A strongly worded letter to Poverty

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Dear Poverty,

I don’t like you. I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Please, leave me alone.

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Letter to you

Hello friends! If you were able to get into my heart, you would be happy for me.


You would find that I am very happy.

Why happy?

Because you have made me happy with your comments on SIWO. You have responded to my request for more interaction. You have been kind to me.

So what?

So I am happy and thank you from my heart. Great enterprises are not built by the owners but by others. You have made SIWO great. This is out of your kindness. There are better sites on the web but you have opted to stay with SIWO. You are ours from God. You are loved, valued and appreciated. Many blessings to you!


Continue to be loving and kind to us. We pray for you. Your love and kindness will be abundantly rewarded.

Thank you!

This letter from my best friend is my treasure

She is my best friend and best gift from God.


There is good reason I call her my best friend in the world.

Indeed, she is awesome.

She has made life a joy for me. She stands by me in sun and in rain. She is closest to me in all ways.  She is the love of my life; my honey. She is the last person I see in the night as I go to bed and the first person I see when I get up in the morning.

Her name is Emilia, the one in the picture.

Today she gave me a pleasant surprise.  She told me she would write a post on my blog. I agreed. This is what she wrote:


Having followed your blog with keen attention this while, and commented on many of your posts, I like to give you this message. Please, share it with your readers.

I thank God for you. You are a real gift to the world. God put you here for a purpose. He wants to use you for something special; and that is what He is doing.

I am amazed by your passion to uplift, motivate and inspire people to reach their full potentials. I have seen you do this all your life with awesome results.

I embrace all your mighty dreams. Your vision for an excellent world leaves me simply dumbfounded. As you say, out in the world billions of people thirst for an excellent world and are ready to do their best for it. I encourage you to continue to fight for it. Fight for the down-trodden; the voiceless; the desperate; the oppressed; the exploited. You have the talent that is needed and God will put the right people on your path to carry you through. I am also fully there for you.

Definitely, you will meet with setbacks but I urge you not to give up. This is what you have asked people all your life to do. You must put your own teaching into practice.

Keep your eyes fixed on the stars. I have a hunch the world will hear about you and acknowledge your contribution.

You will meet many excellent people who will give you the help you need to carry through.

As you fight to make a difference be sure of my love and support.


Your darling wife,


This is my gift of the year. What do you think of this gift. I love it. It has energized me. It has fired me up.It reminds me of the letters we exchanged before our marriage.

100 letters to my daughter. What I am happy I told her No. 5

My dear daughter,

How are you today? Let me begin this letter with a quote that was in my last letter. Because of its importance I like us to revisit it. Do you remember that quote? It goes thus: “In life, the most successful people are not those who focus on where they are coming from but those who focus on where they are going.” Romilia Quotes
I hope you remember the story of Nchang Belta.

In my last letter I told you the challenges that she faced and how she was able to bravely overvome them and emerge on top in life. What makes me so impressed by Belta’s achievement is the fact that she created her opportunity and made excellent use of it.  Many girls have opportunities but waste them either through carelessness, laziness, or recklessness. We find girls whose parents send them to excellent and expensive schools but who still end up failing in end-of-course examinations and in life. This is a pity.

My advice to you, which I have given to all young people I have met is, learn to use your opportunities. Do not waste them.

I like you to take responsibility for your life. Take responsibility for what you become. Like Nchang Belta, pave your way to where you like to be. Know that you can get to any position, and I mean any position you choose, if you are determined enough and work hard.

Always bear in mind that life is not easy. There is tough competition everywhere. Before you become somebody, you must work very hard. Do not think that you can fold your arms and sit and just become rich, great, or outstanding. Far from it. Nothing worthwhile it is said, comes easily in life. There is no free lunch in this world. You have to gird your loins and work for your success.

As you pave your way through life, take note that there are many obstacles or setbacks to overcome. As you shall be struggling to grow, there will be people who shall try to do everything to put you down or to block you. You must make sure you avoid or skip the pitholes that you shall find on your way. Some of these pitholes will be very obvious; others shall not be. In fact, many will be invisible. Hence, you must be very careful otherwise what you may consider safe ground may be the most slippery ground and when you step on it you will find yourself crashing badly. You will come across people who will love you and help you succeed; and others who will hate you and try to throw banana peelings on your path. You will come across those who will deceive. Know how to go about life.

