Tribute to a living legend (Be inspired today 82 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who do I see glowing
Like a fire
In a furnace?
Who is this living legend?
This super woman;
The like of Mandela,
Luther King, Michael Jackson,
Mahamat Gandhi,
That is no other than
Oprah Winfrey.
The woman whose smile😁
Beams light like
The rays of the sun;🌙🌕
A woman of mettle;
And dignity;
A role-model,
Founder, owner OWN.
From humble beginnings
To ivory tower;
Wining and dining
With kings and Queens;
A superstar;
The pride of many;
Leader and mentor;🎧🎤📻
To you Oprah Winfrey,
I doff my hat.
Truly, you are heroine;
A living legend.
Millions are better
Because there was
A giantess, Oprah Winfrey.
Millions listen daily
To Oprah Winfrey.


Legends or superstars

Who are the legends?

Who are the superstars?
Why are they legends
Or superstars?
Have you ever thought
That you were born to be
A legend? A superstar?
If you think you were born
To fail,
I tell you straight,
You are wrong.
If you think you were born
To win,
I tell you straight,
You are right.
If you doubt,
Let me repeat to you;
You are meant to be a champion;
A legend; a superstar;
Did you get that?
In fact, I am convinced
You can be a superstar.
That is what we are
all meant to be;
You are meant to be a legend;
If you sell yourself short
And waste your life,
That’s your fault.
I am not going to waste mine.
I am going ahead to be
A superstar; a legend.
I challenge you to be
Determined like me.
You will see the wonders
You will do;
You will become a superstar;
A real legend.

Claim it! It’s yours





You are phenomenal;
A legend through
And through;
A superstar;
A rare specie!
That is what you are.





And if you think you aren’t,
That is my wish for you;
Myvardent wish for you.
My heart’s wish for you;
That is my burning desire for you;
And I see no reason why
You should not be.
You will be.
God created you to be.
And do you like to be reminded?
You are:


A legend

A superstar

A rare specie

Do you know what you are expected to do?

To claim it.


Hiding behind excuses

If you don’t, I tell you,
Don’t blame anyone;
Blame yourself;
You know what I mean?
If you don’t become
The person you want to be,
Don’t start to blame people
Here and there;
Blame yourself;
Do you know why?
The arena is wide open;
And every single person,
Born into this world,
And having a normal mind,
Can become a star;
Yes, you can rise to stardom;
Yes, you can become a superstar;
Superstsrs, we have in soccer, But also:
Superstars in music;
Superstars in science;
Superstars in medicine;
Superstars in technology;
Superstsrs in media;
Superstars in acrobatics;
Superstars in athletics;
Superstars in politics;
Superstars in education;
Superstars in different sports;
Suoerstars in every field
Of human endeavor;
What are you waiting for?
Become a superstar in your
Chosen field.
The arena is wide open.
Stop hiding behind excuses.

What took them there?

Let’s talk stardom today;
Lets talk super stardom;
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi,
Diego Maradona.
Who again?
They are many;
How did they get there?
Good luck?
Hard work?
Looking at these legends,
And others that you know
What advice can you give
Yourself and others willing
To listen?
What took them there?

My lesson: superstardom
Is possible to humans.

My conclusion: You can do it in your own way, in your own field. Yes, you can.

My advice: let these legends inspire you to start now to pave your own way to superstardom.

Can anyone become a legend

Can anyone become a legend?

Are some people born to be legends while others are not?

Can anyone become great?

Are some people born to be great

While others are not?

Can anyone become a superstar?

Are some people born to become superstars while others are not?

Hear me answer you:

Anyone can become a legend;

You can become a legend;

Anyone can become great;

You can become great;

Anyone can become a superstar;

You can become a superstar.

Nothing can stop you

If you are determined enough;

Nobody can stop you

If you are determined enough;

Obstacles there will be,

But obstacles, you can overcome.

But what does it take

To become great?

To become a superstar?

To become a legend?

Service is my answer;

It takes service to people;

Selflessly serve people

In a way that touches their hearts;

And you become their hero;

The more you serve,

The more you touch their hearts,

The greater you become;

Keep on going and one day

You will become a superstar;

You will become a legend;

It’s not magic at all.

Become great my good friend;

Become a superstar;

Become a legend;

Choose what service you want

To render to humanity;

Stick to it;

Keep on serving;

Overcome obstacles and keep on;

One day you will smile broadly;

That you went for it and had it.

What you are meant to be

Do you know what you are meant to be?
If you don’t, I will tell you
If only you are willing to hear;
Are you willing to hear?
Are you willing to know?
Normally you should;
And what you are meant to be is
A star;
Did I say a star?
Actually a super star;
You are meant to be a superstar;
Can you believe that?
That is what you are meant to be;
That is your destiny;
A great destiny;
A lofty destiny;
You are meant to be a super star;
Or better still, a legend;
You are meant to be a legend;
And that is what you should be.
I want to see you become a legend.

A legendary man

LET’S“How can the world ever fail to honor legendary Nelson Mandela, a man who, for almost thirty years, gnashed his teeth in jail in his own country, but never gave up his dream of leading his people out of bondage. In the end, he made it. His people were freed from the pangs of apartheid; and he became the first African to rule his country” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus, The Wonders of Wisdom).The glittering side of humans often hides the