When God fights on your side

The greatest secret
Of winning
I know
Is to gett God
On your side.
You will will all your matches
If God is playing on your side;
You will emerge victorious
From all your battles
If God is fighting
On your side.
Get God
Into your team.
Where God is
Victory is.
Fighting without God
Is a waste
Of both time
And energy;
Because you are fighting
Against God;
Spend more time
Winning God to your side
Than fighting by yourself
To win your battles
On your own.
When God fights against you,
you lose;
When God fights on your side
You win.


Lose and win

If your empire crumbles,
And you are still alive
And strong,
You have to start anew,
To build another one;
Hence, one empire lost
Another one begun;
Such is life:
Winning and losing;
Losing and winning;
No one stays the same
We go up,
We come down;
We may be down today
And up tomorrow.
Or up today,
And down tomorrow.
Trust in the Lord Almighty!
Yours will be final victory.

If you lose today

If you lose today,
You may win tomorrow;
Losing today
Does not mean
You are a loser;
Or will lose
It does not also mean
You will always lose;
It cannot be that way.
If you lose,
Don’t feel frustrated;
Victory may just be
At the corner;
Lose today;
Win tomorrow.
Also you may win today
And lose tomorrow.
That is the way life
Is weaved.
This means you must fixed
Your eyes always on
The mountain top;
where you want to land.

Struggle and win

Don’t stop struggling;
Instead, keep on struggling,
Until you win;
If you stop struggling,
Surely, you will lose;
If you keep struggling,
Surely you will win;
Those who struggle,
End up winning;
Struggle is a key
That opens the door to victory;
Winning goes with struggle;
Losing goes with giving up;
Are you going for winning
Or you are going for losing?
If you want to lose, give up;
If you want to win, struggle.


If you are defeated

If you are defeated,
It’s your fault;
Don’t blame other people;
Blame yourself;
No one can stop you
From getting
To the winning point
And carrying home victory;
Only you can.
So if you are defeated,
Don’t blame another person,
Not even circumstances;
Blame yourself.
You have every reason to win;
Make sure you win;
Don’t accept defeat;
You are a winner,
Not a loser.
if you lose, blame yourself;
If you are defeated,
Blame yourself;
But don’t throw in the towel;
Go and prepare and come back;
And take home the trophy.

Losing or winning?

Are you losing or winning?
Stop and think well;
Stop and think again;
Stop and look;
Stop and feel;
Stop and reflect;
Stop and analyze;
Stop and meditate;
Stop and pray,
Before you continue;
Before you cry,
Because of what you think
You’ve lost;
Before you regret
The so-called good luck
You ave missed;
Before you feel sorry
For yourself.
For you may think
You have lost
When you have actually won.
Some battles, you appear
To be winning
When you are losing;
Some battles, you appear
To be losing
When you are winning.

Lose to win

How does one lose
To win?
It pains to lose;
All the times,
We want to win;
And win in a big way;
Yet at times,
It’s better to lose
Than to win;
That is because,
We lose to win;
And at times,
We win to lose;
So, instead of crying
When you lose,
Find out why you lost,
Correct the error
That made you lose,
And then go on to win.
And this time,
Don’t win small,
Win big.

Democracy without bitterness

What a joy
That we remain friends
After the election!
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

You won and I lost;
But our friendship continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

I have congratulated you;
And you have consoled me;
Life continues;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

True that we said things
During the campaign;
But that is now of the past;
It was the game of politics;
Those things are behind
And we are moving on;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

No bitterness in our hearts;
No provocation of anyone;
Only celebration on both sides;
Since Democracy has won;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.

Today is your turn,
Tomorrow may be my turn;
And life will continue;
That is democracy
Without bitterness.