Why I lost the game

I lost the game;
I lost the championship;
Why did I lose?
I had wanted to win;
And really hoped to win;
But it slipped through my fingers;
To my greatest dismay;
However, I learned a lesson;
An unforgettable lesson;
I understood why I lost;
And what I must do
To win in future;
This is a good lesson for me
And for you;
What I must do to win,
Is what you must do to win;
And it is simple;
Believe you will win;
Be determined to win;
Stay focused on winning;
Do your best to win;
And keep on going
Till you pluck the victory
That you want.


What did you take home today from Church?

Drawing from the Gospel, the preacher said Christ is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He is united with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

In the same way, we are called to be one with one another; to be united with one another.

What binds the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is love. This same love should bind us in the family, the family of God which is the Church, the Small Christian Community, the Parish and the whole Church of God.

According to the Gospel, Christ never did his own thing. What he did was what the Father asked him to do.

In the same way, we must do what Christ asks us to do which is obey the Command of the Father.

Christ is the light of the world. We must follow his example and be light so that others may follow us to meet the source of that light, Jesus Christ.

This is what I got away with from Holy Mass today morning in my Church.

What about you? Did you attend Holy Mass or morning prayers? Or did you listen to morning meditation? What did you take home?

The big lesson for everyone

If you want it here and now,
I am afraid,
You will be disappointed;
Success takes time;
Yet, you find people
In such a mad rush,
To have it;
Some want it overnight;
Someone, please, tell them,
That’s not how it’s done;
Whatever area
You are talking about,
Success takes time;
You have to keep hammering;
And many times
You will feel
Like giving up;
But that should be
The last thing to do.
Success takes time.
But good thing is,
If you are on it
And do not give up,
Eventually you will make it;
The big lesson here is
Success takes time.
No mad rush about it.

Big lessons indeed

You night gave read the thought I shared on the story of David and Goliath. It’s a big lesson, indeed. It says it is looking for and beating a giant that will give you fame not crushing a fly. This is exact.

The story of David and Goliath is a rich story with many lessons.

It also teaches other lessons:

  1. Size is not what matters in life. A small person can defeat a fat one;
  2. A young person can do better than an older one.
  3. What looks impossible may actually be possible;
  4. You don’t win a fight, a competition or a war before you ahead of it but after.
  5. Don’t boast, you may he disgraced;
  6. When God is fighting on your side, victory is guaranteed; nobody can defeat you;
  7. With God many things that look impossible are possible;
  8. You never can know what you can do until you try;
  9. Don’t fear to risk.
  10. Have the courage to dare.
  11. The race is not for the sweet
  12. Pride goes before a fall.
  13. Your challenge maybe your opportunity.
  14. These are definitely not all the lessons that this story teaches.

Can you think of another lesson or other lessons?

Which lesson means most to you?

A lesson from long-jump

There is a lesson I learn
From long jump;
This lesson,
The French articulate so well
When they say,
It’s better to step back
To jump better;
(Il faut reculer,
Pour mieux sauter)
To jump well in long-jump,
You go behind;
And then you come running;
That will enable you
To spring better;
And go further;
The goalkeeper stoops,
To better spring on the ball;
When you have a difficult task,
Step back;
And then spring on it;
That way, you get it done.

My stat connection

Have you taken a careful look
At your top five stats?
Take a look; and you may find,
Between them, a connection
You never knew exists at all;
That might be, a big lesson
That you’ll have to carry home.
Go right now; and take a look;
Let me know what you think;
That is what I’ll do myself.
I’ll let you know what I think.
I’ll take a look at my stats;
And I’ll see what lessons
I can draw.

The Stat Connection
Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.


Learn from a torchlight

There is a very big lesson we can learn from a torchlight. Get a torchlight if you have one handy. Light it. Turn the head to spread the light. Take note of what you find.

Now, turn it gradually until the light is fully focused. Do you see a difference?

When you spread the light, it does not shine well. It does not go far. It covers a wider surface area but does not go far and you cannot see well with it.

A torch is more effective when it is focused.

Same goes for human effort. When we spread our effort in the pursuit of so many goals, we do not achieve much. We need to focus; to concentrate. A big secret of success is focus; concentration. Know what you want and pursue it with focus; concentration. Do not spread your wings too much else you cannot fly.

The lesson is do not pursue too many goals at the same time. Have one elephant goal; and let all other goals be steps towards that elephant goal.