Love of my life

I am happy that I know you;
Since the day I set eyes on you
For the very first time,
Things have not been the same
Again for me;
My life has been different;
The reason is I love you;
My love for you has changed
Everything in my life;
I am now as happy as I ever
Could be;
I go to bed with peace
In my heart;
And very soundly,I sleep
I look forward to each new day
Because I know I will meet you;
I can never thank God enough,
For the day I met you.
You are my love;
The love of my heart;
You are the love of my life.


And The Rains Came

Are You Witnessing Too?

And The Rains Came cover


Big trees sway, musically orchestrated by the conductor who waives His baton to commence the performance. In the background, percussions give life to the motion. The rains came, and angels with wings call to the heavens, “Let us dance!” A curtain of clouds draw nearer, and the lights dim.

And The Rains Came pic 1

The drums sound from the heavens – God is coming, God is coming! Drumsticks ping on the cymbals resembling rain. Angels spread their wings to protect the innocent from harm. Our Almighty Creator now reigns in the hearts of men. The symphony cries out an overture from the past, for God, once again, makes the rain last forever.

Angels in white robes chant as loud as they can to raise the dead, “Sing with us all ye at rest.” In His mighty voice, God speaks to all the graves, “Release the saved and return them to ME!”

The symphony’s somber notes are no match to the exorbitant trumpets. Purifying the filth, heaven comes to reclaim its world…. and the rains came.

The resilience of the harps are enlightened, and cymbals chime like the rains. God prevails!

A tiny stick, the magical wand, directs the unrehearsed symphony to continue harmoniously onward. Not one soul can predict the magnitude of Christ’s coming!

And The Rains Came pic 2

The sun bursts and its resilient rays pierce the surface of the earth – the chosen will go first. Heavens of ocean blue showers the countryside. All God’s creations grow to magnificent proportions. Life is born again…. as the rains came.

Pragmatically, Christ reclaims His followers. The Lord now reigns upon Satan’s soil – where the big trees sway like an orchestrated wave by a little baton, keeping time in everything God creates.

Amongst the white robes, the percussion dims yet the cymbals still ping. From the heavens, diamonds appear out of the blue, and the streets are gold…. and the rains came.

Are you witnessing too?

And The Rains Came verse

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The storms of life

The storms of life;
Who likes to have them?
But they are inevitable;
They will come;
Like it or hate it;
Get ready for them;
And the more
You can manage them,
The better for you.
The better also
For everybody involved.
Let them not sweep you
Off your feet;
Let them not drown you;
Ensure you sail safely
Through the storms of life.