You may blow it

“Life is most risky when it is sweetest. That is when you can blow it.” (Romilia Quotes)

This is true. You are careful with your life when life is not easy; when you lack the means to live an easy life.

But when you have the means to live an easy life, it becomes very easy to derail; to think you can do whatever you like; and you start venturing into things that can destroy you.

At all times you should be level headed and more especially when life is going well for you.

It is a sign of both wisdom and maturity.

Do not blow it! You may blow your life.


Inoculate Hate


Inoculate Hate cover

At this moment, let’s imagine what the world would be like if we could inoculate hate and evil from the earth. Think of the lives we could save! A world where everyone would live together; no fathom, no harm, only living as one. We would be a racism of human beings, protecting and loving each other, no matter the country or color of skin.

Let us pray so….

Envision going to God’s temple on Sunday, and the Ten Commandments proudly stood in the vestibule by the gold shovel at the door. There’d be no need to claim a religious doctrine for only Jesus would minister to thousands of parishioners who’d attend church every Sunday morning.

Let us pray so….

Could it ever be where harmony would spread instead of wildfires, and we looked upon a friend as a brother in Christ? We’d unite to build a better way of life. The homeless would merely be those whose homes are under construction. Our infants would never fear for their last meal – even in Africa and other destitute areas of the world where hope is nonexistent. We could organize a Million Man March for natural disaster victims.

Let us pray so….

Wars for lies untold would be a thing of the past. Languages would be the only barrier the world has ever known. Unity in faith, as God perceived, would be heavenly. One God, one religion, one human race gathered together as one heart, one soul and mind trying to help each other. We could wipe our brows knowing we tried our best.

Let us pray so….

City streets would be ready for tomorrow, and the manicured lawns would welcome visitors. Locks on doors will be for Satan’s evil spirits who will all but give up his ghostly image.

Let us pray so….

What a wonderful world we will share when God inoculates hate in the world! Christians, let the happy word spread – this WILL be our heaven one day with Jesus!

Let us pray so….

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Life’s Lies

Man with long nose shocked surprised

The heavens are disgruntled. God’s tears fall through the pastel gray clouds illuminated with streaks of sherbet colors. The veins of rain pour through the morning light. Somber is my surroundings, for God is closing in – fed up with those who doubt His power. His world wasn’t created for dishonest inhabitants. As the Lord spoke, if liars slither about the dirt to claim life’s lies, their salt will not inherit the earth. He will spare only those who endure His land, the meek; His chosen trees will stand straight and tall, showing more integrity than the snakes crawling about the swamp and cattails.

Life's Lies verse 1

Many lost souls think God is a lie. Examine their beautiful mind, now destroyed, as their life is not the truth. The list of false premises is endless, damages insurmountable, crumbling in the fantasy of falsehood. Significant and/or small lies can disintegrate the tallest of gothic creations. As powerful as the truth may be, Satan’s driven lies still consume the heart of the unfortunate, and they will one day wither away in shame and disgrace.

If we are humble with pride in the Lord, He lives in our soul. Our spirit fills with hope and joy as every day we go forward. This is quite the opposite of the man who cultivates fictitiousness. Living their lies, they become unprotected, and Satan moves in for the destruction.

Life's Lies verse 2

The Lord asks us to turn away from the wicked and be not ashamed for the righteous will find a sanctuary. In the morning light, our Father in heaven will wash away the filth on earth spreading as viral as an epidemic. He will rid the world of condemnation and leave only the good.

Life's Lies verse 3

God my ally, I may suffer from the hands of evil, but help me to never cecum to their wretched ways. As for my beloved brothers who will not change your evil tongue, you will live your life amongst the sewer and gases where nothing grows but lies. I pray you give your living to God’s eternal ways for He will forgive you at any stage. Be blessed with your earthly desires, but cleanse your body so God may enter and heal you, for a dirty house is where Satan lives – amongst life’s sins!

