Live Your Dream Life Course, Week 3 day 1

The fruits of wisdom

So far in this course, we have seen what wisdom can do. We have seen that it can “offer you long life, as well as wealth and honor. It can make your life pleasant and lead you safely through it. Those who become wise are happy; wisdom will give them life” (Prov. 3: 15–2).

“Nothing will stand on your way if you walk wisely, and you will not stumble when you run” (Prov. 4: 12).

Wisdom gives “knowledge and understanding like rain, and increases the honor of those who receive her” (Sir. 1:19). “The more wise people there are, the safer the world will be.”

The wisdom that God gives us is to enable us to succeed. It gives understanding. It makes us disciplined, prudent, just and truthful. It makes us shun evil and embrace Good. It makes us shun lies and embrace truth. It enables us to avoid enticements that can lead to our doom. It enables us to carve out our place in the world; and to make the world a better place.

Hence, it is very important for you to strive to gain all the wisdom that you can get and use it as best you can like King Solmon.

King Solomon used his wisdom to settle a very difficult dispute between two women over a living and a dead child.

He used his wisdom to compose “3000 proverbs and more than a thousand songs. He spoke of trees and plants…” and of “Animals, birds, reptiles and fish” (1 King 4: 32-33).

As a result of his wisdom, his “fame spread throughout all the neighboring countries” (1King 4: 30 – 31).

In fact, King Solomon’s wisdom came with fame and riches. Hear him: “When wisdom came to me, all the good things came with her.” It “brought untold riches.”

Thus, wisdom is a powerful tool for achievement in life.

“Happy is anyone who becomes wise; who gains understanding. There is more profit in it than there is in silver; it is worth more to you than gold.” (Prov.3:13 – 15.)

You may be like King Solomon if you acquire wisdom and use it well. You may become special; and if you use it to promote good in the world, the world will be a better place for all. Wisdom could make you famous also throughout the world.

However, you can use your wisdom for good or you can use it for evil.

There are many wise devils in the world. They are full of wisdom; but they use it to make life difficult for others. They use it to destroy, cheat, suppress, exploit, trample on others, and manipulate and use others to have their way.

Hence, mind what you do with the wisdom that you get from God. It will determine whether you will be a success or a failure. Many people who have misused the wisdom God has given them by manipulating their way to power or bringing untold suffering on their people in their position of power, have ended up paying dearly for it; and that is failure.


Wise King Solomon


In our course today, I like us to learn about the wisdom of King Solomon; how wise he was; how he gained his wisdom and how we can emulate his example. The book of Kings says,

“Kings all over the world heard of his wisdom and sent people to listen to him” (1King 4: 34).

The world holds King Solomon in very high esteem. That is why we talk of being as wise as King Solomon. He was wiser than anyone before and after him.

Take a close look to see how he gained his wisdom. When he became King, God appeared to him in a dream and asked “What would you like me to give you?”(I king 3: 5).

He was free to ask for riches, earthly possessions and power to rule the world, especially to dominate and trample on every other person. Curiously, Solomon asked for wisdom:

“I am very young and don’t know how to rule. Here I am among the people you have chosen to be your own, a people who are so many that they cannot be counted. So give me the wisdom I need to rule your people with justice and know the difference between good and evil. Otherwise, how would I ever be able to rule this great people of yours?” (1King 3: 7–9)

It pleased God that he had asked for wisdom and nothing else; so God said to him:

“Because you have asked for wisdom to rule justly, instead of long life for yourself or riches or the death of your enemies, I will do what you have asked. I will give you more wisdom and understanding than anyone has ever had before; or will ever have again. I will also give you what you have not asked for: all your life you will have wealth and honor, more than that of any other king. And if you obey me and keep my laws and commands as your father David did, I will give you a long life” ’ (1King 3: 10- 14).

It is God who gives wisdom. Wisdom does not come from us. It comes from God; but like Solomon, we must ask Him for it. The Bible commands us to ask and it shall be given to us.

Why did King Solomon ask for wisdom?

In King Solomon’s place, many of us today would have asked for money, power and fame. In short, we would have asked for riches to get whatever we want or earthly power to do and undo, especially to dominate others. Solomon, being different, asked for wisdom and nothing more.

The reason is he valued wisdom and regarded it “more highly than any throne or crown” (Wis. 7:8). To him, wealth was nothing compared to wisdom. “Precious jewels could not equal her worth” (Wis. 7:8-9).
He was right. The bible tells us:
“And beside wisdom all the gold in the world was only a handful of sand and silver, (and) nothing more than clay” (Wis. 7: 9). “Wisdom is better than strength. It does more good than weapons.”
Eccl. 9:16–18).

