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Becoming a great writer

If becoming a great writer is your aspiration, I call it a lofty aspiration; and give you a warm thumbs up for that.👍 Many of us, though, dream to be great writers but do not realize it takes hard work to acquire the skills through learning and practise. To those who aspire to acquire Shakespearean…

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Big Announcement!

Yes, we are listening to all our followers’ requests! On February 3rd, Dana’s own YouTube Channel will be broadcasting his blogs and messages for everyone to hear each Thursday and Sunday! This is an exciting new chapter and we hope you will subscribe (FREE, of course) to his channel. You may ask questions by leaving…

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There’s power in knowledge

There’s joy in learning; Greater joy in applying What you have learned; Greatest joy in reaping The fruits of what You have learned and applied; There is power in knowledge; When you know What you are talking about, You talk with confidence; To talk with confidence, Is power; If you want to be powerful, Master…

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