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Food for Thought


Food for Thought cover

I would like to give you food for thought today. The world is full of wonderment and unanswered phenomena. Archeologists unearth mysteries around the world. Miracles occur in the eleventh hour. Victims relay stories of accidents occurring where a man appears to comfort their head or hand while help is on the way. Disasters happen, and pets or wildlife are known to come to the rescue of humans. So, may I ask, what if God has already returned to earth?

Who was the person some survivors saw at the scene of an accident? What about those lying on their deathbed and they hear, “go back it’s not your turn just yet”? And in the name of God, who answers our prayers when we call on Him? Who calms the waters after raging storms? Explain the feeling of a shadow brushing by you, or the scent of a different smell when you’re all alone, interrupting your thoughts. Maybe Christ walks amongst us.


Here’s a true, personal story, and food for thought… I was standing in a check-out line at a grocery store. A very old, pale and thin little man was playing with four pennies in the palm of his hand. Annoyed, I asked him, “Sir, what are you doing?” He smiled and explained he owed the cashier four cents from his last visit, a month ago. I noticed his arms had no hair, his teeth were perfect and white, and his fingernails clean as a whistle. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, but his lips were a youthful skin tone.

Food for Thought Pic 2

I offered to let him step ahead of me. He looked at me, smiled, and said these words, “Thank you, son, you see I’m from another era, and I’m not used to people being polite.” I didn’t think at the moment about his words, but a few minutes later, as I was driving home and I figured it out. Questions arose in my mind. Why was he not buying any groceries? He said it had been a month since he bought food. Why would you waste gas to go this far to pay four cents? And folks just do not use the words “another era” in our language today. Later, I discovered that four pennies have a biblical meaning, a sign, if you will.


So, what if Christ is here on earth? What if He is living here and helping those who call on His name? We see the ill receive a blessing of rejuvenated health, miraculously, and some who walk away from serious accidents unscathed. Others drowned and met Christ in a shining light and survived to tell the story. We’ve all heard the stories, but is it really possible?

Food for Thought Pic

I know the Bible depicts God as not being in the realm of this world, but what if that is just someone’s interpretation? Remember, God brought himself to earth once before in the formation of Jesus. He can certainly do it again! More questions than not arise unanswered. Maybe Christ isn’t quite ready to call his children home. Perhaps heaven is under a little home improvement. Food for thought….


Maybe we should re-examine our thoughts once more. I, for one, am a believer in miracles as I’ve seen more than I care to mention. I can testify someone is listening to my prayers. Don’t you think it’s time to plead for mercy? Rest assuredly, someone in heaven is watching over us. So when you pray, the switchboard will light up, and they will answer your call. Just keep the faith!

I recognize many people carry doubts because it’s been that way for two thousand years – that’s nothing new. Christians, though, need to celebrate that Jesus is very much alive (not in past tense). Maybe He does perhaps walk amongst us!

Food for Thought verse

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Day Four–Heading Toward a Habit!

Today I had nine out of 12 people wave today. I also unintentionally walked a 5K (3.14 miles) and in 50 minutes!

Here are today’s pictures:

Got to love the country with its old, faded wooden signs.
This little guy did a good job warning me to stay off his owner’s property.
Another sign
Some sort of fruit tree? Again there were barking dogs so I couldn’t get too close.
The nature photo for inspiration.
I am not sure but I believe this may be an old fire watch tower for the field. Not sure if anyone still uses it though. I wouldn’t climb it that is for sure.


Humility: Sums of Ignorance

Humility Sums of Ingnorance cover

A star-studded funeral procession has me pondering if the deceased would have appreciated such a lack of respect. Many famous names donned their formal attire and tried to pretend their soul was clothed in reverence. I observed, in disgrace, this gift from God, a beautiful, gifted singer trashed by the sums of ignorance. I have to wonder how many of those sinful dignitaries felt uncomfortable in God’s house? Those who claimed the spotlight evidently will not inherit where they left their mark.

I turn my thoughts to Jesus who dragged His cross through the dirt streets of Jerusalem. The crowds jeered and mocked Him as they allowed no humility, an impression every Christian is left within their heart today…the sums of ignorance. Jesus was swarmed by bees – the yellow jacket soldiers reaching for the honey left in their hive, or so they thought!

