It’s 3 a.m.

It’s 3 a.m.
I am sitting
In this lonely place alone,
Far away from you physically,
But you remain closest to me;
My mind is on you;
My heart is in you;
Even if you don’t read this,
Still, I know,
What I am writing
Reaches your heart;
I know you feel it
As it is flows
From heart to heart;
I love you.


Shortly after you left

Shortly after you left me today,
I sat on my table
And wrote this to you:

Though just a few minutes ago that you left me, I have decided to write this to remind you of how much I love you.
My love for you keeps growing everyday.
I thank God that he gave you to me.
Everyday, I ask myself what would have become of me had you not been mine. I will never stop thanking God for you.
It will be a few hours before we meet again when you come back home, but that seems to be a very long time. I do not like you to be away from me for such a long time.
While eagerly waiting to see you, and have fun times with you, accept tons of love from me.
I love you!
Your sweetheart.

Strongly worded letter to dishonest people

Dear friends,

Dishonesty does not pay;
Dishonesty does not serve anybody;
Dishonesty is evil;
Dishonesty can destroy the world;
Dishonedty can destroy you;
Dishonesty has destroyed many.
If you permit me to advise you,
I will say
Stop being dishonest.
Shun dishonesty with all
That’s in you;
Speak the truth;
Stand by the truth;
Be ready to die for the truth;
The truth will set you free.
Turn your back for ever
On dishonesty.
You ever adviser.

100th letter (poem 100 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

My dear one,
It is my pleasure
To write my 100th letter
To you;
But what can I tell you
That I have not already
Told you?
Just let me say again,
If at all it is necessary,
That I love and value you;
You are not just my silver;
You are my Gold;
The star that brightens
My way at night;
The reason I so often smile
A broad smile
Which refuses to quit my lips;
Assure me I can count
Fully on your love;
That when I go to bed,
I can sleep and snore
Because I have a love in you
That never dies.
Do you assure me?

Dear love (poem No 92 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Dear love,
I want to assure you that no matter what happens, I will be there for you as I pledged in my marital vow.
If you do the same, then we will be fine.
Assure me that you will respect your word; that in shine and in rain, you will be on my side as I will be on yours.
This is all I have for you. Stay well and remain blessed.
Your ever darling husband.

Lettre d’amour par Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Ma très chère amie,

C’est un très grand plaisir pour moi de t’envoyer ces quelques mots.

Je voudrais te faire savoir que je continue à penser à toi.

Je sais qu’il est bien longtemps depuis que ma dernière correspondance t’est arrivée, Mais tu n’a jamais quitté ma pensée.

Je suis heureux de t’écrire pour te rassurer de mon amour et de savoir comment tu te portes.

Est-ce que la paix est revenue chez vous. Ici chez nous, c’est la guerre continue. Et c’est dommage. Une guerre insensée sans fin. Nous sommes tout simplement dépassés. C’est tous les jours que nous prions Dieu pour avoir une fin à cette maudite guerre. Malheureusement tous nos prières restent sans suite favorable. Nous sommes déjà au bord de la patience pour ces efforts aussi vains. Vous le savez comme moi que la patience a ses limites.

Je me félicite de tes paroles aussi réconfortant.

Merci de ne pas m’oublier dans tes prières.

C’est avec grande joie que je te souhaite une très bonne debut de semaine.

Bien à toi,

Ton ami le plus cher.


How do you love someone who is fading away bit by bit?

I am sorry for the things I have done for the past months.  I have caused you sleepless nights and I wish I can lend you my shoulder for you to cry on and ease the longingness you have suffered.



Hello guys! This letter is just an Author’s POV. We know that untold words don’t get responses so to have a closure for the 1st letter, I wrote this. <3

“Paglisan”(The Leaving) is an animated musical dramedy of a middle aged couple trying to survive, together, despite fading memories and fleeting. The marriage of Crisanto and Dolores is falling apart. It is even more tested when Crisanto is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. All the while, Dolores is struggling with depression.

A strongly worded letter to the media

Dear Media,

What is wrong with you?
Are you to build or to destroy?
Do you know your role or you don’t know it?
See all the harm you cause
In the world;
The lies you tell;
The sensation
The conflicts you fan;
Are you aware of what you are doing?
Is it money you run after
Or popularity or service to the people?

Please, reader,
Add something
To this letter;
I am so angry
I can’t continue
To write;
Let’s put our heads together
And complete this letter
And send to the media;
Let them know what we think; you must be aware of their madness.
Thank you!
Have you sent in your contribution to:

A strongly worded letter to poverty?

A strongly worded letter to Liars?

Strongly worded letter to Liars

Hello friends,!

Are you aware that we have been putting our heads together, putting our ideas together, to send a strongly worded letter to Poverty? If you have not yet given your contribution, please, stop at the comment box and drop in your own thoughts of what we should tell Poverty. I already made my contribution but let me add: “Poverty, stop being wicked, and leave people alone.”

I know some people may not be interested in addressing Poverty. Maybe the so much poverty around does not hurt or worry them. But if your heart is filled by “the milk of human kindness” as I know you are, you will be worried about the so much harm being caused by Poverty. Why not tell him a bit of your mind? Please, join us in the comment box and vent yourself.

You may equally be fed up with the lies, the false information, rumours going on in the world. I am mad about those who spread such lies – the liars. Let us join our voices and tell them our minds. They are destroying all of us. Let me start.

Dear Liar,

Why are you so wicked? Why are you spreading lies all over. You have invaded the media. You are deceiving people causing confusion. Are you not ashamed?

Please. continue this letter. Tell these Liar what they deserve to hear. If they have made you mad, pour it out. Let them know you are crossed.

Over to you!