If you want the best for yourself in life, emulate the example of King Solomon. Value wisdom; have high regard for wisdom.

Ask God to give you wisdom to do the things that He wants you to do during your span of life on earth. He has a great plan for you; and wants you to carry it out perfectly. With your limited wisdom you cannot do it. Only by His Grace can you have the wisdom you need.

He is waiting for you to ask Him. If you ask, He will give you.

Reflect on what you have read. Write notes so that you may easily refer to them later.


Take resolution 2 following what you have learnt here. Write it after the first one you took. Remember the importance of a resolution lies in following or respecting it.

Here we end Week Two. Take the week end for revision, tidying or finishing unfinished work.

Step by step we are moving on. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. On Monday we start week 3. Bravo! Your feedback shall be highly appreciated.

Live your dream life course, week 2

Week 2 Day 1:

We enter week 2 of our “Live Your Dream Life Course”. Some of you have said how you enjoyed week one. We thank you for your encouraging comments.

The start is not always easy. It is possible to get discouraged at the start if you do not see where you are going. Some of you have seen where this course is leading to; some of you have not. Whatever the case, keep going. For those who are not yet in, things will shape up.

I would like us to start this second week with a quote; and I would like you to read it very carefully. It contains a wealth of wisdom which you may miss unless you read it carefully. Here it goes:

“Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age, for it is a more certain support than all other possessions.”
(Diogenes Laertius)

Read it a second time. Can you relate it to this course? Of course, you can; and should.

‘Make wisdom your provision for the journey’ of success that you are beginning now until the end, ‘for it is a more certain support than all other possessions.’

To make ‘wisdom your provision for the journey’ of the success that you are beginning’ demands that you follow your course with an open mind, and positive attitude; that you expect the best; that you see everything in this course as being for you; that you put no barriers between you and your course. It demands that you leave out prejudice. That is wisdom. You will see what it will do for you.


I am here to journey with you to a great destination. I am here to help you become the person that God created you to become. I am here to assist you to realize the great plan that God has for you. He has a great plan for you; for everybody.

If you are already doing very well in life, that is fine. If you are already shinning and sparkling, you can do more. If you are reading this, I am convinced that the top of the ladder is still far away from you; and thank God He has lifted you this far. You can do more. You have the potential for even greater things.

It is rather unfortunate that when we find ourselves blessed more than others around us, the tendency is to go to sleep; or to sleep on our laurels. Many of us fail to see that the blessings God has given us are meant to serve as an invitation to do more to make the world a better place; and to do more we must work to bring out the best in us. Hence, my friend, you who may already be shinning must resolve to shine even more. To shine more is God’s plan for your life.

You who may not be shining, or who may not find it easy, must maintain your calm. The best begins for you with this course.

It is rather sad that many of us fail to achieve God’s plan for our lives. I want to journey with you with the understanding that what you want is the achievement of God’s plan for your life; and that plan is success or more success.

If you want to bring out the best in you then you want to achieve God’s plan for your life. Realizing your full potential is achieving God’s plan for your life; and I am here to assure you that you can do that. I am here to assist you do that.

I want to assure you that you can become the person that you are meant to be. Did you get that? You can become the person you are meant to be. That is a powerful statement and why I stress it. I like you to personalize that sentence. Instead of ‘You can become the person you are meant to be’, say ‘I can become the person I am meant to be.’

Say it again. Those words are very important. Look at them again. Do you know that they are good but not good enough? You say ‘I can’. That is an expression of possibility. What you are saying is it is possible for you to become the person you are meant to be; but you may not become the person you are meant to be. You may and you may not. That statement is not good enough for someone like you who really want to succeed. It’s not a decisive statement.

You must be decisive. You must be clear about what you want. I want you to modify those words to express your resolve to become the person you want to be and your belief that you will do so. That is the key: your resolve and your belief. Now, let’s go. Put it this way: ‘I will become the person I am meant to be.” If you have said that, perfect!

You must believe this if you want to get the most out of what this course is out to give you. If you don’t believe it, there is no use pursuing the course. You will only be wasting your time unless you change.

I want you to put in your mind once and for all that God brought you into this world for great things and is ready to help you achieve them; but you must believe that you will achieve them and be willing to work for them. If you believe this, then let us continue. The end result will be joy. You will see yourself living the life of your dreams; the life that you have never thought you could live.

It will be to your advantage to go back to the beginning and give this presentation a good second and why not a third reading? Let it never leave you that what you are doing is a course. It is a package that we have put together for you. You will see the while unfolding as we progress and put the parts together.


For your assignment for day one of this second week, give your reaction to this presentation. You may state what has caught your attention; what you agree or disagree with; like or dislike; and which thoughts or lines stand out to you. Say what message you have got from the passage. If something here has inspired you, you may blog on it, and mention your source of inspiration.