Humility Sums of Ingnorance pic 1

God finds little pleasure in the sting. Humility, dignity, pride, and respect is what the dead deserves on earth. Where was it? Not behind the cameras taking selfies, or in a minister’s offensive eulogy, nor the soldiers hammering nails through the hands on the cross! Is that the picture you want people to remember – ignorance?

Notice the patrons of Christ who bear arms heavier than themselves carrying the weight of their own crosses. Never once did they embellish the claim of being self-servant. There, in God’s grace, we are a member of His home. Our place waits, a napkin folded and our humility intact as we patiently wait upon our Lord to return. Amen!

Be not persuaded nor afraid to stand against those who place dares. I, for one, would rather stand in humility, by myself, then to relish in the sands where there is no water. Let us share our pew with those searching for Jesus! Welcome the lost as they, too, seek refuge under the cross we will all bear one day. My arms are weary, but I’ll be there to take your hand and pull you out of the grips of disparity…. the sums of ignorance.

Humility Sums of Ingnorance verse

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Making The Bed


This is my bed. It is a black metal futon frame with a Full size mattress on it. The futon came with a typical futon mattress and for over two years I slept on the futon mattress (though I added a foam eggshell mattress topper).

Realized several years ago my mental health is going down the tubes when my kitchen gets to be a mess. The kitchen is the one room in the house I need to have clean. I can have piles of papers and clean and dirty clothes but if there are piles of dishes in the sink and the stove is not wiped off then something is wrong.

More recently I have discovered how much making my bed affects my mental state. My grandmother used to always make her bed. She made mine too, and tried to get me to make my own bed when I was old enough. My grandparent’s bed had a bed skirt and everything. It was a Queen size bed. Box Spring, mattress,  and a wooden headboard.  The Headboard matched the dresser and both were given to my grandparent’s as a gift from some of the parishioners of one of the Churches Grandfather served.

My grandmother had a hand embroidered Quilt Set. It was white with a blue cornflower motif. The bed skirt, top quilt, and several throw pillows made up the set. She would make the bed as most people do.  Fitted sheet, Top sheet, light cover (made for sleeping) and the decorative cornflower top quilt (not made for sleeping). She would finish it off with the decorative pillows.

Yeah, that isn’t me.  I learned from grandfather how to make hospital corners. My first job was a housekeeper at a Days Inn. So I made plenty of beds….not necessarily my own. For a long time even sleeping with any type of sheet on the bed was a hit or miss. I don’t do Top sheets at all. I was staying at friend’s house and her parents had a sleeper sofa. To make it more comfortable her mom had put one of the crushed velveteen blankets under the fitted sheet. Then the Top sheet and the sleeping cover. No need for a decorative quilt on a sleeper sofa. Without the use of my CPAP I run marathons in my sleep. I turn to one side and then the other. One time I did a complete 180 in my bed and woke up where my feet had been when I went to sleep the night before. Anyway, the next day when my friend’s mom went to strip and remake the bed we discovered I had not only bunched up the top sheet under the cover but I had somehow manage to strip the velveteen blanket under the fitted sheet without removing the fitted sheet.

At this point in my life my bedding consist of a fitted sheet, the blanket you see on the bed in the photo and three body pillows–with pillow casings (another non consistent item in my bed making).  I added the only two throw pillows I have left which I care about. The Hello Kitty one I found while touring an empty apartment. It was in a really high cabinet which may or may not have had a rifle in it as well. The realtor agent never told me. The second throw pillow is in the color and has the House Crest of my favorite House in Harry Potter: Slytherin. The pillow was hand embroidered by a friend of mine who loves Harry Potter as much (or even more) than I do.

While my bed is simple to make, the act of making it, and of laundering sheets, pillowcases, and cover one a month or as needed, gives me sense of peace and order; starting my day off on the right note.

My suggestion to anyone who feels out of control or anxiety ridden or in a bad place mentally is to find the “making your bed” thing to help you through, to get you back on track. It might be journaling when you first wake up, or having a cup of coffee, or walking, or it make actually be making your bed. Whatever it is, having one thing which helps all the other things in life move easier through day is invaluable.