I look up to God

I look up to God,
To rescue me
If I am drowning;
I look up to God
To guide me
To follow the right path;
I look up to God
To be my.light,
When darkness comes;
I look up to God
To give me wisdom,
To do all the things
He expects me to do;
I look up to God
For everything;
And I know He will
Not fail me;
He will give me all
That I want from Him.

Look successful and important

Look successful and important. Looking successful and important enhances your chances of success.

If you look shabby, miserable, and unimportant, nobody will give you a seat when you go to an occasion and seats are scarce. You will be refused many opportunities. Many doors will close to you.

When you look successful and important, you will find people making way for you as you come. People will open doors for you. They will quickly give you a seat at occasions.

It is necessary that you look successful and important. To look successful and important is determined by the way you dress and carry yourself.

Dress well. Dress to kill if you can. Dress neatly. And carry yourself with the airs of an important person.

Keep looking up (Be inspired today 336 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

No matter the difficulties
You are passing through
As you find your way
Through this compkex world,
Don’t be tempted to look down;
Look up;
And keep looking up;
You have eyes meant
To look up not down;
What you want to see
Is up;
It is not down;
What you’re searching for
Is up;
It isn’t down;
Be among those who soar
High up in the sky
Not crawling
On the ground;
To be a winner not a loser,
Dont look down;
Look up;
Keep looking up
Where you want to soar.

Look before you leap (Be inspired today 276 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Look before you leap;
Always look before
You leep;
If you don’t look
Before you leap,
You will leap before
You look;
And where you land,
Hard to predict;
If you rightly look
Before you leap,
You will know where
You will likely land;
And if it is unsafe,
You will defer leaping.
Because you could end
With a broken limb,
A broken arm or jaw;
Which nobody is wants.

Best to look ahead!(Be inspired today 250 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Many losses incured;
Not only human,
But both;
Human losses we have incurred;
And material losses as well;
Ask me the exact number
That has fallen,
And I will open my mouth;
I just cannot say;
Truth is
Many have fallen;
Mothers are crying;
The nation is mourning;
How did we come to this?
How will this damage
Ever be repaired?
The question is begging
For an answer.
But happen. it has;
We cannot change
The past that cannot
Be changed;
Best to look ahead.

Don’t look

Don’t look back;
Look forward;
Don’t look down;
Look up;
Don’t look left;
Look right;
Don’t look negative;
Look positive;
Don’t look shabby;
Look cute;
Don’t look dirty;
Look neat;
Don’t look tense;
Look relaxed.
Don’t look sceptical;
Look convinced;
Don’t look sad;
Look happy;
Don’t look downbeat;
Look upbeat.