Intentional Living; How To (A Book)

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters

Let’s go!

Life Amid The Reaper ,A GUEST POETRY BY “Michael Carlino (Mr.Chilio Lane)”


Life Amid The Reaper

I took a nap amid the rose
Only to wake, by a tickle of the nose
My eye caught the grace of the scarlet flower
So there I dozed for one more hour

I took a nap amid the bomb
Praying to sing just one more song
My ear rang, the screeching sound of death
I woke to find nothing left

I fell asleep amid my love
Within my arms she fit snug
My heart thumbed, an alluring beat
Then I heard a voice so sweet:

“Each day you live, you must reach higher
Soon enough this life will expire
Strive until there’s nothing left
Persist until you’ve lost your breath”

Some sit in chairs, pondering thoughts
Others open bags to see what they bought
You chose the path that suits you proper
So why not choose gold, instead of copper

I searched the depths for something deeper
Then closed my eyes amid the reaper

by: Michael Carlino

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What the wise person does

What must you do if you find you are walking, running or speeding on the wrong road?

The wise person stops and finds the right road before proceeding. The fool keeps going.

Are you on the right or wrong road? Are you going to continue or change?

Some people don’t even know whether they are on the right or wrong road.
What of you?

Hasty conclusions

Don’t go for hasty conclusions in life. When you jump to conclusions without careful thought or a good look at all the angles of the issue at hand, you run the risk of making a big error which could be disastrous.

I remember once a friend of mind jumped to the conclusion that a certain girl was dying for him just because the girl greeted him with a warm smile. He did not want to listen when I told him he had made a hasty conclusion. He only believed me when later approached the girl and had his shock.

A lot of us like to jump to conclusions. If you pass by two boys standing by the road and they start to laugh, do not conclude they are laughing at you. Or, if they look at you until you go out of sight, do not conclude that they are admiring you. Those are hasty conclusions; or jumping to conclusions.

A smile is not always a sign of happiness. Sometimes people smile under difficulties. a smile is not always a sign of friendship either. Someone can smile with you when they have just nailed you or when they are planning to nail you. Do you remember what Judas did to Jesus? Beware of jumping to conclusions.

I have heard how someone said good things about another in the presence of the concerned and immediately this person left the conversation changed and only evil things were poured on the same person who had been praised just minutes before.

Everyday there are many temptations to draw hasty conclusions. I give an example. Recently, I decided to display the posts I follow on my sidebar. Not mastering how to do it, I ended having many blogs that I visit regularly left out. Looking at this, some of my best friends on the blogging world might be tempted to jump to the erroneous conclusion that they are not among my favorites whereas they are, indeed, my favorites.

Let us beware of hasty conclusions. If you are not sure of the information on which you want to draw a conclusion, cross check. This will help. A hasty conclusion can deprive you of the same success that you are looking for.