Stop it at once!

Stop it at once!
Please, do,
If you are part of it;
Stop this epidemic
Consuming the world;
It looks like all of us
Are plunging
Head and toes
Into its dragnet;
Yes, it may have a sweet taste;
But it contains deadly poison;
It’s toxic;
A plague, scourging,
Devastating the world;
An old pandemic;
More dangerous than covid 19;
This ravaging disease,
Spread everywhere
Is called Lies.
Unfounded Information;
Fabricated to serve a greedy purpose;
Fake News;
Stop spreading fake news!
Stop shameless lying!
Half truths!
You will pay dearly for it.
All of us will;
The price is too high.


Don’t sink your boat

If you hear me speaking
The truth,
Don’t be hard on me;
I’m talking from my heart;
Saying what I know
And also what I believe;
I cannot do otherwise;
Know the truth
And say something else
Is a mortal sin;
And to know the truth
And stay quiet;
Would mean
Being an accomplice, of course;
Where then shall be your conscience?
Truth must be told;
However bitter it may be;
And that’s what I am doing;
Exactly what they taught us;
Though now, what they do,
Is the direct opposite of that;
Quite hard to believe,
The same people
Who swore by the truth,
Saying nothing was more
Than the truth;
Now swear by lies;
Lies-telling, is now
Their stock in trade;
That’s hard to enter my skull;
The truth is,
Only the truth
Shall set us free;
Lies will roast us;
Or chain and imprison us;
That is what I know;
Lies will sink us;
Only the truth
Will set us free;
That alone will save us.
Those who tell lies
To amass a fortune
Are not rising but sinking;
Better to be poor
Than rich through
Unscrupulous means.
I know a man with
A very fat head,
Who is fabulously rich;
But do you know
How he got his fortune?
Through foul means;
His is dirty money;
Acquired through unclean means;
Not as you would get
Through the sweat of your brow;
Such is the wealth
That in the end, sinks you.
So when you look at him
And see a highly successful man,
Call it the epitome of success,
What I see is a drowning man;
I like you to know
As it has been said
Over and over,
All that glitters is not gold.
And not all gold glitters.
You sink your own boat
When you go for dirty fortune.

7 Lies by which society misguides you !!

Society lies

“Society has become so fake that, the truth actually bothers people” Unknown     Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

It’s 4.5 minute read.

Why why all succumb to the society, having its own views on everything & anything under the the Sun ?

Society never tires you with its time tested comments ,since you are addicted to the concept of society’s benchmarks,right from your birth to till the day you die.

In other words society wants you to play by its rule book.

Do you remember the famous personality Joseph Goebbels and his quote…

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

By now I know that You are wondering which society I am talking about ? And where is that society located ?

My friend,this society is nothing but your so called

  • Ourselves
  • well-wishers (including your parents,sorry if I am brutal),
  • uncles,aunties
  • your neighbors
  • your teachers
  • your friends
  • your community
  • your daily news papers,TVs,movies
  • Regular advertisements
  • Your favorite movie stars
  • Your social media
  • Your political discussions,tastes and narratives

you name it….you have it!

Society in other word is a set  of people around you all the time, trying to manipulate you to their advantage.

1.Unconditional Love exists

A rubbish,and a lie uttered time immemorial.To be frank ,there is no such thing in the relationships.

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed. Albert Eisenstein

Our love is directly proportional to how our partners,relatives,friends etc make us feel.

Simply put…. any body gets hurt if their expectation is not fulfilled.This is human nature and there is no escape from it.

Don’t hurt yourself by dreaming/expecting ‘unconditional Love’. Also you can never give unconditional love.Mark my statement.

2.Marriages are made in Heaven

Hmm…If it is so….just answer me why there are so many divorces ?

Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out. Michel de Montaigne

Is it true,some say marriage is a life long torture !

