Am I not lost?

What am I doing?
Sometimes I get confused;
And wonder if I am not lost in the world;
I do not know what I am doing;
I do not even know whether or not
What I am doing
Is worth the while.
Do you sometimes feel like me?
Finding yourself wondering whether
What you are doing
Is worth the while or not?
I am worried
And wish that you clear my doubts.
Tell me it’s not happening to me alone;
That it’s a common thing.
Will you?
Assure me that I m not lost;
That there is hope for me;
That my chances are intact;
Because I don’t want to lose;
I want to win


He’ll have a mighty fall

The man will have a mighty fall;
He has started the sinking already;
He’ll sink and and sink;
And it’s all his fault;
If he doesn’t take time,
He’ll hit the bottom rock;
Where no man has ever reached;
And the people will never forget;
Already he’s making history;
But history his kids cannot be proud of;
History for hitting the bottom;
And no one to rescue him.
Do you know his man?
Tell us if you do;
Who IS he?
He’ll have a mighty fall.