Review Lent and do something before it ends. What you can still give up.

We are in the Holy Week. But you have not finished with lent. Do you know how long we still have? See below:


The light and darkness of the world?

The period of lent that led into Easter was a period of renewal. We suffer with Jesus throughout Lent, and our sins are expected to die with Jesus on Good Friday when he dies on the cross.

As Jesus resurrects into a new life on Easter Sunday, we who are his followers are supposed to resurrect too from our sinfulness into a new life. This means we leave sin behind to become new creations – the light of the world.

Are you a new creation? Have you left sin behind? Are you determined to fight sin and stand out as the light of the world as Jesus Christ?

May God grant you the grace to be that – a new creation; the light of the world; fully what he created you to be so that you will help make the world a place that people will feel happy, comfortable and safe to live in.

For now, the world is far from what God created it to be because instead of being the light of the world, a lot of us are the darkness of the world.

Have you ever been deeply hurt?

Has anyone ever hurt you to a point where you thought it was DSC_0000143impossible to forgive them?

There are some hurts that are go deep and virtually pierce your heart, leaving you devastated. They shake your whole being to its very roots and you just feel like dying.

This happened to one lady during the Rwanda genocide.  A brutal man ruthlessly murdered her husband and all her children. Yet, she found a place in her heart to forgive him.

Can you do this?

To forgive is easier said that done. There are people who say what this woman did was a betrayal of the memory of her loved ones. Of course, there are those who think otherwise.  They say, it is a good thing; and in line with the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ who calls on us to forgive without limit.

What do you think?

What do you say about forgiving those who hurt you deeply? ShouldDSC_0000118 we forgive them or we teach them a lesson of their lives so that they never try something of the sort again?

Read about forgiveness here: