Good Morning! #Mar25


Freedom should have its limits

I say no to limitless freedom;
Freedom without limits
Is not what is best for us;
Think of a world of limitless freedom
For everybody;
What a terrible place that would be!
Freedom must have its limits;
Give a child limitless freedom
And see what they do with it;
Give the dictator limitless freedom
And watch them do the worst with it;
Although freedom is good for the world,
Freedom needs to have its limits.
I want to be free to do what I like,
But that freedom should come to an end
Where your own freedom begins.
This means therefore,
Freedom should have its limits.

Who has set your limits?

Probably your limits have been set by one or more of the following:
Your friends;
Your parents;
Your teachers;
You classmates;
Your spouse (husband/wife).
Your colleagues;
Your associate(s);
Your rival/opponent;
Someone or people unknown to you.
The books you read;
The films you watch;
Politicians, etc.

Are they the right ones to set your limits for you? Who should set your limits for you?

You should be the one to set your limits for yourself not another person. However, it is advisable to listen to others especially those who are out to encourage you to set high limits for yourself. But pay no attention to anyone who tries to belittle your dreams; who tells you it can’t be done. The truth is if God makes a dream burn in your heart, it can be done.

Thus, you should set your limits yourself; and set them high, if not very high.

Kindly let me know what you think..