Do not let jealous and envious fellows stop you from getting to where you want to go. Do not let people with bad intentions block you. Do not listen to people who have nothing but discouraging messages for you. Be wise and smart and know that this world is not for the naive, or sluggish individuals but for wise and courageous ones.

You are still young and your future is ahead of you. You have great chances. Make the most of your opportunities.

It is my prayer that God may continue to take care of you.
I hope to read from you soon.
Until then,
this is your darling father.

Save a girl. Are you ready? Will you?

Have you seen this letter? If you think it can save a girl somewhere, why not make it get to as many girls as you can.

I have seen so many girls who have fallen victim to situations they could have avoided or escaped from, but they didn’t know until they landed in trouble.

Knowledge is wealth you know. Just a short piece of advice like what we have in this letter can-do wonders for lots of girls.

Please, share and let it reach many.

Thanks for your generosity.

100 letters to my daughter. What I am happy I told her No. 4

This is what I am happy I told my daughter in my letter number 4. My dear girl, How are you today? It is a pleasure for me to write to you. I hope you are doing fine. How did you enjoy my last letter? Today, I have a beautiful story for you. Before I come to that, let me remind you of something which you know but which is worth saying over and over because it is important. It is simply to remind you of what I have told you many times; that you can become anything you desire to become. I hope you have not forgotten that. You can become anything you desire to come if you desire it strongly enough and work hard enough for it. You can become outstanding, great, rich, and powerful if you want. By the same token, you can become poor, wretched, or miserable. You can end up as a failure. It is very easy and depends on you. If you are lazy, or irresponsible, you will end as a failure. What you become in this world is what you decide and work hard to become. Hence, in the first place, you must know what you want to become; secondly, you must resolve to become that which you have chosen to become; thirdly, you must draw up a plan to achieve it; and fourth and finally, you must go to work to achieve it. Do not be deceived to think that if you are born in a rich family you will automatically become successful or that if you are born in a poor family, you will automatically become a failure. I know some people hold this belief but it is not true. If you are from a poor family, you are not doomed to fail. You can still succeed brilliantly, same as you can come from a well-to-do family and still fail woefully. If someone comes from a very poor family but is determined and works hard enough they will do marvelous things. The bottom line is no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, or where you come from,you can make a place for your self in the world; you can become an outstanding woman; a shining example for other women to emulate. This means that anyone can rise from rags to riches. Anyone can turn their darkness into sunshine. Now I come to the beautiful story I promised you at the start of this letter. It is about a poor village girl called Nchang Belta. She was born in a poor family. Her father was a nobody; a very irresponsible man who could not even clear farms for his wives or tap wine for a living; a man who lived a hand-to-mouth life. He was unable to send his children to school. To him, no one should talk about school especially for girls. Hence, Belta did not have the opportunity to go to school. Her aunts and uncles were equally poor and so she could not get help from them. Despite this, her desire for an education did not die. Instead, she resolved to do everything to find her way. One day, she got the good news that Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa we’re interested in taking her to live with them and serve them as a house help. She was happy and accepted to go. She felt convinced that if she did her best, Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa would be pleased with her and send her to school. That was exactly what happened. She worked very hard. Every day, she was the first to get up and to start working. She worked from morning till night. Impressed by her hard working spirit and brilliance, Mr. and Mrs. Ayankwa decided to send her to evening school. There, she performed extremely well; enrolled for the GCE Ordinary Level Exam and passed with flying colors. Then she went in for the Advanced Level. Her results were equally outstanding. She got to university. Today, she holds a PhD and is Dean of the Faculty of Law in her former University. Belta succeeded because she never allowed anything to stand on her way. Your background should not be an obstacle to you. Do not allow anything to stop you from becoming the person you wish to be. I would like you to take these words: “In life, the most successful people are not those who focus on where they are coming from but those who focus on where they are going.” Romilia Quotes May God continue to bless you! Hope to read from you soon. Your darling Father.

A word to my love

Hello my sweet love!
I can’t believe
We haven’t spoken
To each other for days;
I miss you greatly;
And always feel empty
When I don’t hear
From you;
It is as if I had lost
The whole world;
Talk to me;
Send me word;
Tell me you think of me;
That I have a place
In your heart,
As you have in my heart;
Will you die for me
As I am ready
To die for you?
Tell me that
Your heart dances
Each time you think of me;
As I write this,
My heart is beating faster
Just because of the love
I have for you.
Let me hear from you;
And the sooner,
The better.
With much love,
Your sweetheart.