Marriage: A legal or religious ceremony by which two persons of the opposite sex solemnly agree to harass and spy on each other for ninety-nine years, or until death do them join. Edbert Hubbard

Wife & Husband-why can’t they be best friends for life ?

3.Your life is a meaningful minimum journey to be enjoyed to the maximum

Another thrash. And in spite, all the modern Gurus encourage us to lead a meaningful life.( self defeating )

What made Gautama Buddha get enlightenment ? It’s because of human suffering.Do we have similar God’s grace to get enlightened ?

Life is full of misery, and you are intelligent enough to accept that it’s painful to lead the life and death is the only permanent solution.Since we can’t die….at least let us accept the truth.

Happiness in your life is only for the time being that too in bits, and rest of the times you are busy whining.

“It’s a misery to be born,a pain to live,a trouble to die” St.Bernard of Clairvaux

Still, temporary happiness can come from minor things like,you playing with toys in your childhood, your first Kiss,sex now & then,massage,hot bath, friendship,a short travel,one night stand,A champagne,Receiving a lovely gift or a comforting hug etc.etc.. Drugs can take you to another level.

4.It’s better if you know your life partner before your marriage

Really?………another Utter lie.

No partner in love relationship..should feel that he has to give up an essential part of himself to make it viable May Sarton

Each individual is unique.Only sustained friendship in the form of total understanding between the life partners endures the marriage.

Life partners too expect personal space though they know each other so long !

Even if you knew your partner before,it’s not a guarantee for a successful marriage.

When you can’t understand the people, though you spend your whole life with them,(example parents vs children,children vs parents,siblings vs siblings),then why should you give importance to knowing your partner before?.

Understanding becomes easier after the marriage once you both know your limitations and your strengths mutually over the time.

5.Money won’t make you happy

Ha ha ….Without money you cease to exist.

My dear friend, money is everything.It brings you, both happiness and pleasure.

“Lack of money is the root of all evil”      George Bernard Shah

We work / study for what ? is this not to earn money and live happily ?

People with more money are satisfied with their life style and are in a position to help others too.

He who marries for love without money has GOOD NIGHTS & SORRY DAYS   unknown

6. Boys’ won’t cry

Virtually a child conditioning !!

“People cry not because they are weak,because they’ve been too strong for a long time” unknown

Boys too have feelings ,emotions, excitements and stages of sadness.

Otherwise why will Dr.Sivan,ISRO( The Indian Space Research Organisation ) chairman became teary eyed,when the Chandrayan mission was not successful ?There are many famous men like Andre Agassi and Obama too had teary eyes.

7.Blood is thicker than water

Unfortunately blood relatives are not interested in you,since they are struggling with their own problems and you have to fend yourself.

you can’t blame them.

‘Blood is always thicker than water,but some family members at times are on blood thinners’ unknown

Many times friends come to your rescue.The understanding with the friends anytime better than the blood relatives.

Ego and Jealousy play spoilsport in blood relationships.Don’t play victim card here !!

Please share your views.

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography
Credits Inspiringquotes.Com

The monster we must stop

There is a monster we must stop
The monster killing us;
The monster devouring our people;
The monster responsible
For all the destruction;
The burning of houses,
The slaughtering
Of men, women and children;
That monster
Is the devil incarnate;
And if not stopped,
We are finished;
We are all finished;
Destruction will continue;
It will intensify;
It will expand;
It will take greater dimensions;
He will devour everything;
That monster
Will gulp us down.
That demon;
That monster
Will sweep us off,
And drown us all,
As would a river let loose
On a mountain top;
That monster is Lies;
Fathered by Satan;
Devil Incarnate;
He wears a coat of many colours;
Blatant Lies;
Shameless Lies-telling;
Lies without blinking;
Lies in broad day light.
Yes, we have built him;
This monster called Lies.
One by one
He is devouring us.
Soon we will be wiped off
From the surface of tbe earth;
Shall we allow that to happen?
The custodians of the truth,
The journalists,
The men of God,
Have been held hostage
By the father of Lies;
And now they carry lies
On their heads;
What shall we do?
One option alone we have:
To say no to lies-telling;
A vehement no to Lies;
No to ‘zero mort’;
Either we kick out lies
Or lies kick us out.
Whoever lies must stop,
Or is made to stop.
Lies is the monster
We must stop.
The monster drowning us.

