My candle

I am blowing my candle on my day. To light the night candle which has to do with turning in. It’s been a great day!


Light shines ahead

Light shines ahead;
And so if it’s dark
Where you are standing
Know that right ahead,
There is light;
If it’s dark now
In your life,
Remain upbeat;
Right ahead,
There’s light;
If it looks gloomy outside;
Right ahead,
There is light;
If the future is dark;
There’s hope;
Right ahead,
There is light;
Things will be brighter
Than ever before.
In hope, always live;
Things always improve.

Be light

If you are not light,
What are you?
That is not what
You were created for;
God meant you
To be light;
To shine;
And brighten the world;
You cannot bring darkness;
You are not darkness;
Neither are you rain;
Hence, bring not rain;
You are not winter;
Bring not harsh weather;
Harsh weather is for
The harsh season
Of the year;
We call it winter;
When it snows,
And is cold;
Bring good weather instead;
And make people happy;
Bring light.
Let your light shine.

Shine brightly

To give the world light,
Shine brightly
O Light;
That’s your job;
Which you should do,
And do best;
Why were you made?
If you don’t shine?
Your work is to shine,
To give light
To God’s people;
There should be
No darkness
While you are there;
You must shine;
And accomplish
Your assigned mission
Fully not partially;
Shine and shine;
Shine brightly,
O Light;
Give light to the world.

You see how life is!

Be the sun and shine;
Light we need;
Humans, animals and vegetation;
But beware of being too hot
Lest you burn and destroy;
Though you give light;
Be not sun alone;
Be rain as well;
Sure that light is precious;
But darkness also;
I, for one, am the product
Of darkness;
Many of us are.
Be summer aint our only darling;
Winter also is precious
In its own way;
How would we skii without
Our dearest Winter.
You see how life is?

Buried in darkness

Light came briefly
To our utter joy
And sorrow;
First, we were so joyful
That at all it had come;
And while we had not finished
The start of celebration,
Again it vamoused like air;
Plunging us once more
Into total darkness;
How long this will take,
It’s not what I can say;
Hope it doesn’t stay long;
For we can do nothing,
When we are buried
In darkness.
Light brings life and joy.