Things I am happy I said to my daughter day 3 Letter no 3

My lovely girl,

How are you today? I hope you are fine as usual. That is my prayer for you always.

I hope you continue to take note of the things I tell you. Millions of young girls who are your age today will grow up into great women in their countries. They will be responsible parents who will bring up their children to be responsible citizens as well. Some of them will be rich and powerful and will enjoy the respect of others around them. What about you? Shall you be one of such  outstanding women?

Many girls who are the same age like you now will be well married tomorrow; will live in comfortable homes and will drive luxurious cars. I see some of them becoming Directors, Ministers, big business women, multi-millionaires. What about you?

I want you to know that all depends on you. In this world, we each determine what we become. You are the one to determine what to become. Do not fold your arms and wait for people to give you the things that you want. Go for them. Go for what you want and make sure you get it.

If you sit and wait for others to give you what you want, you will end last. I can assure you. Those who stand out on top, who get to the top of the ladder are those who go for it. They are the ones who decide what they want, work hard for it and make sure they get it. This is what I like you to do.

There is no doubt that many of your classmates and age-mates will end their lives at the bottom simply because they will not make the necessary effort to emerge victorious in life. Lazy people who refuse to fight hard to win always end at the bottom.

Look around and you will find many of such lazy persons. They are living in poor homes, eating poorly, cannot send their children to good schools, and are even unable to afford money to pay their hospital bills when they are ill.

I encourage you to do everything not to fall into this category of women. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are not here to suffer, but to enjoy. To enjoy, you must work for it. Work for your future. Be determined. Nothing beats someone who is determined.

I am confident of you and will continue to pray for you. Once again, my best wishes to you this week. Stay well and feel good.

Your loving dad.

My last letter to my daughter.

Things I am happy I said to my daughter day 2 Letter no 2

Dear Daughter,

It is a real joy for me to write to you today. How are you doing? I hope you are fine and that you enjoyed our last discussion.

Today, I want to say something about your dream. If you are among the young girls whose dream is to grow into women of integrity and high standing,  I congratulate you. But let me caution that to become a woman of high standing and enjoy respect when you grow up is not easy.  You must start workng for it right away.  Remember the adage which says Rome was not built in one day.

Do not expect to be anything without working for it. If you want anything in this world, work for it. A great life does not come on its own, neither can it be built in one day. No great accomplishment is done in one leap. A great life is built step by step; and every step counts. A step in the wrong direction can be disastrous. It can lead to your doom. Similarly, a step in the right direction can take you to greatness. Make sure you are aware of every step you take; and that it is in the right direction.

Look before you leap. Don’t leap before you look. Do not leap bindly otherwise you may land on slippery or dangerous ground. You know what this means. Do not go where you should not go. Know where you are going before you set out. 

I will continue to pray for you. Pray for yourself always.

I thank you for always listening to me. May God bless you abundantly and take you far.

Expect to hear from me soon.

Your darling Father.

Letter from the heart 1

Dear Father,
I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. The reason is simple. I am at home while my friends are in school because you have refused to pay my school fees. My friends are busy studying and preparing for the future. What will become of me tomorrow? Why have you not paid my fees, dad? You can’t imagine that in the whole of my class, I am the only one who is always sent out for fees as if I were from the poorest parents.

Why are you treating me as if I were not your child? If you were poor, I would understand. But you are not poor. God has blessed you with enough money to take care of your family. Why are you not doing that, father?

Why do you prefer to squander your money on alcohol and women? What pleasure do you derive from that? Are you happy that you wife and children are suffering as we are doing?

I see how my mother suffers to help us grow up successfully but you don’t care. She alone worries about our school fees and needs. You don’t make any effort.

It is mother who worries about our welfare. At Christmas, she alone cares to see that we have new clothes; that we have food to eat and something to drink on Christmas day.

When I return from school, it is mother alone who cares to look at my books to know what I did in school. I always long that you do same but you never do. And even when I ask you questions, you shout at me to shut up and should not disturb you.

You make me miserable. My heart bleeds with sorrow.

I am pleading that you change, father. Please!

You only son,

Yoki Zebi.