Week 1 assignment 5 Friday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“Success is not easy to come by. It does come, however, to those who work and keep on working till they succeed” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

This is true. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is hard. It is not easy to succeed. Some young people think they can succeed without working hard. This is not possible.

If you work hard enough, doing what you should do, nothing will stop you from succeeding.
Therefore, fold your sleeves and work and your success will be guaranteed.

What is your take on this?

Week 1 assignment 4 Thursday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” Albert Einstein.

A key to success is service to others. The more people you serve, the more successful you become. Somebody has said to become successful, look for a need and fill it.

Do you agree? Comment or write a post on this.

Week 1 assignment 3 Wednesday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“You can if you think you can” John Reeves.

These words by John Reeves remind me of what Napoleon Hill said: “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

For today’s assignment for Live Your Dream Life Course, ponder on this. It is true. Believe it. If you truly believe that you can o something and go fully for it, if you stay on long enough, you will achieve it.

As our course progresses, we shall expand on this and shall see examples of people who were lifted to prominence because they believed. Meanwhile you can look around the web to see if you can find illustrations of this thought. Also, if you are inspired, write something on your blog about it. Comment on this.

At the end of it all, go home with this in mind: “You can if you think you can.”

Week 1 assignment 2 Tuesday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

We are happy that many of you have started following the Live Your Dream Life Course Week 1. This week is the introduction which will be here for you all week. We advice that you read it very well, in fact, over and over, and understand how you shall be expected to work. Read with an open mind to learn what is here.

There will be knowledge packed full but you have to let it pass through you. Here is the prompt to today’s assignment:

“You can achieve anything you desire with all your heart and work with all your might to achieve.”

You will find this quote in my book The Wonders of Wisdom. Many authors have written on this. Do you agree or disagree. Comment or blog on it. If you write a post on it, send us the link. We’ll invite fellow participants to read it.

Live Your Dream Life Course Week 1


Monday 22 February goes down in the annals of Success Inspirer as the day this blog started its first success course as announced.  Thank you for joining us.


We are starting our Success course titled Live Your Dream Life Course. This course is meant to get you going after what you want in life; and never to stop until you have achieved it.

I like you to take note of these words by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Ponder on them

I have a dream for you. I want you to leave a trail in this world. I will encourage you as much as I can so that you do that. I will inspire you. I will motivate you. I will help you bring out the best in you.

I have one piece of advice for you: do not minimize the power of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and help no matter who it’s coming from. Your help may come from where you least expected. God works in wonderful ways. You never know who He will use to give you what you want. Keep all channels of opportunity open, even the most unlikely ones.

Instructions for the course

The instructions for this course are very important. Follow them scrupulously. That  is what will give you the results you seek. All the instructions are simple.  You should not have any difficulty following them. Taking them lightly will not do you any good. It will be better not to start the course at all than to start it and not follow the instructions; for, it would be a waste of your precious time. Never forget that time is money. Time is the most precious gift you have.

Pay attention

To make things easy and interesting, we’ll be giving you just enough at a time. Long lessons are boring and the learner losses attention. When attention goes, precious time is wasted; effort is wasted; results are negative. Make the most of your time by paying attention to what you read.

Read daily

Each lesson is meant for one week. Read and re-read. Repetition enhances understanding and assimilation. Take note that it is a study course. It is not just reading a post on a blog. If you read daily for one week, paying attention to what you read, it will be hard to be the same person at the end of the week. Read and master the content of each lesson in a way that you can teach another person.


Make sure you understand what each lesson contains. Make sure you take home something from every lesson. What are you taking home today? Get an exercise book or open a file for your take-homes. You will be surprised at how much knowledge you will accumulate.

Share what you learn

Sharing what you’ve learned prints it stronger in your own mind. If you keep it selfishly to yourself, it will soon dry up. After each lesson, share what you have learned as a comment. It must not be long. It can be long; it can be short. You make the choice. You may blog on the lesson you’ve learned. Something in it may inspire you to write a post. Please, do; and inform us about it so that we and others may look for it and read.

Chat Forum

On this site, there is a chat forum titled “How was your day today?” You will easily find it. Use it to share what you have learned, ask questions, make remarks, thank, compliment etc. Fellow course participants will be happy to meet you there. Feel free.


This is what we have for this first week. This course is meant to take you from where you are to where you wish to be. Let not the simplicity of things here deceive you. This is a powerful course. Devote time to it. Be wise! There is no use rushing from blog to blog hitting like just to have them return the gesture when it does not take you far. I want you to take time and concentrate on a course that will take you rung after rung up the ladder of greatness.

