Be silent and listen

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The message of love
From our lord and saviour
Jesus Christ.

Be silent and listen,
That the words of love
From holy scripture;
May get to you.

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The call to salvation
From the pulpit.

Be silent and listen,
That you may hear
The message of love
From those around you.

Listen my dearest!

Listen my dearest!
A silent voice is calling;
A silent, powerful voice;
It is the voice of God;
Calling out to you;
Harden not your heart.
Wisdom calls you
To say “yes” to this voice;
Which surpasses all voices;
Voice of the most high God;
But on your own you are deaf;
On your own, you lack;
And cannot hear;
Only by grace can you;
By His grace alone
Can you hear his humble,
Steady and powerful voice.

Talk less listen more!

I have learned a big lesson from my observation of people’s habits and behaviours.

I have learned that big people talk less and listen more.

Small people talk more and listen less.

What is the advantage that listening has over talking?

As the big people listen, they learn. As the small people spend their time talking, they do not learn much.

We learn more by listening not by talking.

When we talk, we give away what we have. When we listen, we receive; we take in.

Listen to others and you will learn from them. Talk to others and they will learn from you.

There are people who think that talking is more important than listening. It is not.

As you would hear people say, God gave each of us two ears and one mouth so that we talk less and listen more.

Talk less, listen more. Thanks for listening to me.

Listen to the Lord

Listen to the Lord;
Silently, he speaks;
Calling out to you;
Unless you listen,
You will not hear;
Strong, his silent voice;
Don’t let it go unheard;
For you, the Lord has
A message of your life;
Those who hear him
And do his will,
Are wise;
Abundantly he rewards them;
Some, he lifts from rags
To riches;
Others from the gutter
To the presidency;
Some from mud
To the throne.
They have no reason
To regret listening
To the Lord
Giving him their time.

Be wise and listen

The best spent moments are those that are spent with the Lord not talking but listening.

Ask me why.

If you decide to spend time effectively with the Lord, that is the wisest decision to make. That is also a great prayer.

If you do it well, you will reap tremendous reward.

Do not allow anything to distract you when you are spending time with the Lord.

Focus all your attention on what you are telling him and listen with undivided attention to what he will tell you.

I can assure you this is a marvelous gift to give yourself.

Blessed is anyone who does this. Such a person will be like a giant in the eyes of the others around.

A great irony of life is God keeps telling us the things we long to know but we don’t hear because we don’t listen to Him.

God keeps on giving solutions to the problems plaguing us. Unfortunately, we do not hear.

Do you know why? Because we don’t listen to Him well. We have blocked our ears with wax. How, can you hear well when you allow wax to blog your ears?

Free your ears and open them to your maker. Listen attentively to Him. He is right at this moment giving answers to your worries. He is even answering unanswered questions. He is directing you; telling you where to go. Telling you what to do and what not to do.

It is the wise one who listens to the Lord.

Be wise! Be a wise man; or a wise women and listen attentively to the Lord. You will be amazed by what you will hear.

Listen to my cry

Listen to my cry O God;
I come before you in tears;
Pleading for your help;
My heart aches with sorrow;
I long for you to listen to me;
And answer my prayer;
My people are suffering;
And many are dying;
Here we are helpless on our own;
Without your intervention,
Surely, we are finished;
But with you, we have hope;
You never abandon your children;
Do not abanbon us;
Come to our aid;
Rescue us from the fangs
Of danger.
In you we put our trust.
That is why I come before you
Pleading you listen to my cry.

You must not listen (Be inspired today 260 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It’s a good thing to listen;
But at times
Also good not to listen;
It’s not a good thing
To be stubborn;
You will hear many say this;
But not everybody will say it;
We are taught to obey our parents
And especially God
Our heavenly Father;
This is right;
But you must obey parents
Only in what you know is right.
No obligation to obey them
To do
What you know is wrong;
Stick to what is right
No matter who may want
That you do otherwise.
It takes a strong heart,
But worth it.
When you set out on a path;
Make sure it is the right
Path to follow;
Then stick to it;
Be stubborn;
And don’t give in to
What is called
Discouraging messages
Which will litter your path.
You must not listen to them.

Listen to God and do as he commands you ( Be inspired today 235 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

God is permanently telling us which way to go to get the best results for ourselves.

Are you aware of this?

The problem is very few people listen. Even fewer know about this.

God is permanently speaking silently to us. If we hear his message and follow it, the result of our work will seem like a miracle.

Sadly, we don’t hear his voice because we don’t listen to him. We don’t know how he talks and how to listen to him.

Hence, we go our own way and get results that fall short of the best for us in God’s plan.

God speaks silently. He does not shout. He whispers in our ear, our mind, our heart and through our eyes.

To hear him, we must listen and listen well. If you don’t listen well, you will not discern God’s voice. The reason is there are many other voices; some booming so loudly they drown God’s voice. Some are just like God’s voice. That is the devil’s voice. But it can deceive you to think it’s God’s voice.

When you shut out all the booming noises around you, turn to God in prayer. Talk to him; meditate and listen. You will hear him.

When I talk of booming noises around, what am I referring to? I am referring to those earthly things that pull us away from God: money, women, men, ambition, position, property, greed, fear, worry etc. When we focus on these things they become a distraction and it becomes hard to hear the silent voice of God.

Hence, we must remove our minds and hearts from them and focus on God.

Do you know why some people work so hard but have no results to show? It’s simple. They focus on their work thinking working hard is all that matters and so do not give time to themselves to listen to God to get his directives concerning their work; and when they don’t get God’s directives, they follow their own, which will not be in line with what God has prescribed and so at the end of the day, after so much has been put in, the results are but a sorry sight.

You will be surprised to see around you some people who are of a low social class but who succeed with their children because they listen to God’s voice telling them how to bring up the children.

Dear friend, this is the greatest secret in the world. Listen to God’s voice as much as you can. He is always speaking to you. Take off time to listen to him and do exactly what he tells you.

Do you remember what Mary said to the people at the Marriage feast at Cana when they complained about the shortage of wine. She asked them to tell the Lord and do what he tells them. They did. You know the results. We should do same.

Listen to the silent voice of God and do what he tells you. You be amazed by the harvest you will reap.

What if you don’t listen?

If you don't listen to the Lord,
You will not hear;
If you don't listen,
You will miss what he has for you.
In her post Always be listening,
Eileen Guyadeen says,
"God is always calling to you",
You must "listen with a wise ear".
"...and respond to him ",
And ".. experience life at its best.
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