Inspirational Quotes about Life Struggles and Success

Inspirational Quotes about Life Struggles and Success:

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward a goal, requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

We all know that there are times when life can be very uplifting, on other days it’s dragging us volumes. In fact, most times, life can be overwhelming for a lot of reasons and sometimes for nothing at all. Is that normal? Of course! After all, according to the great Napoleon Hill:

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” 

Moreover, Frederick Douglass says,

If there is no struggle, there is no progress“.

So, go on, do your tasks and achieve goals one day at a time!

But, more than anything else, do you know that you have that power within you that needs to awaken and be acknowledged?

Thus, it is my hope that you discover it by sharing with you this excerpt from the book Coffee Break with God:

Og Mandino has written: “Every living soul has different talents, different desires, different faculties. Be yourself. Try to be anything else but your genuine self, even if you deceive the entire world, and you will be ten thousand times worse than nothing…”

Consider the plants and the animals of the field, how they live. Does a cotton plant bear even one apple? Does a pomegranate tree ever produce an orange? Does a lion attempt to fly? Only man of all living things, foolishly strives to be other than what he was intended to be.

You cannot choose your calling. Your calling chooses you. You have been blessed with special skills that are yours alone. Use them, whatever they maybe, and forget about wearing another’s hat. A talented chariot driver can win gold and renown with his skills. Let him pick figs and he would starve.

No one can take your place. Realise this and be yourself. You have no obligation to succeed. You have only the obligation to be true to yourself.

Do the very best that you can, in the things you do best, and you will know, in thy soul, that you are the greatest success in the world.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and success will come naturally.

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

I wish you lots of inspiration in life and may your life abound with happiness and success!

Lyn Durante

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Just a sliver?

And then there was one

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There are portions of my heart that I may not want to give out just yet. The vulnerable piece, the trusting piece, the loving piece. There was a time that I would give out those pieces easily but time and wounds have made me a little more cautious. Trust must come first and it must be earned. Once trust happens everything else falls into place. Right now you can have a small piece of each, a sliver, and in time I trust you will earn all of me and treat each piece of me as if it was the best thing you ever had. But first I have to trust myself.


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Happy Birthday, Ideen Barimani :-)


Dear friends,

A birthday is a special occasion for the celebrant. We have all waited for this day with eagerness since our childhood. It only comes once a year and during this day you can show your love to your friend by sending him/her birthday wishes. Expressing wishes for Birthday has been made convenient with Happy Birthday Club for family members of  Success Inspirers’ World.

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These are those special days which are to be celebrated with family and friends. “Today is a perfect day to tell that you, Ideen Barimani that you are nothing less than one of our family members!”

 I, Ranjeeta Nath Ghai aka atrangizindagieksafar, Mr.Ngobesing Romanus and all bloggers of  Success Inspirers’ World., take immense pleasure in wishing you a very warm and happy birthday.


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not just me….

We all used to think differently & I have seen people go judgemental without knowing the facts and put an opinion which later on proves to be a non-sense when the facts and figures come to light.

I have seen people both introverts & extroverts but if you ask me who are better ones ?

I will respect both but to be honest I will stand by the extroverts because they are those who at least speak out their heart ❤️.(ofcourse my person opinion)

The beauty of life is to enjoy 😊 every moment that we come across…..not just stick to any moment because this whole Universe is changing with “Time & Space”. 

  • What is present this moment becomes a past the next moment…..
  • “Let’s think positive & let’s live a life of no repentance”

Let’s try not to judge & not to come out with any conclusion without knowing because the other side of the “Coin” may be “brighter” even !

                ~Let’s respect life~

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*Life begins with You only*

life begins with You….O N L Y

Everybody aspires for the #best from life….but 😜 there is a proverb “as you sow so you reap”

It’s our own thoughts about the people and situation around us…that creates our own World 🌎.

I am sure not just me , you too have noticed it in your life ” the people who are more connected to the voice from within are more peaceful in their life”

Connected doesn’t mean connected to the material world 🌎 it’s the connection with the world 🌎 beyond it….where ” everything is a void …..the inner “tranquility”…the closeness to the “Supreme soul” !

People are always victim of their own deeds and own thoughts . I can give a small example ” a thief thinks the whole world 🌎 is full of thieves & the saint thinks the while world 🌎 is full of saints.

Like wise , If we are good at heart ❤️compassionate to the needy and the poor & the downtrodden , I am sure no force on earth can shatter our good being. Goodness is a habit which needs to culminated in our daily doing and practising it.The more good 😊 we are to “others” the more the “others” will be good to us in return .

If we remember a saying by Swami Vivekananda….”में उस प्रभु का सेवक हूँ जिसे अज्ञानी लोग मनुष्य कहते हैं “.It means I serve those Gods whom the ignorants call as human beings . Service to mankind is service to God .

The main “fundamentals”of life are…………..




The moment we start thinking about miseries of other’s…..our own miseries look too small .

My mother used to say…

Never hurt 😭 anybody how so ever the situation may be ! Now I realise how her words are effective in our day to day life…hurting others accumulates negativity in our life & there is always a polite way to express ourselves.

We are all players in some way or other in this Beautiful stage of World 🌎.

Let’s have an open heart ❤️ to learn from our own mistakes and march ahead….Life never ends……

Words from Heart ❤️.

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via Daily Prompt: Control There was a time when things weren’t going so well for me and chaos invaded my daily life. As a result, my overactive brain would imagine scenarios that didn’t actually exist, when it came to my relationships. Unfortunately it was during those times that my brain and my fingers did all […]

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