Today’s daily prayer for an end to shameless lying 64

Dear loving Father,
The owner of our lives;
Our most powerful architect;
The architect of everything
On earth,
You have blessed us with the tongue,
This is a wonderful gift,
O Loving Father,
We pray you to sharpen this tool,
You know how important it is to us;
With our tongue we interact with our family,
Our friends
Our neighbours,
Our people,
Those we know
And those we don’t know;
Father, you know that
The way we use our tongue
Can make us make or mar,
We pray you to help us
To put an end to shameless lying,
Where we see black
And know it is black
But call it white;
When we kill ruthlessly
And turn around

And put the blame on innocent ones;
Stop the hypocrisy eating us up;
Save us in a a world
Where the innocent are in prison,
While criminals are going about freely;
Teach us O Heavenly King,
To use our tongue
For good not evil;
Help us to use our tongue
To bring people together;
Not to put people asunder;
To bring peace to our people,
And not war.
To spread truth not lies,
To appease minds and hearts
Not intoxicate and set them aflame;
To spread love not hate;
May we use this tongue today
To fish out people
And bring to you,
So that your kingdom may grow!
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord amen!

The power of success

If you succeed to amass wealth
People fear you;
And respect you;
If you rise in position,
That is if you gain power,
People will follow you.
If you fail or are failing,
People will run away
From you.
That is life and the power
Of success.
We associate with success;
People identify with power;
Because we want our share.
You have to succeed
To be recognized and respected in your community;
Yes, money has power;
With money, enough money,
You can corrupt whoever;
You make people see wrong
To be right,
And right to be wrong;
You make lies truth;
And truth lies;
This is the world
In which we live;
Our world;
Sad for the poor;
They may get glory in heaven,
But on earth, its hell.

Which is better?

Which is better?

To tell the truth about a bad situation and make someone cry or to tell a lie about it and make someone happy when, indeed, they should be crying?

We usually say the truth is bitter but must be told; but told with charity.

Lies are often sweet to hear but in the long run hard to chew and swallow.

I recommend the truth even if its bitter. Aren’t we told only the truth will set us free?

Don’t have any doubt about which is better.

Media and the world by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Many things are definitely wrong with the practice of Journalism in the world today.

What is wrong with the practice of this profession in your country?

I can guess.

The first thing that hits my mind is self interest. Many practitioners of this noble profession only say or write what will bring benefit to them. This mercenary spirit has made lies telling reporting the norm.

What is worse, many Journalists have transformed themselves into public relations officers and political propagandists at the service of the highest bidder.

Many are supporters not reporters.

A lot of them are governed by fear instead of courage. Hence, you will find many journalists who coin their reports to stay out of trouble with anyone. The indisputable result is objectivity, balanced reporting, and credibility are killed.

When journalists play the role of propagandists, tell lies shamelessly, manipulate news and report to please rather than to truthfully inform, they easily fall prey to the trap of becoming instruments of destruction in the hands of unscrupulous people.

Instead of reporting the truth which they find many reporters resort to reporting what they know their listeners would like to hear.

This has turned the instruments of mass communication into dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

The communication enterprise takes a big chunk of the blame for the so much hate, misunderstanding, negativity, intolerance, violence, wars and wanton destruction of life and property that one bears witness to in today’s world.

If this does not change, we are in for it. Humanity is headed for destruction.

The whole communication community needs to go back to the drawing board, reexamine itself and reset the rules, putting truth not lies, responsibility not irresponsibility and construction not destruction at the center of their trade.

Tell me what you think.