears;
And in their place
Give us laughter;
So that we may laugh
From jaw to jaw
In joyful happiness.
You are in control;
You own everything;
You decide what should
And should not happen.
Decide now in our favour;
On you we depend;
In you is all our hope.

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings;
I am happy,
And I am sad;
Some beautiful things
Some ugly things
Happened as well;
I smiled;
I laughed;
But also, I pushed back
Some tears;
Good things
And bad things;
And sadness;
But after everything,
I want to end the day happy;
I choose happiness;
And dump sadness;
Happiness stands talk;
Happiness is the winner.
So no more mixed feelings.
I say no to
Mixed feelings.

*What a coincedence*

I was about to catch the flight from Kolkata to Delhi , the capital of India on an official tour on an Indigo flight.

Yeah !! The flight was in time and i boarded the flight .To be honest i being an extrovert by nature won’t feel uncomfortable with co-passangers as well but….

“All on a sudden……I noticed a very strange thing !

That day i had a real strange dress code…..i mean from top to bottom even my T-shirt my pant,my shoes 👠& even my watch ⌚️ i wore by chance was from none other than “Benetton” the brand i like most because its pure #cotton.

I laughed..laughed…& laughed at my self…..and thought of sharing this non-sence coincidece with all you guys & ladies..heheheee😜

Thanks for tolerating me…….!

Hey…if it is too much then tell me please !

Happy flying with my write-ups.
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