If you can learn something new and useful even if you read just one post a day, and have no like on your blog, it will be better than rushing after likes and by the end of the day, you are exhausted and no better than when you started.

It is important to know your priority. Nothing can be more important for your success than to grow in the knowledge that will take you to where you want to go. That is what you should go for. That is what is given you here.


You have below daily assignments. For this week, they are mostly thoughts which we consider wise and important for success. Take them day by day as indicated, ponder on them, see how true or not each one is, and decide how you want to use it to take you to success. Share on it. Let us know what you think or have decided.

Everyday, you shall be prompted on the assignment of the day. You can then blog on it or do with it as it pleases you. The idea is to spend enough time thinking about it and making sure that you get a lesson from it for success.

  1. Monday: “Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon).
  2. Tuesday: “You can achieve anything you desire with all your heart and work with all your might to achieve.” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus)
  3. Wednesday: “You can if you think you can” John Reeves.
  4. Thursday: “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” Albert Einstein.
  5. Friday: Success is not easy to come by. It does come, however, to those who work and keep on working till they succeed.” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus)
  6. Saturday: Use this day to look at all that you did this week on this course. Do some evaluation. Did you get anything new, even if it was small? Were your expectations met? Do you look forward to week 2? Let us know what you think. That will help us get things better for you.

Thank you for being part of this first week of our course. Good luck. See you on Monday.

Live your dream life

IMG_20151025_154901My dear friends, I announced a great moment for this site to come soon. Here it comes. It is called Live Your Dream Life, a success course on Success Inspirer. I wish to very warmly invite you to this course as it will get you going for what you want in life.

Get these great words by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

My dream for you, if you will take this course, (and it is completely free), is to see you become the person you dream to be.

Let today that I announce this be the beginning of a great journey for you; the beginning of a new life. The beginning of a transformation in your life.

Take note of this day; and do not take anything here for granted. Your success shall be determined by the seriousness with which you take the course. As you pass through it, do not be like those people who have passed through school, but school has not passed through them.

Pass through it; and let it pass through you. In the words of the American legend, Vincent Norman Peale, in his masterpiece, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, as you go through it, ‘Expect the best and you will get the best.’

Starting on Monday, we shall have a lesson a week. They shall not be demanding. In fact, they shall be very simple but useful.

Wave nothing aside until you have tasted it, had a good bite of it, chewed it and swallowed it. As one great leader once said, “Great things sometimes have very humble beginnings.” Let our humble beginnings not deceive you.

What I will be doing here is what I have done all my life with spectacular results. I have transformed lots of lives. I have helped lots of people and today, they live their dream lives. No matter how highly place you may be in life, you can benefit from this course if you take it serious.

I know there are people who never believe in what others do. Do not be that person. Humility pays. Humble yourself and pay attention to us and what you will gain will surprise you.

There is no registration for this course. It is open to anyone who wishes to benefit from it. It is also free so that you can come and go as you like. But I have one request to make of every participant. Let us all be there on the day we are evaluating and talk frankly about the experience.

The one thing I like you to have at the back of your mind as you make up u=your mind to join me for this course is my purpose in life is to help people go from where they are to where they wish to be.

Thanks in advance to all those who shall come on board for this course. Many blessings to you!

I wouldn’t mind knowing what you think. In fact, I would love to know what you think. Hence, I’ll appreciate if you leave a comment in the comment box.

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Methods of learning

Learning Style

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?


We all learn best in varied ways. Some people learn best in a team when team members share ideas and support one another. In this scenario, the strong pull along the weaker ones.

This method has its setbacks.  While the stronger ones may pull up the weaker ones, the weaker ones are also likely to pull down the stronger ones.

Next are people who learn best when they sit in a classroom and listen to the teacher. What the teacher tells them sinks and sticks. Without a teacher, they find it hard to read on their own and even if they do, they hardly understand.

The ‘loners’ like to study alone. When there is nothing or no one to distract them, they will remain focused for long hours on what they are learning. This makes things much easier and they more quickly understand.

This is my best method. As a thinker, I enjoy being alone. This enables me to focus on what I am reading. Of course, like the other methods, this one has its set backs too. The main one is there is no one to help in case of difficulty.

Actually it is hard  to find a learning method that is without its shortcomings. A method may be found to be good now, and obsolete tomorrow.

Thus, I can hardly say I will forever stick to one method alone. At one time I may be comfortable learning all alone; and at another, I burn with the zeal to learn with others.

Learning today is much easier than it was several years ago. There are more learning facilities and teaching aids than at any time in history. I do not mind using some of them to enhance my learning. This is where modern communication technology triumphs.  It makes learning a joy.